A Growing Conspiracy:

I am delighted to announce the latest addition to the Conspiracy, my new daughter, born Thursday evening. Mom and baby are both doing great.

I expect to soon learn the meaning of the term "napocracy" myself.

In the meantime, I am getting her while she is still impressionable with this and this.

Troy H:
Congratulations on little Miss Zywicki. I'm the proud papa of #3 just last week so I am a veteran of the napocracy -- though at times it seems naptalitarian. There's also the nurseocracy depending on your feeding choice though it's a bit more flexible.

Your choices of attire however are entirely inappropriate and I would be honored to hook you up with some little Cowboyssleepers.
8.20.2005 11:02am
Mark Olson (mail) (www):

May a sane sleep return (someday). I hope that when you're not yawning, you'll be grinning.
8.20.2005 11:46am
Carol Anne:
Congratulations, and best wishes to mother, daughter, and the rest of your family, too.
8.20.2005 12:04pm
Paul McKaskle (mail):
Does she have a name, or is she simply referred to as "Baby Girl?"
8.20.2005 2:27pm
DNL (mail):
Tell her Hines and Haynes play at Heinz for me.
8.20.2005 2:44pm
DNL: Ow. Your punnery hurts.
8.20.2005 2:48pm
Reid Palmeira (mail):
congratulations and best wishes to all. you'll soon learn what true lack of sleep is. cheers!
8.20.2005 3:28pm
Jonathan H. Adler (mail) (www):
Todd --

Congratulations! If you insist on Pittsburgh sports attire, may I suggest this as an alternative? After all, they've signed enough guys from across the state to be worth watching. ;-)
8.20.2005 3:54pm
Let me be the nth to say, congratulations!
8.20.2005 4:29pm
joated (mail) (www):

Now about those "Terry" footed sleepers...wouldn'[t you rather she be a bit quicker on her feet than Bradshaw?
8.20.2005 6:13pm
Bob (www):
But she would look so much cuter in this Mesh Bib and Bootie Set

Congratulations and all the best!
8.20.2005 8:10pm
nk (mail) (www):
Congratulations. I have one of those at home too. There is no better thing in life.
8.20.2005 8:14pm
SteveMG (mail):

You do know, of course, that sometime in about a week or two she'll be 16? It'll seem like it.

One hopes that by then the tatoos and piercings will no longer be in style.

But God only knows what the hell they'll be doing with their bodies then.


8.20.2005 9:21pm
erp (mail):
Todd, you'll soon learn that the most beautiful sound in the wide world is a little girl giggling. You'll be a great dad.

I know you're new at this, but please pictures of the baby next time.
8.20.2005 10:25pm
Teresa (mail) (www):
Congratulations! I hope you were able to stock up on your sleep... you'll need it! :-)
8.21.2005 2:01am
Chris Tiberius (www):
Congrats! I've got a new one too. Don't they poop a lot?
8.22.2005 3:14pm