Is Armstrong Guilty?

Sportswriter Stephen A. Smith argues it's certainly not proven.

There is no evidence of a positive test from 2004. Or 2003. Or 2002, 2001 and 2000, for that matter.

In an age when anything from a strand of hair to a footprint can land someone in jail for the rest of his life, a urine sample from 1999 is the best French critics can come up with to sully Lance Armstrong's reputation, to diminish the impact of his dominance in bicycle racing - a sport that is supposed to be their own. . . . .

Despite the fact that both "A" and "B" samples are needed to confirm the authenticity of the test, only the "B" samples are still purported to exist, preventing the Tour, USA Cycling or anyone else from snatching away any of Armstrong's Tour titles, including that 1999 championship.

But far be it for such things to stop a smear campaign from escalating to a point where polls are taken to gauge the amount of support Armstrong is receiving right here in America.