Nice Gag from Judge Roberts:

From the First Amendment Center, and the AP:

Roberts said yesterday he had no "settled view" on whether Supreme Court proceedings should be televised.

Asked by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, whether he would allow cameras in the Supreme Court courtroom or bar them, as did the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Roberts referred to former Tennessee senator-turned-actor Fred Thompson, who has been shepherding him through the nomination process.

"My new best friend, Senator Thompson, assures me that television cameras are nothing to be afraid of," Roberts said, eliciting laughter.

Barbara Skolaut (mail):
Confirm him on that joke alone! (Well, that and his VERY short introductory speech.)
9.15.2005 7:01pm
That one was probably funnier than the joke about how women shouldn't be lawyers.
9.15.2005 9:43pm
Boris A.Kupershmidt (mail):
Fred Thompson was an
actor _before_ he had
become a senator.
9.15.2005 10:32pm
Eric Jablow (mail):
Boris, that's true. However, he was a lawyer before he was an actor; he was a co-counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee during its Watergate investigations. In 1985, he appeared as himself in the movie "Marie", about a Tenessee political scandal. That led to his acting career, which led to his Senatorial career, which led to his acting career, which led to his current involvement with John Roberts' confirmation.

See the Wikipedia article.
9.15.2005 10:46pm
Rambler (mail):
Could I vote for someone who doesn't have a sense of humor? No.

Could I vote for someone who has a corny sense of humor? I don't see why not.

Do I want to hear corny jokes repeated on blogs? No.
9.15.2005 10:48pm
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
I do appreciate Sen. Thompson, being able to move from law to acting to the Senate, back to acting, and now helping Judge Roberts. And it does show that the judge has a sense of humor - which we have known about before. It seems somewhat constrained, but quite dry sometimes.
9.15.2005 11:24pm
Steve Rosenbach (www):
As a L&O addict, I found Judge Roberts' joke applealing and, like my overall impression of him, insightful and appropriate.
9.16.2005 8:32am
Scipio (mail) (www):
Is it me, or has Roberts made himself in the image of Rehnquist? This impression has been growing more strong in my mind in the weeks since he was nominated.
9.16.2005 11:40am
adam (mail):
I agree, He is a younger Rehnquist.

Master Chief
Hookah Kings
9.17.2005 10:03pm