Who Are You?

So who the heck are you folks? Are you mostly lawyers? Techies? Professional procrastinators like us? Dead Roman males? Neighbors who are trying to ruin our opium-inspired works of genius?

Yeah, yeah, I know the comments aren't going to be remotely representative; yeah, yeah, I know you could be lying; but if you'd like, drop us some pithy lines about who you are and why you're here. Special bonus if you are in strange lines of business, strange places, or dogs.

Stan (mail) (www):
Boston tort trial lawyer.
9.15.2005 6:36pm
Jim F:
Techie. Software developer by trade with a greater interest in politics and policy than would be considered healthy.
Good blog, by the way.
9.15.2005 6:36pm
Anthony (mail) (www):
I'm a geotechnical engineer working for a firm whose slogan is "litigation mitigation" - we provide documentation to help defend contractors from lawsuits.
9.15.2005 6:38pm
Benquo (mail) (www):
I'm an undergrad studying the great books at St. John's College in Annapolis, MD.
9.15.2005 6:38pm
Litigation consultant, with background in economics, finance, and business. Married to a beautiful but decidedly non-libertarian attorney at a large Boston firm.
9.15.2005 6:40pm
PhDed engineering researcher in Austin.
9.15.2005 6:40pm
SMatthewStolte (mail):
I am a seminary student, and I came here because I read Randy Barnett's book, The Structure of Liberty. I have continued to read because the opinions expressed here are reasoned and insightful, and there is little I enjoy more than insightful reason.
9.15.2005 6:42pm
Little Sheba the Hug Pug (mail) (www):
I am little Sheba the Hug Pug. And I like to blog too! My peep has brought me here while finding blogs to link to for a new Supreme Court center he and the other peeps are working on with Oyez. I hope he finishes soon so he gets some pictures and blog posts up on my own blog of puppy fun! I will put a picture of myself reading The Conspiracy on my blog at :)
9.15.2005 6:42pm
Bryan G:
Software developer that finds the subjects interesting. The VC posters don't necessarily have the same viewpoint I'd have on things but there's not much point in trying to live in an echo chamber is there?
9.15.2005 6:43pm
biliruben (www):
I experiment on old people. I like the logic if libertarians, economists and lawyers, but only rarely share their beliefs.
9.15.2005 6:43pm
Bob Montgomery:
Techie...I guess. Work for a dot com in Seattle. No background in law. Enjoy the reasonableness and thoughtfulness here.
9.15.2005 6:49pm
MIT electrical engineering student going for my masters degree.
9.15.2005 6:49pm
Liberal law student.
9.15.2005 6:50pm
Dustin (mail):
I'm a graduate student in medical physics in Houston, TX.

This blog gives me something nerdy (but not "too nerdy") to read while I'm waiting for code to compile, for data to acquire, or for my will to engage in geeky activities for low pay and little credit to return.
9.15.2005 6:50pm
Techie. Aspirant ConLaw enthusiast. ;)

I immigrated to America from England. It seemed entirely incumbent, having done so, to learn what it is to be American, to understand what America is, how it has developed. Having spent some time trying to understand it, I finally heard Justice Scalia explain the constitution, and my eyes were opened. Although I have since departed from Justice Scalia on some point, I remain profoundly indebted to him, and broadly deferential, for making something that had previously been very abstract seem very real, concrete and present.

As Justice Scalia said just recently, in the panel with Justices Breyer and O'Connor from early this year, America is its constitution. Unlike European countries, which are defined in terms of ethnicity or historical happenstance, America is defined in terms of fidelity to certain political principles, principles evoked in the Declaration of Independence, and given concrete, legal force in the Constitution.

Those whose citizenship is conditioned on naturalization rather than right of birth carry with them a burden that very few native-born Americans who do not hold public office bear: we swear a solemn oath to "support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic", and I take that oath very, very seriously. I don't know, perhaps that affects my perception, but as far as I'm concerned "enemies foreign and domestic" includes Supreme Court justices who attempt to twist and bend the Constitution to suit their own agenda. Most of the legal scholars who call for the living constitution doctrine, of course, have never sworn that solemn oath (and I don't want to imply that my interpretation is the only permissable interpretation of the obligations of that oath). Those scholars, perhaps, have some wiggle room. I do not, and nor do Judges, who swear an equally solemn oath to support and defend the constitution.

So for me, ConLaw is very deeply and intimately rooted in my personal experience of what it means to be in this country. I grew up in a country with an unwritten constitution. It's often said that anyone who complains about America should live in any other country for a year, and will shortly realize just how wrong they are; I lived for many years in a country with an unwritten constitution, and I think those people who want to turn America into such a polity should do the same.
9.15.2005 6:51pm
Larry (mail):
PhD student in Astrophysics at Caltech
9.15.2005 6:52pm
Senor Chumbawumba:
I don't do business (law student) in a strange place (DC), nor do I have a dog (though my friend has an Uzbekistani dog).

A proud Volokh Conspiracy fanboy, I am a Midwest-derived, white, male, Protestant of Saxon origin, though I'm a little spare on the Anglo side.

Also, I like sports, if that's what you call Chicago Cubs baseball.
9.15.2005 6:52pm
Brian Beck:
Techie 1L at NYU
9.15.2005 6:52pm
Guest2 (mail):
Transactional lawyer in a law firm (senior associate). I used to post here (occasionally) under my real name until someone scared me into making at least a token effort to protect my privacy. I first came here as a result of Eugene's "Lost Maxims of Equity," which still crack me up. I would probably bill a lot more if this site didn't exist!
9.15.2005 6:52pm
Doug O (mail):
Software developer, Puget Sound (Seattle) area, working for an e-Discovery firm. Enjoy the variety of viewpoints and explanations from the legal world.
9.15.2005 6:53pm
William Spieler (mail) (www):
Justice Kennedy

(law student)
9.15.2005 6:53pm
Michaelg (mail):
Um, you might want to rephrase the "Special bonus" clause. Unless you're hoping to hear from deeply bizarre multitaskers.
9.15.2005 6:53pm
nabetz (www):
I'm a editor (theology) and an [apprehensive] applicant to St. John's Grad Institute in Annapolis.
9.15.2005 6:54pm
Raphael Laufer (mail):
Mathematician/Defense Consultant in Northern Virginia -- used to play basketball with a whole bunch of lawyers though...
9.15.2005 6:55pm
TomH (mail):
Trial Attorney, Hudson Valley New York.
9.15.2005 6:56pm
R. Gould-Saltman (mail):
California family law attorney (cert. specialist) married to and partnered with, another (smarter, nicer, better looking)California family law attorney (cert. specialist).
Notorious left-wing, First-Amendment-absolutist crank. Jewish by Jewish law, agnostic by upbringing, Buddhist by choice.

Richard Gould-Saltman
9.15.2005 6:57pm
J (mail):
Techie 3L at mid-top tier school.
9.15.2005 6:57pm
Undergraduate at Harvard, studying Computer Science, thinking heavily about law school. Fun blog to read for those in my position.
9.15.2005 6:57pm
Todd Klimson (mail):
Own my own estate and financial planning firm. 1L at Stetson fall 2006.
9.15.2005 6:57pm
College drop-out.
9.15.2005 6:58pm
Law student and recovering (well, not really) techie. And, to really skew the statistics, a graduate of St. John's College!

(If you don't know the school, it's a small (800 students at two campuses) liberal arts school that hardly makes a stastical blip in anything other the annual sales of Newton's Principia. That, and we represent about 7% of the VC readership as of this post!)
9.15.2005 6:59pm
Barbara Skolaut (mail):
Part-time paralegal; part-time crafter (as a business); volunteer EMT

Sleep? After I'm dead, I suppose.... :-D
9.15.2005 6:59pm
beguemot (mail):
Harvard PhD candidate in literature. Law Professors seems to be as fascinated with reading texts closely as literature ones. Politically, a leftie with strong anarchist tendencies, both attracted and shocked by what libertarians have to say.
9.15.2005 7:00pm
Marine Engineer:
I work as an engineer on cargo ships. Don't remember how I first got here. Don't want to go away.

Fair winds and following seas.....
9.15.2005 7:00pm
Entry Patent Lawyer (mail):
Formerly a geeky girl software developer. I come here for the wide variety of topics discussed. And the puzzles.
9.15.2005 7:01pm
first year associate at big NYC law firm
9.15.2005 7:02pm
Rhadamanthus (mail):
British law student (Masters) who spent a year studying in the States and got hooked on Con Law- surely this must qualify as bizarre and unpredictable. Oh yeah and got hooked on Collegiate sports- even more absurd.
9.15.2005 7:02pm
Junior litigator at big firm. Liberal w/ libertarian streak.
9.15.2005 7:02pm
(Wow! Between when I read the comments and posted another St. John's student chimed in. So, we made up 10% of the VC readership as of my posting.)

9.15.2005 7:02pm
ModelMinority (mail):
techie. Trying to get through the day doing interesting stuff - too much of it is on
9.15.2005 7:03pm
DL (mail):
Career undergraduate, mostly in political science. Portrait studio photographer by day though. I follow the conspiracy because of the varied but always intelligent and insightful blogging.
9.15.2005 7:03pm
Attorney, CPA, CFO, Constitutional Law Junkie.
...And my son attends St. Johns College (New Mexico Campus).
9.15.2005 7:04pm
Johnathan Reale (mail):
Techie-factotum for Reuters and objectivist (although some might disagree). And who doesn't love constitutional law? :-)
9.15.2005 7:05pm
Michelle Dulak Thomson (mail):
Ex-techie, I suppose (undergrad degree was in mechanical engineering, UC/Berkeley). Currently, a violinist and violist, and editor of an online journal covering classical music in the SF Bay Area. Here because it's one of the most consistently interesting blogs I've found.
9.15.2005 7:07pm
Travis J I Corcoran (mail) (www):
I'm a techie turned entrepreneur (Technical Video Rental), libertarian turned anarcho-capitalist, with a college background in computer science and Roman history (I finally got around to starting _Decline and Fall_ a few days ago!).

My location is banal: outside of Boston.

My line of business is a bit odd: working as a software engineer with an interest in tinkering in my shop, I did not expect that I'd end up running an internet video-rental shop.

My dogs are great, but not particularly noteworthy to strangers.
9.15.2005 7:08pm
Brad (mail):
State appellate court clerk -- and so is "Redhead", who I've seen posting on here from time to time.
9.15.2005 7:10pm
JustinS (mail):
Policy advisor on national security and enforcement issues at the US Dept of the Treasury (possibly the job least likely to be filled by a libertarian). Finance major in undergrad. Was in the Harvard Law School gun club with Sasha.
9.15.2005 7:11pm
TenaciousJTG (mail):
1L at Georgetown. Started reading here when I was an undergrad who thought he knew con law. Reading this, and then coming to law school...they disabused me of that notion pretty quickly.
9.15.2005 7:12pm
ardbeg78 (mail):
Practicing civil litigator in small NYC firm. Spent 8 years doing the same in several large NYC firms. Strong libertarian tendancies. Anti-govenment tendencies (federal) reinforced by prior experience as defense attorney for the indigent, and (state) stupid laws like smoking bans and outright hostility to firearm ownership.
9.15.2005 7:13pm
Michaelg (mail):
Should've mentioned: musician.
9.15.2005 7:14pm
Gullyborg (mail) (www):
Middle aged man, law student, used to be engineer, was enlisted USAF before that, conservative, part republican, part libertarian, alternative Christian, divorced, no kids, gun owner, Toyota driver by necessity, Jeep driver in my dreams, pro-Bush, pro-War, anti-tax, slighty-techie, extremely geeky, D&D playing, Star Trek watching, cheese-eating and wine-drinking ANTI-Frenchman, smooth talkin, easy lovin, jeans n t shirt wearin, eclectic music lovin, sword wavin, Hispanic Scotsman of Italian heritage.

