Roberts Senate Vote Tentatively Set for Thursday:
Lyle Denniston has the report.
Alexandra von Maltzan (mail) (www):
Any honest observer of the hearings on either side of the political divide who is committed to the prescribed role of the judiciary should, celebrate the sound judicial principles that inform Roberts' philosophy.
He quite rightly avoided answering the questions that went beyond loyalty to the process of law, and the Senate will no doubt have it's usual debates today, pontificating and regurgitating the same, but we all know he is in.
I have just the photograph prepared to post on Thursday for the confirmation. I for one am glad.
9.26.2005 6:01pm
Thorley Winston (mail) (www):
I have a wager with a couple of my chums as far as the the range for the final vote totals. My range is 65-75 for approval and currently 69 have declared their intent to vote for Roberts which puts me right about where I had predicted.

Anyone think it's going to be more than 75 voting to confirm Roberts?
9.27.2005 2:11pm
Alexandra von Maltzan (mail) (www):
May I be the first to vote yes to the 75. What's the wager?
9.27.2005 4:58pm
Alexandra von Maltzan (mail) (www):
Can you do something about that typo Orin.....(LOL). I had of course typed an eight!!!!!!
9.29.2005 2:03pm