An e-mail from the University of Houston law school reports:

The University of Houston Law Center will be hosting the Loyola-NO School of Law in exile for the remainder of the Fall semester. They will relocate their faculty and 1L's, as well as some upper division students to our campus, where they will run a parallel law school on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Information about the arrangements is posted at their emergency web site: http://www.jaceebergeron.com/loyola/. There is also a useful and interactive blog at http://www.isthatlegal.org/loyno. . . . As it turns out, the disaster we encountered at UHLC during Tropical Storm Allison gave us near-unique expertise in this kind of law school recovery . . . .

Cool plan; hope it works out well for everyone. And, of course, many other schools are taking many law students into their own normal programs for the semester.