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Complete the Set:

These three people are part of a well-known set of seven people. Who are the other four? I've put them in some order to help you. (Googling will make this trivial. So don't.)

  • _________

  • Jonas Grumby

  • __________

  • Eunice Howell

  • __________

  • Roy Hinkley

  • __________

Dan Schmutter:
Thurston Howell, III


Maryanne Sommers

Ginger Grant
9.12.2005 3:22pm
Gil (mail) (www):
Willie Gilligan
Thurston Howell III
Ginger Grant
Mary Ann Summers
9.12.2005 3:23pm
Jimbeaux (mail):
Don't know where you get the name "Eunice." I've never seen this in any Gilligan-related research.
9.12.2005 3:25pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Just out of curiosity, for those who got it, which name gave it to you?
9.12.2005 3:29pm
Dan Schmutter:
I think her name is actually "Lovey."

Also, I've never seen any other name associated with Gilligan other than Gilligan. What's the source for that?
9.12.2005 3:29pm
Dan Schmutter:
Jonas Grumby was a dead giveaway! ;-)
9.12.2005 3:30pm
Gil (mail) (www):
Looks like Dan got his answer in first. But, I got Gilligan't first name, and was consistent with the order implied (as in the opening song).
9.12.2005 3:31pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
My source was imdb. Gilligan's first name seems to be the subject of debate.
9.12.2005 3:36pm
Gil (mail) (www):
Yes. Jonas Grumby! Gave it away.

Not sure where I learned "Willie". I don't think I learned it directly from the show (unlike Jonas Grumby and Roy Hinkley which were announced on a radio broadcast on the show, and it also said "Lovey" rather than "Eunice".) I must have read it as trivia somewhere and since it had the right names for the Skipper and the Professor, I believed it. It also had Mrs. Howell's first name as "Eunice".
9.12.2005 3:38pm
Dan Schmutter:
As far as I know, the only episode in which they give all of the names is the first episode, in which they are sitting by the shipwrecked Minnow listening to the radio describe the loss of the ship and the announcer goes through all of the names. There is no mention of a first name for Gilligan. It's possible that imdb got the name from some sort of material not on the air (scripts, treatments, etc) but I would suggest that to be pure, any TV trivia should come from on-air material. Otherwise you start getting into material that can be gleaned only from research rather than watching the show.
9.12.2005 3:45pm
Jimbeaux (mail):
I think "Willy" Gilligan comes from a Sherwood Schwartz interview.
9.12.2005 3:52pm
I believe Alan Hale once remarked he thought the name was "Gilligan Davis," so go figure.
9.12.2005 3:58pm
chris (mail):
In an interview (this is from memory) Sherwood Schwartz said if he had given Gilligan a full name, it would have been "Willy Gilligan." Thus I believe the correct answer is simply Gilligan.
9.12.2005 4:18pm
Gordon (mail):
In response to Dan S.: My memory of the first show (seen many years later in reruns, of course!) is that Gilligan was not given a first name, and that the Howells were identified by the radio announcer as "Thurston Howell III and his wife Lovey (I've never met a real-life woman with that name, admittedly)." I'm not sure where "Eunice" came from.
9.12.2005 4:28pm
Dan Schmutter:
I remember it exactly as Gordon does, and I agree that "Eunice" doesn't appear anywhere in the show and is likely an error.
9.12.2005 4:40pm
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
9.12.2005 5:01pm
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
Also, remember that IMDB trivia and quotes are only as accurate as the users who submit. I've frequently submitted corrections to false trivia and inaccurate quotations. I'm with Dan on this one: in no episode is Gilligan given any other name, so it's irrelevant whether the producer had once contemplated giving him another name. Also, let me add my 2c to those who think Mrs. Howell's name actually is "Lovey."
9.12.2005 5:20pm
Steve Donohue (mail) (www):
There was also a Bob Denver interview a few years back in which he said the first name was Willie.
9.12.2005 5:21pm
From Prof Althouse's post on the passing of Bob Dever:
Tom said...
Ultimate trivia question: what was Gilligan's full name? He does have one, too. Denver revealed it on an Oprah show 10 or 12 years ago.

