What's in the Hatch?

The second season of ABC's "Lost" starts soon, and millions of dedicated viewers are scrambling to figure out what is going on. One of the (many) mysteries of the moment is what is in the hatch? (If you don't watch the show — and I've only seen a few episodes — it's hard to explain.)

At the risk of intruding on my puzzling co-blogger's turf, I thought readers might be interested in the puzzle. Here are clues that have been disclosed on a popular spoiler site thus far. [WARNING: This site has lots of spoilers for lots of TV shows.]

  1. This thing in the Hatch can be called by two different words: One is three letters and starts and ends with two letters that are right next to each other in the alphabet. The other is seven letters long and starts and ends with the same letter.
  2. The word that begins and ends with the same letter is not a plural, and it is not SOULS or WINDOW.
  3. Some of you were there this morning.
  4. In a way, it's something you've never seen before. But in a way, it's something you see every day and are probably seeing right now.
So, what's in the hatch?

UPDATE: It turns out that only people who watch the show religiously could have figured this one out. The answer was a man named Desmond.

Steve in ATL (mail):
One other tip: In the latest trailer showing on TV, some part of the hatch has the word "QUARANTINE" in large red letters...
9.14.2005 11:40am
Redhead (mail):
I was thinking maybe "end" and "success"?
9.14.2005 11:47am
9.14.2005 11:50am
Brad (mail):
Another important hint from that site (at least for the people who actually watch the show instead of engaging in a purely mental puzzle): "One of the castaways has already seen this thing before. The others might have as well, but I know for sure that one of them, one of the MAAAAIIIIN ones, has seen it before."
9.14.2005 11:55am
Nobody Special:
Having looked at some of the "hints" given by people working on this show, I'm starting to become worried that it will end up like the X-Files, and never, ever really explaining anything (partially because I think that Chris Carter lost track of where he was going anyway).

I like the suspense and mystery, but I also like a payoff eventually.
9.14.2005 12:00pm
Chris24601 (mail):
I agree with Nobody Special. For a while, I've had a Twin-Peaks sort of feeling with Lost. There's just more and more layers and more and more complication, and not enough satisfying, coherent, simple explanation and payoff.
9.14.2005 12:06pm
eye5600 (mail):
Re: clue 4 (In a way, it's something you've never seen before...)

Reminds me of a kid's trick. "I can show you something you have never seen before, and will never see again." Cracks open a nut, displays the nut meat (never seen before), eats the nut meat (never seen again).

So the item might be something that could be taken as either specific (this nut), or generic (any nut of this type). Or, it could be the concept suggested by the words has a double interpretation.
9.14.2005 12:13pm
legemterre (mail):
There's an elf in there, maybe it's Legolas and the entrance to the literal "middle earth" and only Charlie, ne Merridoc, can "drive shaft" us the way provided he's not bumping it up with the Virgin Mary statue again. You all everybody, let's go!

That's my first guess. My second and third were "bathtub" and "poo," respectively.
9.14.2005 12:48pm
John B. (mail):
I share the X-Files/Twin Peaks concern. I have no problem with a colorful, fun, terrifying journey, some movies that tell a great story work well.

But on a show like Lost? We deserve some explanation, not just a jump to another element of suspense.

Is Lost going here? I think it is. By the same people who brought you Alias, which was great for awhile, but became a train wreck of consistancy. My wife watches it, and I kid her that she has no clue what the hell is going on in the show.

Lost? Yes, the castaway's are lost. The viewers are lost, and I think, unfortunately, so are the creators.
9.14.2005 12:53pm
"Fog" and "Amnesia"? I was definitely there this morning!
9.14.2005 12:54pm
Redhead (mail):
I think rico might have nailed it. One of the clues was that at least one of the main characters has seen it...Claire had amnesia. As for everyone's concerns that this could be just like Alias and X-files...maybe the third time is the charm? We can only hope...
9.14.2005 12:59pm
anonymous coward:
How about "hug" and "embrace"? Yeah, whatever, back to work.

