You Really Do Need To Follow the Links in Orin's Post

on the Roberts Memorandum.

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Jeff Leyser (mail):
Obviously, it would have been better if the NYT had never run the article in the first place. But having done so, why take them to task for quickly publishing a correction only one day later? Isn't "self-correction" desirable in the MSM? It's certainly touted as one of the strengths of "New Media."
9.28.2005 1:41pm
I think the point is that the whole thing is rather ironic, given the topic and case at hand.
9.28.2005 3:21pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
I surely wouldn't take them to task for publishing the correction -- but it still seems proper to mildly tut-tut about the original error, given that it's such a doozy. Of course, anyone can make mistakes; I've certainly made mistakes; every newspaper has; but it's probably good for journalism if the mistakes are noticed, even when there's a prompt correction published.
9.28.2005 3:42pm
therut (mail):
Sorry but it is too funny not to laugh HAHA! If the NYT was not so pompas with their nose in the air all the time looking down it at the rest of the country maybe I would not be laughing so hard right now.
9.28.2005 9:48pm
Paul doson (mail) (www):
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9.29.2005 1:54am