8:39 AM

MarkTheLibrarian said...
Willy Gilligan.

9.12.2005 5:31pm
Dan Schmutter:
Of course, the actors aren't necessarily good sources for that kind of stuff. Unless they're fans of the show and actually watch it religiously in re-runs, they likely forgot most of that information as soon as they went on to their next project.
9.12.2005 5:34pm
Newt Jackson (mail):
Is this all about some television show? For those of us in college when JFK was assassinated, does this have any relevance at all?
9.12.2005 5:42pm
Wild Pegasus (mail):
They didn't have any next projects. GI crushed all their careers.

- Josh
9.12.2005 5:43pm
Brett A. Thomas (mail) (www):
Snopes has a long story about the controversy over Gilligan's first name. They sum up as:

So, there's no right answer for this one. No, no name other than 'Gilligan' was ever used for the title character in Gilligan's Island, not even in the original pilot. Yes, there is evidence that series creator Sherwood Schwartz considered using the name 'Willy Gilligan' during the series' planning stages. On the other hand, there's also evidence that Schwartz ultimately decided 'Gilligan' was the character's first name, precluding the use of 'Willy Gilligan' as a full name. Pick your favorite explanation and run with it.
9.12.2005 5:51pm
SacSays (mail):
". . . and his wife Lovey (I've never met a real-life woman with that name, admittedly)."

Me, either. The only Lovey I can think of is the head coach of the Chicago Bears -- though he spells it "Lovie," which (I guess) is the masculine spelling.
9.12.2005 8:29pm
Gordon (mail):
In answer to the Puzzleblogger's question about how I knew, I watched every episode of Gilligan's Island many, many times in reruns as a child. A waste of my youth, perhaps. It's actually a trivia question that comes up every once in a while in "normal" conversation.

Wild Pegasus: Tina Louise did have a supporting role in the first couple of seasons of Dallas as JR's Secretary/Mistress. And Bob Denver reprised his role as Gilligan in Dusty's Trail (Gilligan was Dusty), a short-lived Saturday morning show which took the Gilligan's Island premise and moved it to the Oregon Trail (Forrest Tucker had the "Skipper" role, if I'm not mistaken). But it certainly wasn't a skyrocket to megastardom a la John Travolta in Welcome Back Kotter...

Brett: If Gilligan was his first name, perhaps his full name is "Gilligan Willy."
9.12.2005 8:33pm
Mike Maddox (mail):
Didn't Ray Hinkley miss that field goal in the SuperBowl?
9.12.2005 8:41pm
And of course Lovey's maiden name was Wentworth
9.12.2005 9:21pm
bob mcmanus (mail):
"They didn't have any next projects. GI crushed all their careers."

Dawn Wells

I think Dawn Wells has been a successful acting coach and stage producer for twenty years.
9.13.2005 1:33am
John-David Filing (mail) (www):
And Alan Hale went on to star in the blockbuster horror movie (and Mystery Science Theater 3000 classic) The Giant Spider Invasion.
9.13.2005 2:51am
Dan Schmutter:
Don't forget Denver's tour de force performance in "Far Out Space Nuts," the wacky Saturday morning show about two rocket maintenance guys who accidentally launch themselves into space while supplying the rocket with food. After they finish loading breakfast and Denver presses the "breakfast" button (you can immediately see where this is going can't you), Denver's partner shouts "lunch" and Denver, in impeccable Gilligan fashion, presses the "Launch" button instead.
9.13.2005 11:35am
jallgor (mail):
Yes Newt, all this is about a television show. No offense but I think very, very few of the posters here were in college during the Kennedy assisination (Robert or John). I would also guess that none of the Conspirators were either. So your objection as to relevance is overruled. Or at least it is overrulled in the little courtroom where I preside (i.e., my own head).
9.13.2005 1:35pm
Scott Wood (mail):
Ultimately Jonas Grumby gave it to me, but it took several seconds.
9.14.2005 7:34am