9.14.2005 1:27pm
Jerry (www):
I think fog and amnesia, while they sound cool, don't quite make #4. In a way it's something you see every day and are probably seeing right now? Unless I'm missing something (very possible), it would take an unreasonably wide definition of fog (either the mist or the mental state) for it to be something that "you are probably seeing right now".

At the risk of introducing a very-likely-flawed technical hint here are all of the three letter words that fit the first criteria *and* appeared in the GNU aspell english dictionary. Any word that does not appear in that dictionary won't be in this list. I've made this paragraph fairly long so that you don't have to read the rest of it if you don't want to: alb, baa, boa, bra, cab, cob, cub, cad, cod, cpd, cud, doc, die, doe, due, dye, end, eff, elf, emf, fee, fie, foe, fag, fig, fog, fug, hag, hog, hug, lam, mil, man, men, min, mun, own, opp, poo, pro, res, rps, sir, sat, set, sit, sot, tbs, tau, ult, vow, wax

Personally, I want it to be "poo". I hit a Zippy-like Nirvana with that word. I also find it interesting that fee, fie, and foe are right next to each other alphabetically.
9.14.2005 1:38pm
Senator Hatch (mail):
Next to each other in the alphabet? Or next to each other in the words "the alphabet"?
9.14.2005 2:04pm
Sigivald (mail):
Well, of course it's not SOULS.

SOULS is not seven letters long, so it's already disqualified from the "starts and ends with the same letter".

Heck, I haven't even seen 30 seconds of the show, either.
9.14.2005 2:32pm
anonymous coward:

I wonder if "window" and "souls" aren't part of the clue themselves. "Window" is the sort of clever answer for clue #4 someone could have come up with, but "souls" seems very random if it is not a clue (or relates to something else I--who never watched the show--knows nothing about).
9.14.2005 2:59pm
D (mail):
How about "America" and, I don't know, "ash"? (I had the same thought as the distinguished gentleman from Utah.) As in, they'll discover that they're in some post-apocalyptic, last people on earth situation?

Barring that, the best guess I've got is "bra" and "push-up," but that only works if they sloppily said "seven letters long" when they meant "seven characters long."
9.14.2005 3:03pm
I believe "fog" might refer to the fog of puzzlement one might experience while trying to figure this one out . . .
9.14.2005 3:18pm
souls would be a reference to the fact that many fans think that the survivors are "lost" in purgatory and thats the whole premise of the show.
9.14.2005 3:19pm
Antinome (www):
"Thought" and "EMF"

My guess based on clues, I have never watched the show.
9.14.2005 3:22pm
Dread Justice Roberts:
jerry or anonymous coward:

how about giving us the seven-letter words that start and end with the same letter and are not plural?
9.14.2005 3:22pm
Antinome (www):
could be thought and fog following rico's line of thought
9.14.2005 3:24pm
anonymous coward:
It's about a thousand words, Mr. Justice. About 600 excluding those that begin/end in s. Pasting it would be annoying, but am happy to email if you think you'd get anything out of it.
9.14.2005 3:39pm
Redhead (mail):
For anyone isn't a big fan of going to and looking up all these crazy hints...they have been given over a course of several days. The person giving the hints had to discount guesses like "window" and "souls" because so many people were coming up with those as guesses. The person also narrowed the clues down from "beginning and ending with the same letter" it being a seven letter word. So window and souls are not actually clues...just wrong premature guesses.
9.14.2005 3:42pm
anonymous coward:
Torment. The riddler is on hashish.
9.14.2005 4:19pm
"Hashish" goes with "ash" much better than "America" does. They'll open the hatch, a mindboggling cloud of smoke will waft out, and they'll be high as a kite the rest of the season.
9.14.2005 4:29pm
Scipio (mail) (www):
It would be nice if the word beginning and ending with the same letter was only six characters long.

