Leiter's Rules:
Brian Leiter has some good advice for law schools seeking to promote themselves to law professors to improve their reputational ratings for U.S. News.
...since everyone wants to get their news out before the new U.S. News surveys get sent out. Yesterday, I received promotional materials from six different law schools! I read, or at least skim, many of these publications, since it's usually interesting to learn about new faculty hires and recent publications. I know I'm also the exception, as I watch many of my colleagues dump these items straight in the trash. Law schools are now spending hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars on these promotional efforts, but I do wish schools would follow a few simple rules when mailing materials to other academics:
Read his list of rules here.
Timothy (mail) (www):
The target response rate for most direct mail campaigns is something like 2% in the business world. I wonder if the academics are aware of this?
9.28.2005 12:06pm
Nobody Special:
For all my disagreements with Prof. Leiter, I do wish him well on his crusade against the idiocy peddled by law school deans about their institutions.

For example, this one was particularly egregious.
9.28.2005 12:19pm
JoeSlater (mail):
I'm in the unfortunate (for this purpose) position of getting two U.S. News votes, as I'm both the most recently tenured member of our faculty and the chair of our Appointments Committee. Some schools haven't figured out that I'm just one person, and thus they send me *two* copies of everything they put out. This practice does not make a favorable impression, as I dig through my mailbox.
9.28.2005 3:50pm