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The Crosswordpuzzleblogger:

Check out my crossword in today's New York Times. You can see the Puzzleblogger's name on it if you look really closely. The theme relates to something that all you puzzle-oriented people should be pretty familiar with.

You can do it online here, but you'll need a crossword account (different from the regular NY Times account). If you can't get it in print or through the Times site, email me at [my last name] and I'll send you a pdf.

I welcome your feedback in the comments.

Very nice - I love puzzles where I get to practice drawing. (Do you remember the puzzle from about a year ago [I don't know who did it] where the theme was the yin-yang symbol? That was dope.)
9.1.2005 1:28pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Yes, and what was doubly clever about that one was that in the across answers the symbol represented YIN, but in the down answers it represented YANG.
9.1.2005 2:48pm
uh clem (mail):
Nice job. That's the kind of crossword puzzle that suits my tastes.
9.1.2005 2:48pm
Nice puzzle. Very entertaining.
9.1.2005 3:21pm
Thanks. Do you always embed your name in your crossword puzzles? That's a neat little bonus.
9.1.2005 6:12pm
MIchael Hertzberg (mail):
Having previously complained to Will Shortz on several occasions, I hope your skin is thicker than his (it would only have to exceed onionskin to meet that requirement). I did enjoy your puzzle in general, but I have a number of bones to pick, some of which I pick (mentally) with nearly every NYT crossword. (I'll just identify the clues and answers I object to by number, so as not to affect anyone who hasn't done it yet.) First of all, I don't get 40A. Second, among the answers of which I weary because they appear at least once every week or two are 15A, 61A, 66A, 37D, 38D &54D. Finally, 46A, which appears in some variation with the same frequency as the above answers, seems a particularly lazy way to construct a puzzle. That said, I really appreciated several clues, including 18A, 35A &7D.
9.1.2005 6:49pm
Eric Berlin (mail) (www):
Nice puzzle today, Kevan -- although I will say the theme fell very quickly for me, for a Thursday.

Michael, I haven't looked up the specific words that bother you, but there is a reason that certain words tend to be overused in crossword puzzles: They are needed to fill out sections in which other, more interesting words reside. They are sort of the mortar holding the bricks together. At least, these days, those words are unlikely to be ridiculously obscure Scandinavian birds! Such was not always the case.

By the way, my own crossword appears in tomorrow's New York Sun. It's available to anybody who wants it here, but you'll need Across Lite. It's a variety crossword with some special rules, so I advise reading the notepad.
9.1.2005 9:58pm
"First of all, I don't get 40A."
(In case no one else has explained it - [it bugged me a lot when I started doing crosswords if I couldn't understand the clue/answer even after seeing the solution....])
A joker is a card without a suit. The four corner squares of Kevan's puzzle contain the four suits in a standard deck of cards.
9.2.2005 1:31pm