Then it could be "jon" and "toilet."
9.14.2005 5:12pm
Senator Hatch (mail):
D's "America" strikes me as the best suggestion so far, with "USA" as the three-letter version. It fits clues 3 and 4 well. Will someone please work out the cunning way in which USA "starts and ends with two letters that are right next to each other in the alphabet"?
9.14.2005 5:16pm
MatthewC (mail):
"One is three letters and starts and ends with two letters that are right next to each other in the alphabet."

To me, that mean that the first two letters are next to each other in the alphabet, and the last two letters are also next to each other in the alphabet. So all three letters are consecutive (like ABC), or the first and last letter repeat (like ABA). So ABC, CBA, BCB, BAB combinations would all fit the rule.
Not many "words" that I can come up with though: FED, DEF, STU, NON, POP, but it probably opens the door to a lot of new acronyms. CDC, which goes with the Quarantine theme. MLK? A civil rights thing, perhaps?
FED could be the government, POP could be father, so if you guys can think of any matching seven letter words then maybe we have something. Otherwise, more dead ends...
9.14.2005 5:25pm
Morse code, Senator. A is ".-" and U is "..-".
9.14.2005 5:27pm
What bothers me the most is that this "something" is supposedly known by only 2 words. That seems very strange, does it not? I wonder if what's in there is not a thing, but a PERSON?
9.14.2005 5:32pm
I don't believe the clues restrict the "thing" to only two words. "CAN be called" is the phrase used.
9.14.2005 5:42pm
Not to say that it's not a person . . .
9.14.2005 5:43pm
Jerry (www):
Dread Justice Roberts: You asked for it. I'm currently pulling for "poo" and "hogwash". Note that the 's' section probably still contains some plurals. My test for plurals was simply to drop the final 's' and check to see if it was still a word. Even that got a few non-plurals, such as "soothes" and "smooths"; those are mostly verbs, though, which may theoretically be safely dropped. I've tagged them onto the end, though, just in case you feel like slogging through them.

I've also left the blank sections just so it doesn't look like I've forgotten them. Same caveat as above applies: this checked GNU aspell's english dictionary; if a word came back positive, it was included, if not, it was dropped.

addenda, alfalfa, algebra, alumina, ammonia, amnesia, amphora, antenna, aphasia, aphelia, arugula,
bathtub, brewpub,
caloric, cambric, cardiac, caustic, centric, ceramic, chaotic, chronic, classic, colonic, comedic, cryptic,
dabbled, dallied, damaged, dandled, dangled, dappled, dastard, daunted, dawdled, dazzled, debased, debated, debited, debuted, decayed, decided, decoded, decoyed, decreed, decried, deduced, defaced, defamed, defiled, defined, defraud, defused, deified, deigned, delayed, deleted, deluded, deluged, demigod, demised, demoted, denoted, denuded, deposed, deputed, derided, derived, descend, desired, despond, detoxed, deviled, devised, devoted, diamond, dibbled, diddled, dilated, diluted, dimpled, diploid, dirtied, disband, discard, discoed, discord, distend, disused, ditched, dittoed, divided, divined, divvied, dizzied, dogsled, dogwood, donated, doodled, doubled, doubted, douched, doweled, dowered, drafted, dragged, drained, dratted, drawled, dreaded, dreamed, dredged, dressed, drifted, drilled, dripped, drooled, drooped, dropped, drowned, drowsed, drubbed, drudged, drugged, drummed, dullard, dwarfed,
earache, earlobe, eatable, eclipse, eclogue, ecocide, edifice, educate, elevate, ellipse, elusive, emanate, embrace, emirate, emotive, emulate, enclave, enclose, endgame, endorse, enforce, engorge, engrave, enhance, enlarge, ennoble, enplane, enslave, ensnare, entente, enthuse, entitle, entwine, epicure, episode, epistle, epitome, equable, erasure, eremite, erosive, erudite, escapee, espouse, esquire, essence, evacuee, evasive, evolute, examine, example, exclude, excrete, execute, expanse, expense, expiate, explode, explore, expunge, extreme, extrude, exudate, eyesore,
falloff, flyleaf,
gabbing, gabling, gadding, gaffing, gagging, gaining, galling, ganging, gaoling, garbing, gashing, gasping, gassing, gawking, gawping, gearing, gelding, gelling, genning, getting, gifting, gigging, gilding, gimping, ginning, ginseng, girding, girting, glaring, glazing, gliding, globing, gloving, glowing, gnawing, goading, goaling, gobbing, golfing, gonging, gonking, goofing, goosing, gorging, gosling, gouging, gowning, gracing, grading, graping, grating, graving, graying, grazing, griding, griming, griping, groping, growing, guiding, guiling, gulling, gulping, gumming, gunning, gushing, gusting, gutting, gypping,
hackish, haggish, hashish, hawkish, hellish, highish, hipbath, hoggish, hogwash,


