We'll be switching to Pajamas Media for advertising around October 1, but in the meantime you still have a chance to get a couple of weeks' worth of relatively inexpensive advertising, should you be so inclined. Just go here to buy a premium ad or here to buy a standard ad.

We get, according to blogads, traffic of either 158,000 or 177,000 per week; for some reason, it gives us different numbers for the premium and the standard options -- I have no idea why -- but in any event that's quite a few eyeballs.

Nobody Special:
Any reason why the three month rate is so much more than three single month-rates?
9.16.2005 5:30pm
Shane (mail) (www):
Eugene, have you considered an advertising solution for your RSS feed? I rarely come to the actual blog (only for comments), since I do all my reading from the RSS feed.
9.16.2005 7:18pm
Dylan Alexander (mail) (www):

Without seeing the exact prices, the usual reason for that kind of price structure is that the spot price is expected to rise. Lock in your three month rate now, or take a risk that the month to month rate won't sharply rise by even more in month 2 or 3.
9.16.2005 9:35pm
mikeunique3222 (mail):
How do you figure your ads are inexpensive? They're about 100 times more expensive per clickthrough than AdSense, for instance. Are you comparing to anomalous cases like InstaPundit or something? When comparing to other BlogAds rates, it's important to actually go to each of the other blogs and see if ads are actually running -- the space is often empty, due to overpricing.
9.16.2005 11:20pm