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Coming Soon: "Gerunding Name"

I'm trying to compile a list of movie titles that have the form [Gerund] [Name], where [Gerund] is some one-word "-ing" verb, and [Name] is one or more words that refer to a person (or fish). For example:

Saving Private Ryan, Saving Silverman, Finding Nemo, Finding Forrester, Deconstructing Harry, Being John Malkovich, Regarding Henry, Chasing Amy, Chasing Liberty, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Guarding Tess, Drowning Mona.

If you can think of any more, please list them in the comments. Please only list decently significant movies (thus Drowning Mona and Teaching Mrs. Tingle are probably out), and make sure that your posts follow the format exactly (thus Looking for Richard is out).