lacteal, lateral, lexical, liberal, lingual, literal, logical, lugsail, lungful, lustful, lyrical,
macadam, maximum, midterm, minicam, minimum, modicum, mudroom,
neutron, newborn, newsman, newsmen, ninepin, nucleon,
palmtop, parsnip, payslip,

rainier, rambler, rancher, randier, rangier, rapider, raspier, rattier, rattler, ravager, reactor, readier, reciter, recolor, recover, reducer, reedier, reenter, refiner, refuter, regular, relater, relaxer, remoter, remover, reneger, reoccur, reorder, repaper, replier, rescuer, reveler, reviler, reviser, reviver, revoker, ridgier, righter, riskier, ritzier, riveter, roaster, rockier, roister, rookier, roomier, rooster, rougher, rounder, rowdier, ruddier, runnier, runtier, rushier, rustier, rustler, ruttier,
sadness, sallies, salties, sapless, savvies, scabies, scarves, schmoes, serious, sexless, shushes, shyness, silkies, sillies, sinless, sinuous, sinuses, sissies, sixties, slashes, sloshes, slyness, smashes, smokies, softies, solidus, sonnies, stashes, stogies, stories, stratus, studies, success, sulkies, sullies, sunless, sunnies, surpass, surplus, swashes, swishes,
takeout, tallest, tangent, tannest, taproot, tartest, tautest, tempest, tensest, tersest, thereat, thicket, thought, tidiest, timeout, tiniest, titlist, toniest, tonight, toolkit, topcoat, topknot, topmast, topmost, torment, torrent, tourist, towboat, transit, trident, trinket, triplet, trisect, tritest, trumpet, tsarist, tugboat, turnout, twinset, typeset,


