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Chris of MM (mail) (www):
Has anyone seen any sites for anything related to the University of Souther Mississippi (other than athletics)? I saw photos of the campus, yesterday, and it looked like the university had been wiped off the face of the earth. The website has been down since the hurricane.
9.1.2005 1:42pm
Some of the Texas universities, (TCU, SMU, Rice, and maybe A&M), have been letting at least some La. students register for the semester (for free if what I read on a sports message board is true). I see UT is doing the same (though I'm not sure about the free part).
9.1.2005 2:24pm
Justin Kee (mail):
Excerpted from the President's message to the faculty, staff and students of Loyola University Chicago.

September 1, 2005

TO: The faculty, students and staff of the Loyola Community

Many of you have been inquiring about the status of our sister institutions, Loyola University New Orleans and Spring Hill College. You have also been asking if there is anything we as individuals and as a community can do.


To assist students who are anxious to continue with their education, we, along with the other AJCU schools, have agreed to offer admission to any LUNO or Tulane University student who wants to continue their studies during the Fall semester. These students will be accepted as non-matriculating visitors, and their academic records and financial aid will be handled in conjunction with their home campus at some later time. Our Enrollment Management team has developed a fast-track process for placing them in classes. Our academic advising offices are assisting in proper placement. We will be able to advertise this service in the Friday newspapers and in other news media. I know that you will welcome these students with open arms when they arrive on campus.



Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.

For those of you with accounts on the blogs listed in the initial post, please repost this publicly or contact anyone relevant who has been affected to let them know. Loyola Chicago's website is
9.1.2005 2:30pm
John Foster (mail):
Members of the admiralty bar can leave messages on an emergency message board set up by the Maritime Law Association at
9.1.2005 2:31pm
A K (mail):
Duke law has also taken on a few students, i think the number was ten. Also not charging tuition.
9.1.2005 9:20pm