Cathy Young on the "He's Anti-Women" Attacks on John Roberts:

A characteristically smart and readable piece from one of my favorite journalists.

Richard Riley (mail):
Women lawyers at Hogan &Hartson LLP who worked with Roberts tend to be big fans of his. I understand at least one woman partner at Hogan - who made partner while she was working with him, and with his strong support - will be testifying on his behalf at his hearings. And of course as Cathy Young points out he's married to a lawyer. My guess is the "anti-woman" charge will collapse pretty quickly once the hearings start.
8.30.2005 8:08pm
Friedrich Foresight (mail):
The syllogism goes like this:

A. A number of women support Roe v Wade and FSL ABortion OD.

B. They cannot believe anyone would oppose FSLAOD unless he were a bitter misogynist or she were brainwashed and self-hating. (Notwithstanding that if a negligent doctor were to harm any of her own 1.1 bundles of joy in utero, she would speed-dial John Edwards to sue the said doctor's ass off. No, opposition to abortion can't possibly be on the basis that "someone's right to life should not depend on another person's wanting them." It HAS to be because you want women barefoot in the kitchen and compulsorily pregnant.)

Therefore, the fact that numerous women do not consider a critic of Roe/ FSLAOD to be a misogynist, is irrelevant.

How many NOW/ NARAL board members, I wonder, would feel safer with their own teenage daughters being chaperoned or chauffeured about by John Roberts (or Robert Bork, for that matter) than by Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Bob Packwood, or most of the other enlightened male advocates of Women's Control Over Their Own Bodies [tm]? Brrrhhhhh...
8.31.2005 12:06am

Just to be clear, who is the "they" in your proposition B? Because I think among the women who do not automatically consider critics of Roe/etc. to be misogynists are many of the women in category A. So, it would be a mistake to claim all the women in category A form the "they" of category B.

In other words, as the article itself points out, many pro-choice women (and men) think these attacks on Roberts are overblown and inappropriate.
8.31.2005 10:17am