whipsaw, windrow,

yellowy, yuppify,

sachems, sachets, saddens, saddles, sadists, safaris, sailors, salaams, salamis, salines, salmons, saloons, salutes, salvers, samosas, sampans, samples, sandals, sanders, sappers, sarnies, sarongs, sashays, satires, satraps, saucers, savages, savants, savings, saviors, sawyers, sayings, scalars, scarabs, schemes, schisms, schizos, schleps, schools, sconces, scorers, scotchs, scrapes, scrawls, screams, screeds, screens, scribes, scrimps, scripts, scrolls, scruffs, scrumps, sculpts, scythes, seabeds, sealers, seances, seasons, seaways, secants, secedes, seconds, secrets, sectors, secures, sedates, seduces, seeders, seeings, seekers, seesaws, seethes, seiners, selects, sellers, senates, senders, seniors, senoras, sensors, septets, septics, sequels, sequins, serapes, seraphs, serenes, serials, sermons, servers, sesames, settees, setters, settles, sexists, sexpots, sextets, sextons, shadows, shaikhs, shakers, shaloms, shamans, sharers, shavers, sheaths, sheaves, sheilas, shekels, shelves, shields, shiners, shivers, shoguns, shoppes, shovels, showers, shrieks, shrikes, shrills, shrimps, shrines, shrinks, shrives, shrouds, shticks, sickens, sickies, sickles, sidings, sierras, siestas, sifters, signals, signers, signets, signors, silages, silents, silkens, silvers, simians, similes, simmers, simpers, simples, singers, singles, sinkers, sinners, siphons, sippers, sisters, sitcoms, sitings, sitters, sizzles, skaters, skewers, skibobs, skivers, skycaps, slaloms, slavers, slayers, sleazes, sledges, sleeves, sleighs, sleuths, slicers, sliders, slights, slivers, slogans, sloughs, slovens, sludges, sluices, smileys, smokers, smooths, smudges, sneezes, snipers, snivels, snoozes, snorers, socials, sockets, softens, soirees, solaces, solders, solutes, solvers, sonatas, sonnets, soothes, sorbets, sorrels, sorrows, sorters, sorties, sources, soviets, spacers, spathes, species, spewers, spheres, spiders, spigots, spinals, spinets, spirals, spireas, spirits, spleens, splices, spliffs, splines, splints, sponges, spouses, sprains, sprangs, sprawls, spreads, springs, sprints, sprites, sprouts, spruces, squalls, squares, squawks, squeaks, squeals, squints, squires, squirms, squirts, stables, stamens, stances, stanzas, staples, starers, starves, statics, stators, statues, stayers, steppes, stereos, stifles, stigmas, stokers, stolons, stooges, strafes, strains, straits, strands, streaks, streams, streets, strides, strikes, strings, stripes, strives, strobes, strokes, strolls, studios, stupids, stupors, stymies, subdues, sublets, submits, suborns, subsets, suburbs, subways, succors, suckers, suckles, suffers, suitors, sulfurs, sultans, summers, summits, summons, sunbeds, sundaes, sunders, sunhats, sunsets, suntans, suppers, surfers, surreys, surveys, sutlers, sutures, swathes, swerves, swivels, symbols, systems
9.14.2005 6:19pm
Fire Marshall Bill (mail):
How about "ETA" and "savages"? I think a bunch of etarras in a hatch would have to be a fascinating (but likely far too political) start to a season!
9.14.2005 6:42pm
Stomaphagus (www):

This is why I stopped watching X-Files. Once it stopped focusing on revolting natural phenomena (remember the fluke?) and old-timey religion (remember the nephelim?) it all became boring, just another show about technology.
9.14.2005 6:50pm
Jerry's list makes it far easier. Clearly it will be either TITLIST and BDC, and Masters winner Ben Crenshaw will be joining the cast; or EPISTLE and FAG, and the editorial board of Epistle, the web magazine for Christian GLBT, will help the cast understand the various members' sexual identities; or NEWSMEN and ABC, indicating a crossover show involving Peter Jennings.

Really, I don't see any other possibilities.
9.14.2005 7:24pm
Sean O'Hara (mail):
Just remember this exchange from the Batman movie (the good one, with Adam West).

Riddler's Riddle: What's yellow and writes?

Robin: A ballpoint banana!

Batman: Exactly, Robin. The only possible answer.
9.14.2005 8:15pm
It was asked:
D's "America" strikes me as the best suggestion so far, with "USA" as the three-letter version. It fits clues 3 and 4 well. Will someone please work out the cunning way in which USA "starts and ends with two letters that are right next to each other in the alphabet"?

The first state to join the USA was Delaware...begins/ends with D-E. The last state to join was Hawaii..begins/ends with H-I!
9.14.2005 10:04pm
J. Nix:
One of the most popular theories has been that the island transmits a power electric and magnetic field ("EMF"), which has various mental effects on its inhabitants. I have no idea what the seven-letter word for EMF would be, but it makes some sense to say that we're seeing one right now, and that we see them everyday. We might have been "there" this morning if we used the microwave or listened to the radio or used our cell phone.
9.15.2005 11:36am
reactor could be the 7 letter word.
9.15.2005 12:32pm
Additional Clue: Aint-it-cool news reports that the thing-in-the-hatch starts with the letter D. Note it is not clear if this is one of the two words we are searching for, or a 3rd synonym. Perhaps a dogsled? or a demigod? or discord?