Did I forget anything?
9.15.2005 7:14pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
2L at Marquette Law and a Con Law junkie
9.15.2005 7:15pm
Dave Moore (mail):
Techie. Came here for the Second Amendment goodness, stayed for the general legal education and commentary.
9.15.2005 7:15pm
Michael Zimmer (mail) (www):
I'm a PhD student in Dept of Culture &Communication at New York University.
9.15.2005 7:16pm
Doug Sundseth (mail):
Tech writer now, though I've been a pizza store manager, software store manager, editor in the adventure-game industry, and physics student in the past. At least I've had a consistent career path.
9.15.2005 7:17pm
John B (www):
About-to-be Cornell graduate; possible future law student/lawyer (thanks in part to blog reading, which I believe was a former question). I'm interested to see the healthy proportion of non-law folks on the list. I think blogs like this one have really done a service in making serious discussion of legal issues available to the interested lay public, and the diversity in these comments reflects this.
9.15.2005 7:17pm
Portfolio manager using quantitative trading strategies. Off and on reader since the early days (whenever those were -- 2001? 2002?).
9.15.2005 7:21pm
fling93 (www):
I'm a techie: Software Engineer. Though I'm strongly considering going to grad school and changing careers (probably not law, though).

I'm here because this is far and away one of the best conservative blogs. Best in my book meaning thoughtful, informational, thought-provoking, intelligent, and (for the most part) non-partisan.

Yeah, this wasn't pithy and I'm not a dog. Sorry.
9.15.2005 7:21pm
Michael L (mail):
Out-of-work litigator desperately trying to find a job in DC.
9.15.2005 7:21pm
Somebody (mail):
Fundraiser for a small college. Had a Los Angeles Public Defender for a great uncle and a Los Angeles Deputy D.A. for an in-law. Bill Farr (trivia time!) was a hero of mine in my early years. Took a lot of ConLaw at UCLA as an undergrad (Doug Hobbs x 4). Thought I was going to be a lawyer but got trapped by making money instead. Discovered Eugene before the word 'blog' existed while doing research on sexual harassment laws.
9.15.2005 7:24pm
Grisha (mail):
Naval flight officer, P-3C.
9.15.2005 7:25pm
Dr. Weevil (mail) (www):
Uh oh. If some of these posters aren't careful, word will get out that the secret conspiracy that runs the world is neither the Jews nor the Freemasons nor the Straussians, though the last is not too far off, but the alumni of St. John's College.

I am yet another (Annapolis '75), a PhD in Classics now teaching Latin, Greek, and Geometry at a private high school in North Carolina while blogging both pseudonymously and under my real name and doing old-fashioned Classical scholarship (textual criticism) when I can find the time.

By the way, I'm not surprised by the preponderance of lawyers and techies here, but wouldn't have thought it would be so extreme.
9.15.2005 7:25pm
Zarkin (mail):
I'm a libertarian Jewish marksman with a law degree who frequently wonders if he should join the Conspiracy. I am a former Hillel director currently working for the National Institutes of Health. (No place for a nice libertarian boy, but it is interesting.) I was born in New England, lived in the south, and now find Prof. Cowen's restaurant guide extremely useful.

And I am not a dog, never have been a dog, and devoutly hope never to be a dog. The five cats I live with would eat me.
9.15.2005 7:25pm
Pete Freans (mail):
I'm an attorney who works for a law enforcement agency, so I'm not "practicing" law per se. I am actively seeking to shift my career to civil practice and academics because I have seen enough violence and death in my profession. I am sickened by the revolving-door system of justice and the revolving-door morals of repeat offenders are equally discouraging.

Since another post mentioned this, my name is not Pete Freans. It's a pseudonym that I have used for non-professional literary purposes for many, many years. Incidentally, the name Pete Freans was created when I was in college. My roommate and I concocted this imaginary student and we would talk about him in the third person as if he were real. He was a double major one year, a triple major the next, he spoke hundreds of languages, he was rich, he was a ladies man, etc, etc. We were so persistent in mentioning his name over the years that a girl asked if "Pete" was attending a party we were throwing because she believed that she and "Pete" would click.

Needless to say, no one ever met Pete during our four years of studies. At graduation, my roommate and I queried where Pete was…only to remember that he graduated one semester early and he was resting comfortably in the South of France.

I thought I should unburden myself with that, thank you.
9.15.2005 7:28pm
Paul Zummo (mail) (www):
Ph.D student (ABD) in Politics, and also a research analyst in a DC trade association. I love constitutional law type issues, so that would be my reason for reading this blog.
9.15.2005 7:28pm
Guest3 (mail):
Partner in a big DC law firm. Enjoying immensely contemplating what all of the acolytes of Tribe, Dershowitz et al. in my class at HLS (somewhat after Roberts) must be thinking as they watch the confirmation hearings.
9.15.2005 7:29pm
Dorn (mail):
Physics Professor. Professional procrastinator. Recovering city councilman.
9.15.2005 7:29pm
9.15.2005 7:29pm
phillymikec73e (mail) (www):
I'm a medical student.
9.15.2005 7:31pm
Bleepless (mail):
Ex-pinko turned conservative. Lawyer, currently benched for health reasons. Getting caught up on reading.
9.15.2005 7:32pm
Clayton E. Cramer (mail) (www):
None of what I do is particularly unusual--it's just the combination. Computer geek (mostly Perl and korn shell at the moment, but I used to be a serious embedded C developer, as well as some Java, back before those became obsolete) is what I do for a living (mostly). I also manufacture telescope mount accessories.

I write history books, specializing in the role of firearms in American society, and secondarily, in black history. (See published books here; scholarly journals here; popular articles here.) I don't write scholarly papers anymore; I made the mistake of helping exposing a gross scholarly fraud, and since then, I am persona non grata in scholarly circles--papers I submit aren't even considered, and the editors send back insulting notes. (Dishonesty in the purusit of political goals is a fundamental part of the academic history profession now.)

I live in Boise, Idaho where, contrary to popular opinion, we do have flush toilets and we don't marry our sisters.
9.15.2005 7:32pm
Rob M.:
Software Developer in California. Worked in a sole practitioner law firm through most of highschool/college.
9.15.2005 7:32pm
David G.:
Half-techie business consultant with a Really Large Consulting Company. Specializing primarily in system training and organizational change.
9.15.2005 7:36pm
Jared K.:
Undergrad political science major. Techie by experience, pre-law by education. Applying to law schools in the next month or so; top choices are UVa and Georgetown at the moment. Looking for some kind of career in Orin's field, and I read VC and Brian Leiter to get a roughly balanced view of the whole thing. I tend to agree more with BL than most of the posters here, but the law always seems pretty sound on both counts.
9.15.2005 7:36pm
Perseus (mail):
Who am I?

I am one of the maniacal Children of Satan from the (now exposed) Secret Kingdom of Leo Strauss. Be afraid, very afraid.

Why am I here?

The late Admiral James B. Stockdale gave an admirable Stoic response in his vice-presidential debate.
9.15.2005 7:37pm
Humble Law Student:
I'm a 1L at Notre Dame. I'm quite conservative, but it isn't fun to listen to the echo chamber that often. So, I use this blog to cover some of the libertarian side of the political/legal spectrum. It's quite fun I should add!
9.15.2005 7:38pm
Kristian (mail) (www):
-Fundementalist Evangelical Christian (Interested in First Amendment 'Controversies'),

-Software Engineer, C/C++ for DoD Contractor (Property Rights-- Intellectual and Real)

-Conservative (Second Amendment Rights)

Really, more of a Social Conservative, Economic Libertarian -- Yes, there are some conflicts that I struggle with...
9.15.2005 7:39pm
Jack Soltysik:
I'm an undergrad at Mizzou triple majoring in Poli Sci, Econ, &History, minoring in philosophy. I plan on eventually studying law.
9.15.2005 7:40pm
Home Daddy (mail):
Stay-at-home dad (2 kids and a medical resident wife) with a yen for law school in a few years.
9.15.2005 7:40pm
Andrew Smith:
Techie, law clerk, I'm pretty liberal but have many libertarian tendencies. I'm a big fan of Randy Barnett and subscribe to his view of the commerce clause.
9.15.2005 7:40pm
Klug (mail):
Grad student in chemistry, private midwestern university. Conservative/libertarian, not a lawyer by any means.
9.15.2005 7:44pm
David Block (mail):
Dallas, TX Mainframe programmer.

Fan of yours when you appear on Fox, which isn't often enough. Libertarian-Republican in most respects. I'm not a dog, but I have one at home. :-)
9.15.2005 7:45pm
Robert West (mail) (www):
I'm a professional computer programmer hoping to get out of that industry and into law school next year. :)
9.15.2005 7:47pm
MCG (mail) (www):
Alumna of St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, and former board member of St. John's. Serious conversation is every Johnnie's delight. I think that explains why so remarkably many of us are here at the conversational feast.

Alumna of Harvard Law School. Anti-big-box blogger: Owner of bar preparation business. Author of Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays. Ph.D. in linguistics. Writer.
9.15.2005 7:48pm
LibertarianHawk (mail):
Software Engineer by day, 2E at GMU Law School by night.
9.15.2005 7:50pm
Bill Dyer (mail) (www):
Aw, you know me: Conservative trial lawyer-blogger, who owns and blogs about a dog (who in turn got linked by Cosmo on The Corner), who doesn't carry an American Express card, and who made fun of John Kerry among other things for all of the times he said (imperiously) "Do you know who I am?"

