Katrina to Hit New Orleans:
Whether you try to influence future events by praying, crossing your fingers, or something else, now would be a good time to focus your thoughts on New Orleans and the direction of Hurricane Katrina. Sounds like we'll have a good idea of the scope of the damage by the morning.
porn storm (www):
'You can sign my death certificate,' cigar bar owner Michael Kincaid said, standing in line at Mattassa's corner grocery with a six-pack of beer, a bag of potato chips and a package of chocolate chip cookies. 'My biggest investment is here, so I'm going to stay with it.'

there are some like him whom even the direst forcasts do not phase.
8.29.2005 5:18am
Carol Anne:
My heart goes out to all our citizens at risk from Hurricane Katrina. Their fears, and anxieties, and worries that they may might not even have homes after storm passage should weigh on all of us.

It does show that our petty concerns about Red State and Blue States are trumped by Mother Nature. Our real national character will show up in how well we help the victims get back on their feet (even if, as pointed out above, they're fatalistic and unwilling to take appropriate steps to help themselves).
8.29.2005 10:20am