E-Mail Error:

I accidentally deleted an e-mail that seemed to be inquiring about advertising on the blog; a particularly unwise thing to accidentally delete, but there it is. If you sent me such an e-mail over the weekend or this morning, please e-mail me again. Many thanks, and sorry for the error!

IT Guy:

Did you check in your Deleted Items folder?
9.26.2005 12:55pm
Syd (mail):
And do you have an undelete option in your deleted items file, in case you erased it there as well?
9.26.2005 1:01pm
After 12 years of work as a computer programmer, I'm guessing that Prof. Volokh is well aware of how his e-mail works, and is quite certain that the e-mail has been "deleted" rather than moved to a folder that is called something like "trash."
9.26.2005 1:35pm