When you run this article about a little-noticed John Roberts memo on Tuesday, it's kind of embarrassing to have to run this correction on Wednesday. Hat tip: Howard.
Artful Dodger (mail):
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how deeply the correction was buried in the print edition?
9.28.2005 10:27am
Almost as egregious as Krugman's op-ed in August on how the 2000 Florida recounts. Still waiting for a correction there...
9.28.2005 10:39am
Buddy Lint:

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how deeply the correction was buried in the print edition?

Maybe it was somewhere near this.
9.28.2005 10:50am
TC (mail):
You can't make this stuff up.
9.28.2005 11:16am
The New York Times print version normally has all its corrections (other than for op-ed pieces) in one place, near the news summary, so one is not more buried than another. Every once in a while (like maybe with Jayson Blair?), they have turned a correction into an article and run it on the front page, but that is unusual.
9.28.2005 12:11pm
Henry T:
A smaller case, but I can't help but recall the time the campus daily paper at the university I was at printed a front page "news piece" denouncing the school for cutting its budget by $20 million for the second year running.

The next day, in small print on the inside, was a note correcting the article. You see, the first of those $20 million cuts was actually a $20 million increase in the budget.
9.28.2005 2:08pm
42USC1983 (mail):
It's amazing how one's hate for someone can lead to such major mistakes. Perhaps the NYT should delegate covering John Roberts to someone less hateful. Thus far, the Times is behaving like a pro se litigant.
9.28.2005 3:38pm
Artful dodger: in my dead tree version of the Times, the correction article itself was published on page A20, and there was also a reference to the article in the usual "Corrections" section on page A2.
9.28.2005 4:56pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
The correct reaction to reading an article in the NYTimes is: "That is very interesting, I wonder if it is true."
9.28.2005 11:34pm