I've been a VC reader since I started blogging just over two years ago. Among my early interchanges with y'all was over poor Jesus Castillo, convicted by a Dallas state-court jury for obscenity after selling a pornographic comic book to an undercover cop. Prof. Volokh blamed the Texas courts; I thought the blame properly ought to be placed on Jesus' lawyer, who'd failed to make the key objections. And things have just gotten weirder ever since.
9.15.2005 7:53pm
Lou Wainwright (mail):
Non-software Engineer (which seems to be a distinct minority among the responding tech types) for a semiconductor company. Procrastinator. MBA. I love learning about anything, and this is the best source of legal analysis for smart non-lawyers I've found. Third blog I ever read (1st was USS Clueless and then Instapundit).
9.15.2005 7:55pm
Master Shake (mail):
Lawyer, procrastinator, former UCLAW student (never had you for a class, but saw you in the halls).
9.15.2005 7:57pm
Silvermine (mail) (www):
I'm a software engineer (former tech writer, and former biophysicist). I just like to read blogs to keep myself informed.
9.15.2005 7:58pm
von (mail) (www):
Litigator at a "large" law firm (about 400 attorneys) count) in the Midwest, primarily patent litigation, but with a dash of civil RICO/fraud and two shakes of fiduciary breach. Liberal Republican, if that's still allowed.
9.15.2005 7:59pm
JoeSlater (mail):
I'm amazed to have gotten this far into this thread without anyone saying "law prof." So, um, I'll say "law prof."
9.15.2005 7:59pm
Bacchus (mail) (www):
Former lawyer turned internet pornographer. Building adult websites turns out to be a lot more fun than lawyering -- and pays better too.
9.15.2005 7:59pm
Bacchus (mail) (www):
Bah, make that "pornographer who cannot type" -- I got my own URL wrong above and typed instead one belonging to a sex toy purveyor.
9.15.2005 8:01pm
Riccardo (mail) (www):
Professional translator, specialized in legal and software translation.
9.15.2005 8:02pm
Nick Carter (mail) (www):
I live in ruralburbian Philomath, Oregon (about 10 miles from Corvallis, home of OSU) on about 3.8 acres. I sell small machine tools (lathe, mill, CNC mill) through my website and my wife makes jewelry that she sells at the Saturday Market (where old hippies go to die) in Eugene, OR. So I would hazard a guess that we are neither representative of your readership, or of society in general. We enjoy the blog because it allows us a glimpse at the world of law that normally is under our daily radar.
9.15.2005 8:06pm
And I am not a dog, never have been a dog, and devoutly hope never to be a dog. The five cats I live with would eat me.
Five?! My God, we only have three and they're handfull enough! You're a braver man than I!

Andrew Smith:
I'm a big fan of Randy Barnett and subscribe to his view of the commerce clause.
Sure we can't tempt you over to originalism more broadly? I probably should have mentioned that I'm something of an evangelist (or at least, a lay preacher) for that particular cause...;)
9.15.2005 8:10pm
Dan P (mail) (www):
Liberal turned conservative, computer programmer, avid gun owner. No formal education in Law but I find it fascinating and due to my great interest in firearms by necessity I've learned how to understand law somewhat well. I just find law fascinating.
9.15.2005 8:14pm
Adrian (mail):
Computer science professor.
9.15.2005 8:17pm
Rocket scientist ... ok, rocket engineer ... ok, aerospace engineer. That just doesn't sound as sexy. Oh crap, I just said that "rockey scientist" is sexy. I'm showing my geekiness.

But I do think it's interesting that when you ask the question, "Who are you?" You're asking for a profession or occupation, as though there's an expectation that we identify ourselves primarily by what we do from 7 to 5. It's a fair expectation, but I think largely a cultural one. That is, I would expect that in some cultures/countries the proper response to "Who are you?" is more along the lines of an ethnicity or religion or city origin. I know, I know, you followed on by prompting possible answers, but when I read the initial question I wanted to respond, "I am a lover of life who embraces beauty, truth and really good cheeseburgers."
9.15.2005 8:22pm
Cisco (mail) (www):
Literature student, Brazil. The Volokh Conspiracy, btw, is big in certain sectors of the Brazilian blogosphere, as I'm sure the Sitemeter World Map could prove.
9.15.2005 8:22pm
PLM (mail):
I'm sorry to be so prosaic, but I'm a law professor.
9.15.2005 8:23pm
Edward Still (www):
Lawyer (full time), law prof (part time), and blogger (part time). What's that add up to?
9.15.2005 8:24pm
Dr. T (mail):
Clinical Pathologist who directs the laboratory at a Veterans Administration Medical Center (while still holding strong libertarian beliefs).
9.15.2005 8:25pm
Wince and Nod (mail) (www):
I'm a software guy and fan of originalist thinking. Plus I really do want to bring back some of that old style limited government. Fie on Wickard, I say, fie!

9.15.2005 8:27pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
I'm pleased that Perseus and Bacchus are providing the Greek angle to counterbalance Scipio and Gracchus.
9.15.2005 8:28pm
Dr. B. (mail):
PhD economist working for a state legislature (non-partisan staff). I stopped by originally because of my casual interest in constitutional law. I've since found many other reasons to return.
9.15.2005 8:33pm
Dave Egger (mail):
1L Conservative Law Student at Indiana University - Indianapolis - BA in Computer Science from DePauw. Looking into Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Estates &Trusts, Tax law.

Just got a copy of Volokh's book, it's great so far!
9.15.2005 8:36pm
I'm a 3L from Idaho who told the friend that introduced me to the VC that his wife was cheating on him. But I messed it up, because I told him that it was with me. Stupid, stupid, stupid!
9.15.2005 8:36pm
anonymous coward:
Quant in Chicago. You lawyers talk about efficient markets; I do my tiny part to make them. Geez, we should all get shiny medals.
9.15.2005 8:37pm
martyR (mail):
Marty in L.A. I'm a tax and spend, pro-labor liberal.
9.15.2005 8:40pm
Mr. Jenkins (mail):
University of San Diego 3L, father of 2.
9.15.2005 8:41pm
Shelby (mail):
Attorney, new to the Portland, OR area so I haven't taken the bar yet and doing temp work as a paralegal. Interested in tech, IP and constitutional issues. Former writer and editor; law review articles editor at Hastings. Considered going to St. Johns but went for Pomona isntead.
9.15.2005 8:43pm
I am a partner in a commercial real estate investment firm based in Orange County. I read the entire blog every day and you guys are rock stars in the blogosphere. Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons.
9.15.2005 8:43pm
cfw (mail):
Lawyer practicing in Torrance, CA, near LA. Did 4 years in JAG (Germany and Monterey) after three years at UVA law (ending in '81). Started my own firm in 93 after 8 years at Morgan Lewis in LA. Two death penalty cases (federal habeas) keep me interested in con law issues. Also did some (limited) work on Gitmo cases. Could see doing a bit more - if Bush ever loosened up the procedures. Always liked con law, from college on.
9.15.2005 8:45pm
CorporateWeasel (mail) (www):
Technology salesperson turned administrative assistant with law school aspirations.
9.15.2005 8:45pm
First year associate in New York; philosophically a Rawlsian; politically, a formerly-Clintonian Democrat polarized by what is already the worst presidency in American history and the complacency of Congressional and establishment Democrats in the face of it; liberal on most Constitutional law but fairly conservative on important questions of business law. I think most originalism and textualism beg the question. Generally, I favor the methodology in Carolene Products fn4 and the Breyer/Sunstein view that a goal of constitutional interpretation should be democracy-enhancing. (Which is not to deny the internal argument over what this really means!) My moniker reflects my (rapidly waning) affection for the Philadelphia Eagles, and is as good a pseudonym as any. The only gun I ever want to see used should be the shotgun formation.
9.15.2005 8:46pm
Hanah Volokh (mail) (www):
I am your sister-in-law. And, for the benefit of the others, a 1L at Georgetown.
9.15.2005 8:57pm
ChrisO (mail):
procrastinating law school student.
9.15.2005 9:00pm
I favor...the Breyer/Sunstein view that a goal of constitutional interpretation should be democracy-enhancing. (Which is not to deny the internal argument over what this really means!)
It seems to me that a "democracy-enhancing" approach to interpreting the constitution would be an apt characterization of Justice Scalia's approach to interpreting the constitution, which holds that changes to the constitution's meaning should be made democratically. This stands in sharp contrast to what I see Justice Breyer's approach as, being that the constitution's meaning should be updated by wise judges who know what's best for society. I would characterize the Breyer approach as judicial paternalism, not democracy-enhancing.
9.15.2005 9:01pm
I'm a computer game designer.
9.15.2005 9:02pm
Baronger (mail) (www):
Paralegal and law geek.

My ambition however is to be a professional procrastinator, however I keep putting that off.
9.15.2005 9:03pm
cmn (mail) (www):
I wasn't going to chime in since Eugene already knows me, but can't resist adding my name to the burgeoning Johnnie contingent. Annapolis '91. L.A. lawyer and sometime blogger with half mind to enter academia.
9.15.2005 9:03pm
DWB (mail):
Project Lead Engineer working at Johnson Space Center on the International Space Station.
9.15.2005 9:05pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Hanah: So that's who you are! Now I get it. The last name should have been a tip-off. D'oh.
9.15.2005 9:06pm
SmokeandAshes (mail):
Analyst for a government agency. I don't remember how I got here in the first place (probably through an Instapundit link) but I find the discussion fascinating even if I sometimes don't understand it.
9.15.2005 9:06pm
=0= (mail):
Partner in a small software development company, mostly specializing in lexical analysis, search, data mining, and quantitative analysis. Live and work in NYC.

Trying grow the company enough that I can take time off to go to law school without sinking it.

Politically, a weird libertarian (is there any other kind?). Extremely socially liberal, extremely economically conservative. At least, my libertarian friends tell me I'm an extremist, while my liberal ones call me an "old school Republican", which I try to take the right way.
9.15.2005 9:09pm
Amy (mail):
Bay Area academic law librarian.
9.15.2005 9:10pm
Mike Atlas (mail):
Retired techie. I knew Eugene (and family) when I was involved with the HP/3000 community back in the '80s (yes, Eugene was very young then, started delivering technical papers at computer conferences before he was a teenager). Eugene, remember Math/3000?
9.15.2005 9:12pm
goldsmith (mail):
I'm a artist and college professor, and sometimes professional perfumer.
9.15.2005 9:15pm
goldsmith (mail):
an artist, that is. And, contrary to evidence in this thread, I'm also a very good writer and speaker of English.
9.15.2005 9:18pm
Boston-area lawyer.

I am not a dog. I may depose a dog soon though. Really. (Well, almost really.)
9.15.2005 9:21pm
Stay at home father of 2 with a masters in computer science.
9.15.2005 9:25pm
Aasem (mail):
South Park Conservative since birth, much to the chagrin of my parents and educators (on both components of the description.)

Los Angeles-based former general counsel to multi-national corporation, and trial attorney with nearly 20 years multi-state experience in federal and state courts. I've handled diverse issues on both sides of the bar.

Now on a health disability and frustrated. I occasionally live vicariously through the law-related blogs.
9.15.2005 9:31pm
John Jenkins (mail):
Nascent commercial transaction lawyer (current 3L) who has done is time as an intern in the PD's office and is currently in the crimianl defense clinic just for kicks in between working at a commercial law firm and as an RA for Prof. Fred Miller.
9.15.2005 9:31pm
Nathan Whitehead (www):
I am a graduate student in computer science, trying to find ways to make computer systems secure.
9.15.2005 9:34pm
Blonde Contrarian:
State government communications/press type. I started reading VC during a high-profile gubernatorial campaign I was working on two years ago. Wobbly republican, decline-to-state, libertarian, disciple of Hayek. Getting ready to apply to some public policy programs--fie on law school! All my friends are there, and though I find their studies fascinating it's just not my style. Why bother when I can read VC? :)
9.15.2005 9:39pm
Artist, Business Leader, Libertarian, Techie.
9.15.2005 9:43pm
Jeremy Henry (mail):
I am a cheerleading coach with a political science degree thinking about going to law school.
9.15.2005 9:45pm
Old Navy Chief (mail):
Southern white male, rapidly racing to end of middle age. Retired USN Chief Petty Officer. Computer / network tech. Husband, Father of three girls, Grandfather of four girls and one boy. Conservative, Republican, strong believer in the original intent of the framers...

Having sworn on six occassions to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic" I have a soft spot in my heart for said Constitution... And VC is a very interesting place to read about matters in this area.