It would help a lot if someone could do the list of 7 letter words omitting all adjectives and verb participles -- 'drugged' is not that helpful, since you could find drugs or a drugged person but not an isolated adjective or verb.

I like reactor/EMF
9.15.2005 1:59pm
See, Yallery-Green was right! Delaware starts with a D.
9.15.2005 5:40pm
Jacob (mail):
WARNING: This post does contain the correct answer to what is in the hatch--it will spoil the answer for you if you continue reading. Countdown begins...


The answer is "man" and "Desmond." Desmond is one of the new characters on the show. He's been living in the hatch. has his name already, if you care to verify. This is what they say about him...

"The season opener, "Man of Science, Man of Faith," a Jack-centered story, will introduce Desmond (to be played by Henry Ian Cusick), described as an avid daredevil who gets his kicks climbing the world's biggest mountains alone. Equal parts charismatic and gregarious and austere and zealous, it is unclear how Desmond will play into this season, but expect to see more of him as the story progresses."

The source for this confirmation of the puzzle is someone who attended the Hawaii premiere of Season 2 recently.
9.15.2005 6:43pm
MatthewC (mail):
How in the heck does that fit clues 3 and 4?

#3: "Some of you were there this morning. "
#4L "In a way, it's something you've never seen before. But in a way, it's something you see every day and are probably seeing right now. "

The only one "there this morning" should have been Desmond's wife. And I for one am not seeing Desmond right now, unless he is cleverly disguised as a computer monitor.
9.15.2005 7:45pm
Jacob (mail):
Some of the clues are definitely a stretch, but well, there you are
9.15.2005 10:14pm
well, apparently Desmond has an office and an apartment with bath down there as well. which could fit the "some of you were there this morning" clue.
9.16.2005 10:56am
I'm so confused bc everyone has such a good idea... i like jacobs idea about a man, it makes sense...
9.16.2005 5:15pm
KTH (mail):
IMDB confirms Henry Ian Cusick is appearing in "Man of Science, Man of Faith."
9.16.2005 6:26pm
Zephram (mail):
Based on these clues, it's an "END" or a "DEADEND".
9.17.2005 7:07am
I saw the "hashish" post - could the other word be "pot" - you know charlie has seen it
9.17.2005 9:23pm
You were there this morning - Dreamed
9.18.2005 7:51am
Seedy (mail):
9.18.2005 5:09pm
Seedy (mail):
9.18.2005 5:09pm
Seedy (mail):
9.18.2005 5:11pm
STairs is six letters
9.18.2005 6:24pm
STairs is six letters
9.18.2005 6:24pm
The man behind the curtain:
Volokh, Your conspiracy seems to be more of a rant WITHOUT REFERENCES/SOURCES.
1)This thing in the Hatch can be called by two different words: One is three letters and starts and ends with two letters that are right next to each other in the alphabet(th, he, al, lp, ph, ha, ab, be OR et. Note that the term 'the alphabet' can apply to the listing of letters of other languages.) The other is seven letters long and starts and ends with the same letter(I came up with edifice, which is in the list above after I checked it.)

3)Some of you were there this morning(I have never been 'at dream,' though I have been 'in bed' or 'in front of the mirror.' Do some of you live in the state of Misery? Har-de-har!)

4)In a way, it's something you've never seen before. But in a way, it's something you see every day and are probably seeing right now(Letters on a screen and a reflection of my eyes rolling up in my head due to this stoopid guessing game. Yes, X-Files revisited.)
I also found it ridiculous that QUARANTINE was on the INSIDE ONLY of the hatch. Plus, why not in Chinese, French, Arabic and Spanish, as well as English??
Yes, I saw the epi. What about the "alien turned human" from Babylon 5 ;) or the Tyrannawhatzit?

More importantly, who smuggled the chalk into QUARANTINEVILLE &who is the artist?
10.4.2005 1:14am
The man behind the curtain:
I ain't posting anything of value here.
Had a great post and your system lost it.
Shortened and improved it.
Your system lost it again!
10.4.2005 1:18am
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