I'm pleased to report that my Parent-Child Speech and Child Custody Speech Restrictions article is — counting cowritten pieces and several short humorous pieces that I've written — my fiftieth law review article.

David Schraub (mail) (www):
And to commerorate it--a broken link!
8.30.2005 7:53pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
D'oh! Fixed.
8.30.2005 8:42pm
Silicon Valley Jim:
I suppose you tell everybody that you can stop any time you want; it's not an addiction.

Seriously, congratulations to one of our sharpest minds, best writers, and finest gentlemen.
8.30.2005 8:54pm
DNL (mail):

8.30.2005 9:20pm
Goober (mail):
Congrats! Looks fascinating! And I do hope 'dork' is an inside joke of sorts....
8.30.2005 10:26pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
Mazel tov.
8.30.2005 11:53pm