Sometimes think I could/should have been a lawyer but keep remembering the misquote from the Bard "first, we kill all the lawyers..."

Sometimes seems my whole world is going to the dogs, especially Maltese...
9.15.2005 9:47pm
Scott Frith (mail):
Realtor, returning undergraduate English major at the University of Tennessee. New favortite site -- ventured here through Knoxville's own instapundit....

Good job. Keep up the good work.
9.15.2005 9:47pm
New York corporate lawyer at big firm. Something of a procrastinator, writing this instead of distributing a set of loan documents and going home.
9.15.2005 9:57pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Solo practitioner in Tucson, AZ. Author, now trying to produce a documentary. New York Times says I'm an actor, but I only play one in the movies. Father of three, step-dad to two more. Historically, I've done about everything, including beekeeping, working in the mines, and winning one in the US Supremes.
9.15.2005 9:59pm
Russell B. (mail):
Male, middle-aged housewife in Houston.
9.15.2005 10:00pm
Mike in Colorado (mail):
Retired (early) labor relations manager with a couple large corporations who is not a lawyer, but who worked closely with lawyers most of my 30 year career. Arbitrations were what I liked best and was probably best at (31 wins, 2 losses, 3 "draws"; a record I'm kinda proud of)). I find the eclectic mix of opinions and views here to be sometimes insightful, sometimes maddeningly esoteric and inbred, and always interesting. Most of you people should, however, definitely get out into the "real world" more, so you can see the forest occasionally. I'm not a dog, but I've been called one, and much, much worse in my life. As I used to tell union guys who called me these things, "You can't hurt my feeligs; I've been called an asshole by people I RESPECT".
9.15.2005 10:03pm
Mr. Bingley (www):
A Coffee Trader in NY. A licensed coffee grader for the New York Board of Trade.

A caffeine addict.
9.15.2005 10:03pm
Jim Rhoads (mail):
Long time trial lawyer currently running a public interest law firm in Atlanta which I founded last year with settlement fees won in a 1983 case against a state's medicaid program which discriminated against disabled patients for whom home health care was medically necessary.

Developing a network of senior professionals throughout the USA for pro-bono projects assisting all kinds of charitable organizations.
9.15.2005 10:05pm
Donna S.:
A TV Production Accountant in Burbank, CA. Stopped into your blog over a year ago and never left. It's a great place of fresh ideas and educated opinions. You have helped me step up my debate with a lot of great facts and links. Keep up the good work.
9.15.2005 10:06pm
9.15.2005 10:06pm
BobVDV (mail):
Recovering lawyer. Teaching business law and (sometimes) judicial politics to undergrads at a Midwestern university. More liberal than Eugene Volokh but enjoy having my views challenged from the right in a most civil fashion.
9.15.2005 10:06pm
Justin D. Hein (mail) (www):
I am (soon to be) a California Tax Attorney, formerly from Wisconsin.
9.15.2005 10:08pm
Dreaded white midwestern male, art school grad. My line of work involves creating 3D computer-generated illustrations and animations for architectural applications. If you don't understand what that means, you're not alone.'s value to me is the manner in which it's posters are able to explain complex (to me at least) legal issues clearly and concisely, in a manner even this BFA-beaten layperson can comprehend.
9.15.2005 10:09pm
Jody (mail) (www):
Electrical Engineering PhD Student at Va Tech.
9.15.2005 10:09pm
Fred K:
Internet junkie by night, software developer by day.

Sorry, not a dog.
9.15.2005 10:14pm
I'm a writer working for Valve Software, a video game developer.
9.15.2005 10:15pm
John Jenkins (mail):
Hokie Hokie Hokie High
Tech Tech VPI!!!

(I forgot to mention I am a VT alumnus)
9.15.2005 10:15pm
Grad student in Israel. i was born on a socialist farming collective to libertarian parents (go figure).
9.15.2005 10:23pm
Serge (mail) (www):
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with an interest in bioethics and Constitutional Law.
9.15.2005 10:24pm
Boris A.Kupershmidt (mail):
Mathematics Professor
at an engineering graduate
9.15.2005 10:27pm
scouser (mail):
Labor attorney for a multinational company.
9.15.2005 10:31pm
ChrisPer (mail):
MBA, ex-geologist project manager in an IT firm serving Australia's mining industry.
9.15.2005 10:32pm
JonBuck (mail):
Reference Librarian and Libertarian at a sizable private university in California.
9.15.2005 10:35pm
JF (mail):
9.15.2005 10:35pm
Teaching mathematics in Taipei. Aspiring law student.
9.15.2005 10:35pm
arthur (mail) (www):
Lawyer (partner), usually representing plaintiffs in securities fraud cases, often class actions. Our firm also does antitrust, consumer and toxic tort work. Anyone reading this far who needs representation, please drop me a line.

Not a St. Johns grad, techie, or dog.
9.15.2005 10:37pm
MK2 (mail):
Supply Chain Consultant. With a degree in Microbiology. Booyah!
9.15.2005 10:38pm
I'm a geology grad student. It's enjoyable to read other folks' (mostly) concise, dispassionate takes on controversial topics.

I think EV's series of posts on academic freedom, and on unusual punishment/death penalty have been highlights.

9.15.2005 10:43pm
Richard Bellamy (mail):
Philadelphia Lawyer. Employment variety.
9.15.2005 10:45pm
UCLA grad (Philosophy); spent too much time with Lottenbach and Normore to notice Volokh, the next building over.

As a result, frequently misunderstood/misleading (take after Hegel) and ostensibly opinionated skeptic at heart (take after Hume). Now, 2L at Columbia. Where I discovered the VC through Blaine.

Champion of the underdog. Especially in college football. Disaffected young non-voter from the reddest part of the reddest state. Political wallflower. Skier. Looking for jobs in NorCal.
9.15.2005 10:50pm
panthan (mail):
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, dabbler in medieval literature.
9.15.2005 10:55pm
Philip (mail):
Midwestern attorney/editor for a certain online legal research service. VC is part of my routine with the morning cup of tea.
9.15.2005 11:00pm
Allen Edwards:
60-year old, male, programmer the last 35 years. small-L libertarian.
9.15.2005 11:02pm
harmon (mail):
Flat tax
Sweet home Alabama ...&Chi-town
Live free or die
Samuel Johnson
Elvis, Hank, Johnny, Bob, Louis &Johann
Bonnie Rideout
army brat
Samuel Ramey
Scalia bobblehead
Mayor Daley
"Let George do it."
9.15.2005 11:05pm
Teresa (mail) (www):
Techie... database, programming (or coding depending on your term of preference), network, help desk... yeah it's a small company.
9.15.2005 11:05pm
nick (mail):
physics graduate student at university of wisconsin, madison
9.15.2005 11:09pm
Bob Bell (mail):
Middle-aged white male, retired soldier, now working as Army civilian with 101st Abn Div (went back to work after 9/11). Socially conservative (evangelical), politically libertarian. Supports and defends the Constition against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and don't like waking up in the morning finding out it means something different today than it meant yesterday. Divorced, 3 teen aged kids, no dogs. Wide variety of interests, but includes history, politics, social sciences, and law (but never formally studied or worked in any of them). Love the blog because I crave knowledgeable, civil discussions.
9.15.2005 11:09pm
John B. (mail):
Nothing special...

Toledo commercial litigator.
9.15.2005 11:11pm
David Mader (mail) (www):
2L at Texas Law. From Canada. (So that's a little different.) Been reading the Conspiracy since I was a sophomore at McGill (although we didn't call ourselves sophomores up north). Proud owner of a signed copy of Academic Legal Writing, 2d Ed., which helped me achieve success with my write-on and is currently aiding me in the note-topic-selection department. Being the sort of Canadian who moves to Texas for something other than work, I fall on the classical-liberal/libertarian/conservative side of things.
9.15.2005 11:13pm
Kevin Brancato (mail) (www):
Cost analyst at a federally funded research and development center. PhD economist. Blogger.
9.15.2005 11:13pm
Tennis professional. I'm here to amuse myself and to learn. Why else?
9.15.2005 11:15pm
Edward Lee (www):
Aspiring mathematician, currently doing a postdoc at UCLA (!)
9.15.2005 11:15pm
Decarsu (mail):
Conservative/Libertarian DC DOJ attorney
9.15.2005 11:16pm
J.B. Clamence (mail):
Editor of online course materials for Chicago real estate education company. Former Washington University undergrad (Philosophy, with concentrations in Ethics and the Continental School). Contemplating grad school in the humanities and (interchangeably) a life of elective poverty.
9.15.2005 11:16pm
oscar volij (mail):
Associate Professor of economics, at ISU and at Ben Gurion University.
I came because this is the highest-quality blog around.
9.15.2005 11:17pm
1st year PhD, economics, Calgary, Alberta. Quite the journey to get this far in life.

Like the different views on politics/law of the conspirators, and, except when flamewars break out, of the commentators in the comments.

No dog here, as passing US-Canada customs as (or with) a dog is a pain on the scale of an appendectomy.
9.15.2005 11:17pm
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
15 years as a software engineer specializing in data communications and operating systems, followed by 15 as patent attorney specializing in software and computer/processor architectures. Met Eugene at some of Mark Lemley's U. Texas CyerLaw conferences (knew Mark when both of us were in Austin). A couple of years ago, Eugene beat me up in some forum for being less than restrained, and I followed his links back here. And, since then, I have tried to follow his advice and example in decorum on the Internet.
9.15.2005 11:20pm
Jim Tucker (mail) (www):
Catholic priest in Northern Virginia. Libertarian. Blogger.
9.15.2005 11:21pm
hedge fund manager (procrastinator), Chicago.
9.15.2005 11:24pm
Troy H:
Recovering Texas lawyer residing in Southern California as a professor at a small (but expanding mightily) private liberal arts university. Teach mostly criminal justice classes, but throw in some Con Law, Admin Law and I teach Humanities -- my real love because of its interdisciplinary nature.

Can't decide if I want to try the CA Bar Exam.
9.15.2005 11:26pm
Amanda Butler (mail) (www):
Blame Jacob Levy for the original introduction. Or praise him. But whatever you do, bring him back to blogging.

Currently working at a Beltway non-profit; devoted Chicago lifer; have resolved to return for law school after this--my third--year of deferral ends.
9.15.2005 11:27pm
Dave L (mail) (www):
I'm a 1st year dental student at the University of Maryland.
9.15.2005 11:28pm
Bryan DB:
I wish I could be pithy, but, alas, it has been educated out of me.

Doctor, and almost a lawyer.
9.15.2005 11:33pm
Mike Jenkins (mail):
Securities trader.
9.15.2005 11:39pm
Dave L (mail) (www):
Oh, and I forgot to mention I'm also phillymikec73e's brother.
9.15.2005 11:40pm
Christine (mail) (www):
Former state Supreme Court law clerk, now full-time mother. Our chapter of the Notre Dame Fed Society hosted you [Prof. Volokh] in a 2nd Amendment debate against Prof. Blakey.
9.15.2005 11:40pm
Burt Likko (mail) (www):
I'm a California lawyer transplanted to Tennessee. Doing plaintiffs' trial stuff now, but looking for a better alternative. I have an interest in switching to a more academic career but I admit I haven't pursued the publication angle nearly enough to be serious about academia yet.

