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Red State, Blue Students:

Paul Caron has an interesting post on a poll he did of incoming U. Cincinnati students using the eInstruction handhelds. Paul is a consistently interesting scholar and innovative teacher. (And, in the link to my guest-blogging, organized the rankings conference that produced the paper that got me here. So, not too far off topic.)

Anderson (mail) (www):
Interesting result. My 1st reaction is that sufficient affluent Republican students went to more prestigious schools, which I would think would be a common effect at public law schools. ---Ah, *now* I see why y'all want the public law schools privatized! ;)

No such effect noticed at Ole Miss, but then, it's the old-boy-network school for the state, and the state's only public law school.
8.22.2005 5:38pm
Tylerh (mail):
We all know that lawyers are the smartest folks around. The survey shows that even in the reddest corner of a red state that Democrats outnumber Republicans amongst quality lawyers-to-be. So the data demonstrate, yet again, that Democrats are smarter than Republicans 8).
8.22.2005 6:17pm
a dumb lawyer (mail):
Aw, c'mon Tylerh - we all know that lawyers are mostly dumb. I'm one, and I'm not that bright. But I know enough to know that my personal experience surely represents universal reality. :-)

Homemakers are the smart ones. My wife knows, because she's one, and she's smart, and she tells me. She also told John Roberts.
8.23.2005 8:33am