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How many times do the words "Abortion" and "Court" appear in the top headline on the front page of the NY Times the day after Roe v. Wade was decided? (Answer below.)


cka3n (mail) (www):
This is easy if only because it would not be a puzzle question otherwise. It is hard to imagine a headline using Abortion and Court more than once, and the question would be merely annoying if the answer was once. So, without knowing about the particular newspaper, you knew right away the answer was none.
9.14.2005 1:17pm

It is hard to imagine a headline using Abortion and Court more than once
I suppose you have a point, cka3n. It'd be somewhat untenable for a paper to write, "Court courts abortion support in abortion opinion written by Court."

But it's still an interesting fact to know.

And I'm sorry about Dixie. (I heard from Q-meister.)
9.14.2005 1:55pm
Syd (mail):
None. The headline was the death of Lyndon Johnson.
9.14.2005 3:18pm
DonBoy (mail) (www):
I don't know if there's an easy fix, but I should point out that the rss feed of shows any text between (hide) and (show).
9.14.2005 9:23pm
Bill Dyer (mail) (www):
That was before the abortion-on-demand lobby had reformulated the language. The NYT would never use the ugly and accurate word "abortion" in any headline today if it can possibly instead get away with "mother's right to choose."
9.14.2005 9:56pm
Tom R (mail):
What, the NYT didn't put "Republic Saved! New-Fangled and Ominous Threats to Our Long-Held Consitutional Rights Repulsed by Supreme Court" above the fold?

Why, it's almost like the editors didn't expect the court to legalise abortion. Haven't they ever read the Constitution?
9.15.2005 1:04am