I've had several brief encounters with Eugene through some mutual friends from back when I lived in the L.A. area. My politics are somewhere between libertarian and Bush (the Elder).

Likes: good wine, bad science fiction movies, sincere people, long walks on the beach, and puppies.
9.15.2005 11:43pm
GarrettJ (mail):
libertarian leaning law student at Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut and brand new 2L member of the health law journal who just purchased your book on legal writing.
9.15.2005 11:50pm
Michelangelo (www):
The famous renaissance artist whose best known works include
the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and the celebrated statue of David. In 1514 he returned to Florence and...
9.15.2005 11:52pm
eratosthenes (mail) (www):
Recent law school grad living in Chicago, litigator for one year, now a big firm transactional lawyer (with, nonetheless, a strong interest in the activity of law generally, in addition to my more focused day job of helping the wealthy and powerful become more so), sensible liberal in the J.S. Mill mold, know Scipio personally but will decline to describe him as he is quite eloquent when not busy vanquishing Carthaginians, reader since sometime in 2002, somewhat irked by uncritically rightward tilt of some Conspirators, disappointed at departure of Jacob Levy,pleased by contributions of Orin Kerr
9.15.2005 11:56pm
clerk in DC
9.15.2005 11:59pm
JGUNS (mail):
Design software and consulting Sales.

Have all of you beat! HA! :)
9.16.2005 12:01am
A. Nonymous (mail):
Researcher for the National Center for State Courts
9.16.2005 12:02am
Bill S (mail):
artist and pug owner, need I say more?!
9.16.2005 12:04am
2L at BU. Former techie.

I have been reading the Volokh Conspiracy since before I decided to go to law school, and I guess it was sort of reponsible for my deciding that I was interested in law. In a weird twist, I did not realize Randy Barnett was at BU until shortly before school started and I found that my section had him for Con Law.

I don't remember how I first found the VC, but I kept reading because it's actually a pretty good news source given my interests.

I take my notes in emacs, and I miss owning a dog.
9.16.2005 12:05am
Professional security consultant and researcher.

The fact that my career could become illegal at any moment drives much of my interest in tech law. :)
9.16.2005 12:05am
ajf (mail) (www):
GULC 3L, boston terrier owner.

started reading volokh because jacob was one of the bloggers.
9.16.2005 12:07am
Squawk (mail) (www):
Advertising. No, really. We can read.
9.16.2005 12:10am
Isaac (www):
Jew, Public Transportation Software Engineer, Procrastinator, Fan of those who think before they speak.
9.16.2005 12:25am
Tondar (mail) (www):
I am Tondar the Destroyer, Baron of Atlanta, and rightful heir to the Throne of Spain.
9.16.2005 12:26am
software engineer, prospective law student
9.16.2005 12:27am
Moshe (mail):
Not a techie (but sympathetic). PhD student in Learning Sciences, diamond salesman (very part time), Orthodox Jew (Ultra), husband, proud father of two geniuses.
U of C undergrad. Northwestern now.
Cubs fan (alas).
9.16.2005 12:32am
MDM (mail) (www):
Commercial/IP Litigator at a mid-size firm in NYC, aspiring lawprof going through the mess that is the AALS waiting game now, and pop culture blogger. And, yes, traditional liberal.
9.16.2005 12:33am
Like a super-hero, I have a secret identity! By Day a mild-mannered corporate General Counsel - by night, a part-time law prof &minor politician.

Real Supreme Court &Con-Law junkie.
9.16.2005 12:35am
Patterico (mail) (www):
Father of two wonderful young kids, and husband of a beautiful and pleasant woman. Lover of classical music and guitar-based pop with harmonies. Blogger. Deputy District Attorney by profession.
9.16.2005 12:38am
Grendel's Dragon (mail) (www):
State appellate law clerk and former Marine machinegunner.
9.16.2005 12:38am
peg (mail) (www):
Philosopher-Realtor. Tournament bridge player. Parent of 3 parrots.
9.16.2005 12:45am
Humble Law Student:

Hey! I know this isn't the point of this topic, but I can't wait for DOD:Source!

Keep up the good work at valve!
9.16.2005 12:46am
pmorem (mail):
Software engineer, currently shoe-horning telescopes into helicopters in Seattle. I'm here because I'm an information junkie, and the Conspirators serve it up.
9.16.2005 12:48am
marc (mail):
music professor
9.16.2005 12:58am
Devin McCullen:
Live in New Jersey, work in New York. Have M.A. in American history that I'm completely not using. I like the interesting, reasonably comprehensible discussions of law, and the generally reasonable tone of the posters. Still trying to figure out why I like Tyler Cowen so much more at Marginal Revolution than I did over here.
9.16.2005 12:58am
Adam (www):
Alleged basis for male romantic lead in upcoming Hollywood film.
9.16.2005 1:00am
K1avg (mail) (www):
College freshman at University of Florida, majoring in Computer Science, Political Science, and likely Mathematics. A libertarian Republican with a steadily increasing interest in con law.
9.16.2005 1:02am
Urland (mail):
IANAL. But my dad was, my sister is a Tulane 3L (newly decamped to LSU with her fiance), and I referee youth, high school, and college soccer so I have a lot of applied jurisprudential experience.

I'm currently a month away from defending my Ph.D. in social neuroscience in the Psych. department at the University of Coloraodo. The rest of my family went to UCLA, I went to Cal (but have a soft spot in my heart for the Bruins). I also walk dogs.
9.16.2005 1:09am
michael (mail):
New Zealand public sector economist, until recently resident in the US and, while there, became increasingly fascinated by the (somewhat disconcerting) role of the courts in US politics and society
9.16.2005 1:10am
Republican attorney in early 30s, writing for a quaint legal research company. You've doubtless read my work. Once had a diary blog reviewed favorably in the Village Voice, which really made it apparent how small the Internet world is, and the ease with which one can attain substantial fame if one has ambition, lots of free time, something to say, and the flair to say it compellingly. At present I lack all but the flair.
9.16.2005 1:10am
Andy Treese:
Full time cop, part time law student.
9.16.2005 1:14am
Matt22191 (mail):
Dear Johnnies,

You camped right across King George Street from me for four years. Then you dispatched an agent to keep tabs on me in law school. Now you're shadowing my movements on the Internet.

What do you want from me?! ;)
9.16.2005 1:26am
Government staff jurist, Bern, Switzerland.
9.16.2005 1:26am
boalt 2L, currently going through the interview process. Im sorry I missed Professor Kerr when he was visiting wedensday.
9.16.2005 1:29am
stealthlawprof (mail) (www):
Law Prof; very recent addition to your readership. If I said much more, I would not be a stealthlawprof, would I?
9.16.2005 1:35am
A computer consultant and an infrequent visitor here. Whenever I stop by, the discussion is at least informative, so I come back every now and then :=)
9.16.2005 1:48am
Undergrad majoring in Poli Sci. I come here because, while I'd never cut it at law school, this makes interesting reading.
9.16.2005 1:57am
Stay at home dad, former big firm litigator, editor of a specialty professional journal, home renovator, libertarianish legal theory junky who is firm believer in TANSTAAFL.
9.16.2005 2:00am
Paul Johnson (mail):
Retired Navy JAG officer now doing civil litigation (employment, business, and environmental law) in San Diego. After I hit the lottery, I am going to chuck it all and play clarinet in a Dixieland band.

I come here because Eugene has twice blogged my comments on his blog entries, and has turned me into a stalker. In actuality, this is in my opinion the best blog on the Web (in fact, it's the only blog on my "favorites" menu), and the links are great.
9.16.2005 2:01am
MJS (mail):
3L. Admire Bush and Reagan, advocate of Classical Liberalalism, have pretty "conservative" leanings legally and politically. Jewish. Zionist. Election Law (especially voting fraud) is of great interest.
9.16.2005 2:01am
Libertarianish-conservative Seattle lawyer -- Univ of Wash Law grad, 2L summer at Institute for Justice, recent Wash State Supreme Court clerk.
9.16.2005 2:04am
NickBlesch (mail) (www):
I'm a 1L at Indiana University-Bloomington; I'm also a "reasonable" libertarian. I've been reading for over two years and I feel like (more than anything else) this blog has prepared me for law school. :)
9.16.2005 2:12am
therut (mail):
Physician from Arkansas. Nope not a friend of Bill Clinton. Shook his hand once when he visited my High School when running for his first public office. Friend during College with Elizabeth Ward. Actually was in the Miss Arkansas Pageant with her. Yea she was one of the many WOMEN in his life--------at least for one night. Poor woman. Got to your site because of the Second Amendment.
9.16.2005 2:13am
criminal lawyer, practicing in Minnesota and California. 3 years out of yale. starting to teach next year.

also women's basketball blogger. also gardener. also drink-sodden ex-trotskyite.
9.16.2005 2:17am
Shane (mail) (www):
I'm a college quasi-dropout about to serve a 5 year term as a cryptologic linguist in the Army starting Monday. I'll probably finish my degree within the year, since I'm only 4 semester hours away, and it's an elective credit that I'm missing.
9.16.2005 2:24am
Andy (mail) (www):
Professional musician in NYC (composer/keyboardist) who studies constitutional law as a hobby.

I don't have any dogs, but I do have lizards.
9.16.2005 2:26am
Richard Careaga:
Hyperspecialized asset-backed securities lawyer from Seattle who likes to get his head out of Regulation AB at least once a day.
9.16.2005 2:45am
Steve W (mail):
Former engineering technician, Marine, and present PhD candidate in Geophysics--an earthquake and seismic hazard analysis (west coast) fanatic. Here for the fine discussion and comments (and some instruction) and because, quite politely but frankly, I feel lawyers believe they alone have a lock on the direction of society for everyone else. Something I don't subscribe to, but here I can see the informal debate on some important issues to me.
9.16.2005 3:03am
2L at Columbia, always interested in what the loyal opposition has to say, particularly on gun control issues. loyal Democrat and centre-leftist, though I think reading leftist blogs is a waste of time. Make an exception for
9.16.2005 3:12am
divineangst (mail) (www):
Law student. But I started reading before I was a law student, back when I was in instructional design...ish. Funny thing about jobs, sometimes they defy explanation.

Oh, and socially liberal libertarianish? Eh. I like the perspective after reading Leiter.
9.16.2005 3:31am
ThomH (mail):
Libertarian-minded 3L law student at GW, with a strong interest in constitutional law. My pre-law background was computer science, and I currently work in IP.
9.16.2005 3:32am
Tim Converse (mail) (www):
Techie. Toyed with law to the extent of working as a paralegal in a patent law firm after college, but went to computer science grad school rather than law school. Now work on Yahoo's search engine. Debate often with my-brother-the-lawyer on issues where law meets tech (he's right of center, I'm left of center).
9.16.2005 3:36am
Henry_Su (mail):
First year medical student at UC San Diego. Read this blog whenever I feel like twisting my mind into pretzels.
9.16.2005 3:36am
Cal Lanier (mail) (www):
Systems architect/engineer until 2002, when I took up teaching and tutoring while attending UC Berkeley for my sins and an MIS. Had so much fun that I didn't want to go back to tech consulting, and took a year off. Reluctantly adding tech work back in this week. I write for the Football Fans for Truth blog and own/moderate The Perfect World.

