McCormick Tribune Foundation Hurricane Relief:

From The McCormick Tribune Foundation Hurricane Katrina Relief Campaign:

The McCormick Tribune Foundation Hurricane Katrina Relief Campaign has been established as an effort between McCormick Tribune Foundation and many of its Communities Program Partners to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The McCormick Tribune Foundation will match the first $2,000,000 contributed to the campaign at 50 cents on the dollar. All administrative costs will be paid by the foundation so that all funds can be distributed directly to disaster relief organizations that provide short and long-term aid to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Information on how to contribute here.

More here.

EstablishmentClaus (mail) (www):
Orin, if you and your matchers give through here, you can actually give about $40K through your own $1K donation. As bang for your buck goes, that's pretty unbeatable.
9.1.2005 6:30pm
Cheburashka (mail):
Has anyone been able to figure out what role the policies of the Clinton administration played in exasperating the disaster yet?
9.1.2005 7:20pm
Donald (www):

Excellent use of the English language. I assume you mean "exacerbating"? Clinton has been out of office for nearly half a decade: find a new scapegoat.

The better question is this: how much more difficult will it be for the hundreds of thousands of New Orleanians who have lost everything to get back on their feet and begin their post-Katrina lives in light of the new bankruptcy laws (set to go into effect in a few weeks), to which certain members of the VC devoted countless panegyrical posts?
9.1.2005 8:17pm
Cheburashka (mail):
Thanks for the language correction. I knew there was something funny when I was typing it.

But its still probably Clinton's fault.
9.1.2005 8:42pm
Greedy Clerk (mail):
"I say we shoot them as they leave. Damn criminals."---David Kopel.
9.1.2005 9:14pm