I like VC for the legal articles they link in, and for the lack of personal posts--I'm not a fan of diaries.
9.16.2005 3:54am
sammler (mail) (www):
Ex-physicist turned investment banker.
9.16.2005 4:27am
jb (mail) (www):
helped found a small business serving up professional development for higher education administrators. current duties technically product development management, but really other duties as they come up, and they do come up.

currently considering both law school and st. john's western civ program. and international poli sci.

minor blog man crush on orin kerr.
9.16.2005 4:37am
Software veteran of several startups, and a "neo-neocon" type of conservative (see
9.16.2005 4:38am
Phil (mail):
Former philosophy grad student, Bay area attorney, currently mobilized army reserve officer performing non-law work. (I am not a JAG Officer.)
Roman Catholic convert but married to an Asian immigrant who attends an evangelical church. (They pray for, inter alia, John Robert's confirmation, which is a tad ironic given his Catholicism.)
Thomas Aquinas and Ayn Rand are fighting for my soul, though Marx lands a good punch once in a while!
9.16.2005 6:17am
ph.d student in the soc dept here at ucla.
9.16.2005 6:43am
Software developer, atheist, green(ish) and from Finland
9.16.2005 6:49am
Don K (mail):
Libertarianish economist by training, working for a large industrial company, with a layman's interest in constitutional law since high school days. I leave commenting on the issues raised in this blog to those with actual subject-matter expertise.
9.16.2005 7:03am
Murrel (www):
Retired. I do nothing useful all day. I read your blog ... and Ed Felton ... and Donna Wentworth ... and follow Instapundit links.
9.16.2005 7:17am
ggould (mail):
Startup-oriented software developer, married to a teacher. Libertarian/anarchist. Got interested in legal issues primarily because they terrify me -- I know how to make code run, but I don't know how to stay legal.
9.16.2005 7:43am
Jimbo (mail):
Owner of small employee benefits design and implementation firm, group insurance broker, Republican (actually was an Elector for Reagan/Bush in '84), blog junkie.

I came here because some of my favorite blogs (polipindit, PowerLine, Betsy's Page) often refer to your postings. Good endorsement.
9.16.2005 8:12am
Steve Rosenbach (www):
55-year-old Microsoft-friendly database developer living just North of Annapolis, but having no connection to St. John's other than having taken photos on the grounds of the deservedly famous college. A Jewish, lifelong Democrat, McGovern-voting, Clinton-friendly American who is shocked, shocked at how the Dems have been co-opted by the MoveOnNARALNOWPeaceAndJusticeCodePinkKumBaYa gang since Clinton left office and to whom George W has been looking pretty good and a lot smarter than my Team since 9/11.

Thanks for the wonderful blog - I've been a reader for about 6 months.
9.16.2005 8:24am
I'm a software consultant/stay at home mom by day and a second year law student by night.
9.16.2005 8:27am
WDC (mail):
Marine Officer & new J.D...from Kentucky, living in Virginia.
9.16.2005 8:54am
Recent J.D. grad and now big firm billing unit. I like to come to the comments section and start arguments defending things I don't really believe in because that's what I have to do at work. Strangely, just like at work, I start to believe the things I say, which will probably lead to a life of heavy alcoholism.
9.16.2005 9:17am
mikec (www):
I work in DC and am a 1L at George Mason. I'm also one of three students who decided yesterday to start a new blog to debate with each other, since we all hold different policy perspectives. It will be interesting, hopefully, once we get ourselves up and going. So far, we haven't posted anything, but soon.
9.16.2005 9:32am
JasonD (mail):
Conservative Ohio appellate attorney
9.16.2005 9:33am
med student...i'm drawn to the insight and diversity in content i've seen on this site.
9.16.2005 9:40am
Exasperated tech company in-house transactional/IP lawyer, former programmer, former student of a conspirator, dad, libertarian/originalist, Quaker/Unitarian.
9.16.2005 9:43am
Interactive Communications design manager, financial services, NYC, 55. Generally disagree with positions represented here, but like the mostly sober and informative (for a layman) law discussions. Believe classical liberalism entails a deeper more faceted approach to the world than represented by most conservative moralizing. Really intrigued by libertarian thought as a former mild radical mugged by the anti-individualist polemics of the real left.
9.16.2005 9:51am
Spoons (mail):
Central Illinois, 33-year-old prosecutor.
9.16.2005 9:53am
Michael Kleber (mail):
Mathematician in the Boston area: math professor until last year; currently working at the Broad Institute at MIT on mathematical problems in genome assembly. I will be one of the authors on the forthcoming Nature paper on the dog genome; does that count? Woof.
9.16.2005 9:59am
Bill Harshaw (mail) (www):
Retired bureaucrat (ex-USDA), liberal skeptic of partisan verities.
9.16.2005 10:25am
Stevethepatentguy (mail) (www):
Patent Lawyer (materials science and nanotech), Political Junkie, and Nanopundit.

Reading Volokh and Bainbridge gets me away from writing about atoms (which I appreciate).
9.16.2005 10:27am
Jam (mail):
I do not consider myself a techie but I am a software developer. A puertorrican who adopted the South as his home.
9.16.2005 10:28am
I am a 2L at Columbia Law School.
9.16.2005 10:33am
D-minus (mail):
I'm the daughter of a conspirator.
9.16.2005 10:33am
North Georgia Tom (mail):
Tenure-track assistant professor of mathematics at a Georgia 2-year college. Father of three, all ten and younger, with libertarian leanings tempered by evangelical conservative beliefs.

I appreciate the well-articulated, civil arguements at VC which are so rare in the blog world.
9.16.2005 10:39am
Former student of Eugene and current state supreme court law clerk.
9.16.2005 10:47am
Stentor (mail) (www):
PhD student in Geography (doing my dissertation on public attitudes toward wildfire management). Far to the left of the country as a whole, but far to the right of the others in my department.
9.16.2005 10:50am
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
Associate Professor of Philosophy. But you knew that already...
9.16.2005 10:55am
Elliot (mail):
one of your ex-students who likes the color scheme of this blog.
9.16.2005 10:59am
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
Thanks Eugene - this has been a fascinating thread.
9.16.2005 11:03am
Ric Flair:
Lefty union lawyer and federal litigator in DC. I'm alternately appalled, amused and enlightened by the blog.
9.16.2005 11:05am
Eduardo S:
Software geek in northern New Mexico, originally from Puerto Rico. No legal background to speak of, just lots of interest. Read TVC because of the interesting and eclectic subjet matter and the well-thought-out, informative, and courteous opinions.
9.16.2005 11:06am
rg (mail):
congressional staffer with libertarian think tank roots . . .
9.16.2005 11:08am
cljo (mail) (www):
Trade policy wonk at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Economics PhD hopeful.
9.16.2005 11:08am
Associate in the NYC office of a large, national law firm, specializing in corporate and securities work. Also a big procrastinator (which is idiotic, as I'm up for partner this year). Formerly middle-of-the-road politically, but turned much more conservative since 9/11. Don't remember how I got here, but likely from Instapundit.
9.16.2005 11:08am
clshaver (mail):
Enrollment Services Technician at a Community College in Roanoke, VA. William and Mary graduate (BA dual in Religion and History). Found VC probably through Instapundit. Am a conservative who since 9-11 has become more interested in politics and constitutional law. Currently considering becoming a paralegal. Anyone have any advice on that?
9.16.2005 11:12am
Political science professor, law and courts/law &society
9.16.2005 11:13am
I'm a housewife and mom. I come here because I find law interesting, and the commentary is almost always moderate and respectful, even among those who vehemently disagree.
9.16.2005 11:19am
3L Hofstra Law, moderate liberal with some libertarian leanings (Brandeis undergrad), heard you speak at Hofstra last year
9.16.2005 11:23am
I work for an affordable housing developer - I started reading when i thought that I wanted to go to law school instead of going for a masters of urban planning, which i ended up doing. Still haven't shaken the law school bug off and i'm still reading!
9.16.2005 11:23am
Abby (mail):
Law librarian (acquisitions and cataloging).
9.16.2005 11:31am
DaveC (mail):
50 yr old High School Grad. live in IL raised in TN in town where Glenn youknowwho lives. Computer Programmer works on improving signal to noise ratios on Auditory Brainstem Response, data recovery of long EEG and Sleep studies gone wrong, now trying to optimize Windows CE (good luck!) for ambulatory EEG recording device.
9.16.2005 11:35am
lralston (mail):
Retired w late life MBA, dedicate grandma, work part time at income tax preparation. White Ghetto kid from inner city Chicago. Regan Democrat, now firmly conservative.
9.16.2005 11:35am
Poshboy (mail):
Communications director for a Washington, D.C. trade association. Conservative background, including the NRA, US Chamber of Commerce, and the US House of Representatives. You have some of the most trenchant commentary on libertarian law issues found on the Web.
9.16.2005 11:40am
Christen Millard:
I'm an in-house IP attorney and adjunct professor at a local law school. GMUSL grad.
9.16.2005 11:44am
Duncan Frissell (mail):
Libertarian, anarchist, neo-traditionalist outlawyer working as a contract tech author for a bureaucratic organization. People tell me I'm older than I sound.
9.16.2005 11:49am
sonicfrog (mail) (www):
Here it is in no particular order:

Bass player, Blogger, Business owner (Pool and Spa Service / Repair sole proprietor who is too lazy to make money as a businesman), Pseudo professional student (two classes away from getting Masters in Education - will teach 9 - 12 history / economics), Geology school drop out (love seismology, hate calculus), CCNA drop out (well, got borred), Have B.A. in Telecommunications (OK, it should be radio, video, film production, but the former is what the degree says, so I'll take it), Linux / Open souce advocate (currently have five different OS's running on one computer), Repub-libertarian, Back yard mechanic (fix cars not back yards), have I left anything out...

Oh yeah, as my band would gleefuly point out: "Mike is a Homo"! I keep forgeting that one.

PS. I WILL be a lawyer in my next life - I'm too complacent and lazy to be one in this one.
9.16.2005 11:50am
General counsel at state housing finance agency, left leaning politically. I read the VC to get a perspective that doesn't come naturally to me. Overall, a well-written, well thought blog.
9.16.2005 11:52am
roy in calif:
Police dispatcher; firearm owner.
9.16.2005 11:54am
9.16.2005 12:00pm
Drew (mail):
Natural resources trial attorney in New Mexico.
9.16.2005 12:00pm
1L at UVA.
9.16.2005 12:07pm
Yitzhak Grossman (mail):
(Ultra-) Orthodox religious rabbinical student, specializing in Hoshen Mishpat (the portion of Halakha [traditional Jewish law] constituting civil law). Admirer of Bork, Scalia. The VC is the most intelligent and thoughtful site I've seen on the Internet.
9.16.2005 12:14pm
Cheburashka (mail):
I'm an animal of an unknown type. I was found in a crate of oranges in Moscow. When I was unable to find a job at the Moscow zoo (being of unknown type), my friend Gena (a crocodile) took me in.

Together, we live in a house for friends that we built.
9.16.2005 12:17pm
Brandon M:
Techie - work for a Seattle based software company
9.16.2005 12:28pm
Josh Orum (www):
Principal of San Francisco-based design firm focused on making websites and web applications easy-to-use.
9.16.2005 12:32pm
NR (mail):
North Carolina lawyer who represents school boards.
9.16.2005 12:42pm
Bill Bacon (mail) (www):
Father, erstwhile writer, actor, shirt-sleeve philosopher. Day gig as analyst/web editor for an agency in Dept of Homeland Security. Play at being a blogger from time to time. Got here because legal stuff fascinates me - probably the way cobras fascinate their prey.
9.16.2005 12:47pm
T. Gracchus (mail):
I practice law in a smallish market, focusing on antitrust and complex civil litigation. Been in practice about 12 years. Before that, I was an academic philosopher (philosophy of law and moral and political theory). I still publish reviews in philosophy and law topics. Run a blog on law, philosophy and arts.
9.16.2005 12:52pm
Civilian Army employee getting spare parts to soldiers in Iraq.
9.16.2005 12:53pm
Commercial logistics planner. My degree's in history. Christian, pretty libertarian. I ran across Volokh I think originally in connection with some gun-related stuff but stuck around because it's interesting reading. I'm not in school but I'm not going to stop learning.
9.16.2005 12:56pm
IT Business Analyst (translating English to Klingon and back again, all day long . . .). Air Force Brat from Nowhere, married with one child, live in the Midwest now. World view formed by contact with the Bible, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, George Lucas and Robert Heinlein, all at an early age. Geology undergrad, reluctant MBA student, Evangelical, pragmatic straight-ticket Republican (although I might vote Libertarian if one had a chance of winning).

I'm here because I enjoy critical thinking and civil discussion, and to increase my understanding of the forces that shape my country.
9.16.2005 12:58pm
Jim H. (mail):
Securities salesman, republican, christian, New York area, with murky slavic (or maybe hungarian) roots.
Got here through Instapundit, which I got to via WSJ online. I like the thoughtful discussions of the "big" (ie, easy to grasp)constitutional issues like the one on originalism today - something I never had any schooling in - so it is an easy way to get a lesson over lunch, which is typically at my desk.
9.16.2005 1:02pm
Research attorney for a justice of the California Court of Appeal.
9.16.2005 1:05pm
Ken Lammers (mail) (www):
Criminal defense attorney and blogger.
9.16.2005 1:10pm
Kai Jones (mail):
Legal secretary at a union-side labor law firm in Oregon, and also a part-time college student studying engineering.
9.16.2005 1:10pm
2L at George Mason. Can't remember when I discovered this place, but it was probably last year sometime during class when I was looking for something to distract me.
9.16.2005 1:28pm
I'm corporate counsel for an online marketing company, and one of Professor Volokh's former students at the UCLA School of Law.
9.16.2005 1:29pm
Libertarian screenwriter in liberal Hollywood. But they pay me a lot of money, so I can live with it.
9.16.2005 1:32pm
Nick (www):
Software Engineer... but someone interested in law because... well... it applies to me.

About the closest I ever came to practicing law was being on the high school debate team.
9.16.2005 1:41pm
Former 1st Amend. student of Eugene's (not a particularly distinguished one, alas), doing civil litigation in small firm in SF.

I'd describe myself as politically moderate, although contra a number of comments here, I've tilted more liberal in the last 4-5 years. I have little use for the lefty, wing of the Dem Party, but I despise the current administration, and, post-Afghanistan, don't think they've done a damn thing to make America safer.

Re: VC content, mostly enjoy the commentary: Eugene, of course; find Randy Barnett provocative and interesting, even when don't agree; miss Jacob Levy--may have been the best conspirator; Orin Kerr has been really good lately as well. Others, not so much.
9.16.2005 1:46pm
Bezuhov (mail):
A lawyer at heart born in an inauspicious time and place for that particular disposition; I enjoy reading other lawyers and throwing in a thought here and there, though I acknowledge being an amateur at best.

Background in engineering and finance, for-profit, non-profit, and unintentionally non-profit, I am currently a Presbyterian minister. Midwest to NewSouth to IvyLand and back. I'm either slightly further ahead of the curve than I'm comfortable being, or missing the curve entirely these days.

= )

"For an idea ever to be fashionable is ominous, since it must afterwards be always old-fashioned."

- George Santayana
9.16.2005 1:49pm
Derek (mail):
Brokerage branch manager by day, 2nd yr law student at George Mason University by night. Bluegrass fan.
9.16.2005 1:50pm
Stan Morris (mail):
Solo practice lawyer in Southwest Colorado who has been known to write about the things that this blog talks about. I also do appellate work when I'm not procrastinating.
9.16.2005 1:51pm
Russell (mail):
Techie at heart who also happens to be an antitrust lawyer in NYC...
9.16.2005 2:09pm
WHerndon (mail):
reporter who does not cover law but is fascinated by it nonetheless. The U.S. Constitution is one of the most radical and revolutionary undertakings in the history of civilization.
9.16.2005 2:19pm
Former Army Officer, current Law Enforcement Offcier.
9.16.2005 2:26pm
Thomas Dworzak (mail):
Originally a Canadian, I'm living in Hamburg, Germany now, working as a structural engineer. I have a passing interest in law and economics, and find that the analysis on this blog is insightful and interesting. However, since I'm not an American, I'd be interested in seeing more international content.
9.16.2005 2:31pm
senior corporate associate at prestigious New York law firm.
9.16.2005 2:34pm
Jonathan Burdick (mail) (www):
Who am I? I'm someone who doesn't like Johnny-come-Latelies like Eugene. ;-) Tried to tell him a few weeks ago that I'm a conservative who was recently hired as a Professor of Homeland Security + Counterterrorism Law, but was suddenly fired under untoward circumstances by a namby-pamby bureaucrat of sorts (&suspected liberal) after I'd requested clarification as to the courses they'd offered me to teach. (Eugene wrote back and said it wasn't the sort of thing y'all liked to cover in his borg-blawg.)

So, I offer this for your readers instead: I'm 43, got a J.D. in 1990 (Pierce Law, patents + IP stuff, won the school's Patent Lore Moot Court Thingie), passed the NH Bar in 1991 but was hauled in for an Ethics Hearing after a judge's nephew squealed to the bar authorities that I'd been accused of smoking pot (while teaching at a ski academy to pay the rent when I was studying for the bar); I argued the case in the NH state supreme court (before justices who were impeached a bit later and removed from office for corruption, I had various motions rubber-stamped "denied" as part and parcel therein), filed a Petition for Cert. with The Supremes (denied) while "playing catch-up" working for a professor of rocket science (aerospace engineering) at Princeton, then clerked briefly in the patent/ip dept. at McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing), then became Anheuser-Busch's chief technology contracts negotiator for a few years afterward (glug glug), traveled around the U.S. teaching webmasters for a bit, webmastered at a medical school 1999-2000, and once arrived in Cleveland, Ohio (Sept. 10, 2001) with a stack full of research articles on terrorism law / antiterrorism law and two computers ("2=1,1=0") to try and get an article published in law journals while up for a job as a law school prof ... my hobby is psychological warfare; accidentally put myself through Chinese water torture earlier this summer, as well as a few purposeful exercises which resulted in mild to moderate injuries, replete with bleeding, scars, etc. I'm currently in the process of trying to propose a doctoral program (for 2006) in Neuroethics, Social Engineering, or both, as well as trying to market a feature-length film script of my adventures to Hollywood (script distilled from my writings semi-published o'er at my site .. cf. my too).


Oh yeah, almost forgot. Was once asked by a beautiful Fox News reporter (2001) to use my hacking skills to break into a university computer in order to help her out on a news story she was working on. I turned her down flat, after which she turned me down flat for a cuppa coffee.

What else? When I needed a hobby whilst recovering from major surgery, I corrected hundreds of web sites on a purely volunteer basis ("Mr. Cyberjanitor") including (my fave) the Oxford University Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents ("What if there'd been a typo on that papyrus you translated?"). Also proud to have spotted and corrected an error of logic in a published medical journal article. I believe in the value of medicinal marijuana, and am proud to have once had my blog cited by Randy Barnett (+ I'm avidly following the case of Dr. Lyle Craker vs. DEA et al.).

Recently rendered unemployed due to an ex-boss ("Roberta" in my oeuvre now) who's a GLAPOC ("Goddamn Little Asinine Piece of Crap"). I was recently baptized a Mormon, and one of the things I'm praying about is help from the Lord as far as my cavalier use (at times) of the vernacular + slang. My current objective is to someday execute the duties of the office of Vice President of the U.S., from a secure disclosed location (viz., Mars) while leading a team up there which conducts psywar ops vs. terrorists and bureaucrats "from the high ground" as it were. I like alternative tunes, such as manufactured by the band Garbage. Plus I like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, IMHO they make the best hybrid guard-dawgs + bombsniffers.

Happy Friday. Watch yer six + keep your powder dry.
9.16.2005 2:34pm
AlfDaBruin (mail) (www):
3L at UC Hastings, CPA, Con Law Junkie
9.16.2005 2:36pm
ScottG (mail) (www):
I realize I'm a bit late on this, so my apologies.

Lawyer, primarily business and transactional, but also significantly involved in government defense (primarily 1983 stuff).

Why do I visit? I mean, it's not as if I don't get enough lawyer interaction. Maybe it's because I don't get enough intelligent lawyer interaction. Or because I'm a masochist. Or because I'd like to think you'd visit my blog on the odd occasion. Just being neighborly, you know?

Oh -- and I am my dog's best friend.
9.16.2005 2:43pm
Carol Anne:
My background is in computer technology, cultural change and senior management. Semi-retired, I help local small businesses figure out how to use technology to take more money home.

I consider myself a student of interesting things, and I try to actively seek out divergent opinions, and I find lots of food for thought by many of the posts here. I also find myself marveling at some of the posts that seem to equate "personal opinion" with reason and logic.

The general calibre of people here seems more conducive to exploration of important issues than most of the blogs I read. I thoroughly enjoy the legal viewpoints that stretch my lay understanding of the rule of law.
9.16.2005 2:51pm
Fry, J.:
Englishman. Historian. Law school spouse. Admirer of Erik Jaffe's taste in beer.
9.16.2005 2:57pm
Jimmy (mail):
Low-level state public health (HIV/STD) bureaucrat with absolutely no connection with lawyers or the legal system.

And apparently the only one who reads VC. At least I'm unique.
9.16.2005 2:57pm
Keithius (www):
Techie (software developer), making software for ... lawyers! So I guess that means my interest in what goes on around here not so unusual.
9.16.2005 3:25pm
Tom Myers (www):
Techie; programmer, writer, and (this is why I went to the trouble of responding) St. John's graduate. (Santa Fe campus, 1975).
9.16.2005 3:26pm
Ciarand Denlane (mail) (www):
Professional procrastinator.
9.16.2005 3:27pm
Neema (mail):
PhD Student in Biophysics at the University of California-San Francisco. Libertarian-Republican. Had a good number of friends end up in law school, including a roommate who just graduated from Hastings.
9.16.2005 3:35pm
GMU econ student. You know what that means.
9.16.2005 3:59pm
Noto (mail):

Trained computer engineer, former Wall Street analyst, current economics PhD student at MIT. I tell my advisors I read the blog to keep up with the latest "Law &Economics" research, but I think I come back more for the interesting constitutional law discussions.
9.16.2005 4:04pm
hanmeng (mail) (www):
I'm an associate prof. of Chinese language and lit.
9.16.2005 4:06pm
travis (www):
1L at Kentucky, mormon, BYU grad, maintain this blog with a former roommate.

no connection to st. john's.
9.16.2005 4:08pm
Neuroscience graduate student. To increase my orthogonal-to-this-blog nature, I'm not even all that much of a libertarian; still, I like the detailed and well-reasoned analysis of legal issues here.
9.16.2005 5:00pm
Noah Snyder (mail):
4th year math graduate student at U.C. Berkeley.

I started reading VC in spring 2002. I sure miss having Sasha Volokh and Jacob Levy posting. Though the additions of Orin Kerr and Kevan "I knew him when he was 17" Choset are excellent.

Spring 2002 was also back before the war in Iraq polarized the blogosphere, when I could actually read and enjoy non-moderate blogs. Now I'm down to VC (and occasionally Crescat) on the right, and Matt Yglesias and Kevin Drum on the left. I miss the smaller friendlier more reasonable blogosphere, and on a good day VC still reminds me of that era.
9.16.2005 5:11pm
John R. Mayne (mail):
I'm a Stanislaus County, California prosecutor. I'm also an avid bridge player and fantasy sports enthusiast. I'm 39 and married.

I'm here because I enjoy the postings, even those which I think are misguided. More than anything, I appreciate the tone of the Conspiracy - understanding of reasoned opposing views, and less understanding of unreasoned opposing views. I'm lightly right of center, and would never be confused with a capital-L Libertarian.
9.16.2005 5:17pm
Gray Ghost:
M&A / transactional / software attorney in Milwaukee. Fraternity brother of Todd Zywicki. I hunt ducks and own Labrador retreivers (there's your dog angle). My politics are conservative and libertarian.
9.16.2005 5:32pm
Craig (But not the registered user Craig) (www):
Computer programmer and tin whistle hack. I come here mostly for sharp legal issues commentary.

But also because I try to read a broad range of political opinion and find most political blogs to be thoughtless echo chambers of convenient rumors. You're one of the few right-ish blogs I've found which has been interesting over the long term. Interesting left-ish blogs are similarly hard to come by.

I like some Volokh commentators more than others, in roughtly inverse proportion to their frequency of publication in the National Review. :) Eugene, Orin, and Randy are probably the folks I read most carefully.

My personal politics are lower-case-l libertarian bordering on anarchist. I'm a strong fiscal conservative and socially very liberal in a live and let live sense.
9.16.2005 5:44pm
Timothy (mail) (www):
Analyst on an incentive-comp plan for commercial lenders. Frost Bank, Texas.

See also: aspiring lawyer for the likes of big-pharma, once I figure out that whole "how the heck to I find time and money for law school" thing.

Why am I here? In my former life as editor of a libertarian student magazine, I discovered the VC and have always been pretty impressed with the breadth of interesting topics covered.
9.16.2005 6:02pm
Atwater (mail):
I'm a 20-year+ land-use and municipal lawyer in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
9.16.2005 6:06pm
Mark Nazimova (mail):
Tech writer / information architect. Brooklyn born and bred, though lately I spend a lot of time across the river. Amateur procrastinator, albeit Olympic level. (Haven't yet figured out how to get paid for it.) Compose liturgy (Jewish) by request and by inspiration, in a Reconstuctionist context.

I come here because there's a high percentage of worthwhile material--carefully reasoned, fairly framed, on substantive topics that interest me. Also, I have libertarian leanings, which perhaps predisposes me.

I see many dogs in NY, but know mostly cats. I miss the alligators in the 14th St. subway passage.
9.16.2005 7:06pm
Wild Pegasus (mail) (www):
3L at Case, ugrad degree in computer science from Penn, hopes to do IP work in Wilmington, DE after graduation (hire me!)

libertarian, anarchist, atheist, ex-conservative, ex-fundamentalist Christian, corporation and patent sceptic, British speller

not Jewish, never owned a dog, didn't go to St. John's but does use their great books list as a reading list
9.16.2005 7:30pm
Tim P. (mail):
I'm an appellate attorney for the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office in Boston. I went to Duke for law school and for undergrad... Yup, St. John's College in Annapolis. Class of 1998.
9.16.2005 8:36pm
Luis (mail) (www):
Day job: office monkey for the UCLA Fusion Science &Technology Center.

By night: Master's student in psychology at Pepperdine's GSEP.

24/7: Husband to the most wonderful wife in this or any other universe.

Future plans: Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Have applied to UNL, UVM, UMass, UMD and WVU. It's all over but the waiting (oh, and the GRE Psych).
9.16.2005 8:59pm
Cynicus Prime (mail) (www):
Current office slave, blogger, and politophile with a BS in sociology.
9.16.2005 9:00pm
big dirigible (mail) (www):
MIT man, degrees in physics and ME. Machine designer who finds software totally uninteresting. Read this legal persiflage for relaxation. Blog writer who detests the word "blogger". 2nd Amendment absolutist, more or less, and so familiar with E.V.'s writings from the pre-TVC days.

Being not so old that I'm feeble, but not so young that I always manage to be elsewhere when there's work to be done, I always get stuck burying the rest of the family's dogs after they join the Choir Invisible.
9.16.2005 9:54pm
Tony Lekas (mail):
Consulting Software Engineer in Hudson, NH. I started out in Electrical Engineering but I got sucked into the software world almost 30 years ago for the money.

I have had a long-standing interest in politics and economics. I sometimes read court opinions for fun. I consider myself a pragmatic libertarian. Cutting the federal government back to what I consider a reasonable interpretation of the constitution would limit it to would be a wonderful start. We could argue where to go from there. I don't expect that argument to occur in my lifetime.

I am also a 2nd Amendment absolutist. If someone in government does not trust the citizens with firearms they have a profound misunderstanding about where the governments power comes from.
9.16.2005 10:34pm
Patent Litigator, New York City
9.16.2005 11:55pm
Joshua Swink (mail):
Undergraduate at UC Merced majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, with liberal (but not leftist) leanings.
9.17.2005 2:22am
Defense Analyst, major aerospace firm, northern Virginia.
9.17.2005 2:39am
EMS Dave:
I'm a paramedic student, an ER tech in a medium sized hospital in South East Texas, a Debian user, a libertarian, a volunteer firefighter/first responder, a holder of a texas concealed handgun license
9.17.2005 5:12am
Madisonfan (mail) (www):
Junior at Swarthmore College studying Political Science and Economics, interested in American Political/Economic Development and its intersection with Con Law. Planning on going to law school after taking a year off to either teach or lease my soul to corporate America.

And I went to a high school modeled off of St. John's college, to continue the trend.
9.17.2005 12:40pm
qsi (mail) (www):
Pensions geek and financial engineer working at MegaBank, ex-physicist and tech-nerd. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
9.17.2005 2:13pm
Dave Kroll (mail):
I probably qualify as a techie. I don't recall how I first got referred to you, but it was probably via a posting from Lawrence Lessig's site or Politech.

Given that you came to Creighton to talk, being in Nebraska probably doesn't qualify as a strange enough place, but how about this for a strange line of business: I work for a company that makes plastic using corn as a raw material.
9.17.2005 5:17pm
David Chesler (mail) (www):
40-something software engineer, living in greater Boston, once again "between jobs". I might have gone to law school, but I was halfway through a biochem degree when I realized I never wanted to go to med school in the first place, and it was easier to fall back on computers convert to an applied math degree, in 1981, than figure out what I really wanted to do. Yet another neocon-leaning Jewish libertarian, I came here to see what the author of "Lawsuit, Shmawsuit" had to say about the creche on the Common, and stayed to find out what the Romans should have invented.
9.17.2005 9:18pm
Michael Yonce (mail):
Retired Air Force NCO, currently teaching English in South Korea.
9.17.2005 11:18pm
3L at an Ivy. Mostly liberal, partly libertarian, hostile towards religion and fearful of the religious right. I read VC and Brian Leiter and a few other blogs.
9.18.2005 2:05am
Don Le Messurier (mail):
So who am I? I was a banker for 20 + years (Commercial and International); Now in business for myself, but partly retired. I'm a prep school boy, and a graduate of an Ivy League college. (U of Penn-Wharton.) I'm right of center but not so far that I think government should be regulating abotion, but do think that gun control (particularly gun registration) is a good thing. Neither issue is make or brake for me.

My view of lawyers? They over rate themselves and their profession and their value to society. They get rich on the miseries of others. They are essentially an unproductive and parasitic class of society (By this I mean they don't add to our economy, but rather take from it.). Lawyers are, and have been for sometime, a detriment to our society in many ways. Can you say TORT! Eg: the Vioxx decision is indefensible from a social point of view. No one's life is worth that much money! Not mine and not yours! The tobacco decision; the asbestos suits... One can make an almost endless list of big tort cases that have deminished our society, and made only the legal class rich. Here's new area that will do the same for Louisiana's sharks: 9.18.2005 4:59pm
Don Le Messurier (mail):
I'm sure the techies understand it, but my previous post wasn't completely posted. There was suppossed to be a URL to an article in Saturday's Arizona Republc about the Loisiana lawyers geering up for a full bore legal attack on all the big pockets they can find for the Katrina disaster. It will all be done under the Napolianic Code. I can see them salivating!
Anyway, the URL was rejected (it was a long one) so if you want to read it go to the archives at Arizona Republic for Saturday and look in the business section. You'll find it.
9.18.2005 5:06pm
01 Law Grad, 01-02 law clerk, 02- current Federal Prosecuter DOJ TAX.
9.18.2005 11:41pm
Smitty (www):
USAF KC-135 pilot, struggling to be a creative genius at the same time. Potter, fiction writer, occasionally I do drywall finishing/repair, too. Hopeless language nerd; thinking of teaching middle/high school English after I separate from the service; may decide to go to law school and reenter AF as a JAG instead.
Read VC for some months now; never posted comments because, frankly, this is the first topic about which I haven't been out of my league.
9.19.2005 3:35pm
Frank L (mail):
Architect who occasionally becomes very bored at his job and can't help wishing he was maybe a lawyer, software developer, or in the military. Politically im a libertarian leaning conservative. In my free time I enjoy searching for evidence of the animal commonly known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
9.19.2005 5:53pm
Fred (mail):
Probably the most mundane reader you have. Married 40 year old Christian male with strong libertarian tendencies. working in Accounts Receivable.
9.19.2005 11:50pm
MacGyver in Paradise (mail):
I'm a 25 year old Engineering Student burnout. Now I like to sit at home in Hawaii (after a day of back breaking work), smoke pot, and read the Conspiracy and Instapundit on the internet wondering when sanity will come to this world.
9.20.2005 8:37am
GMU Law Grad:
Lawyer at big-firm in DC area. Graduated from GMU but I didn't take any classes Prof. Zywicki taught. Wonders why so many supposed "liberals" at big-law firms with corporate clientele have no problem crushing the little guy for their large paychecks.
9.20.2005 12:22pm
Roy Torre (mail):
A proud 2003 graduate of UCLA Law currently working as a Deputy County Counsel in Orange County. More importantly, I survived Prof. Volokh's First Amendment exam and its fiendishly clever (and brutally difficult) multiple choice gauntlet.
9.20.2005 6:18pm