We're planning to be going with Pajamas Media for our advertising when that starts up, likely around October 1.

Until then, though, we're trying out Henry Copeland's BlogAds, about which I've heard many great things. So if you've wanted to advertise on the Conspiracy (185,000 page views per week, according to SiteMeter), the next few weeks are your big chance. We'll also be part of Jeralyn Merritt's lawyer blogads mininetwork.

In the meantime, many thanks to, our new temporary sponsor!

erp (mail):
Eugene. Has enabling comments increased your traffic on VC?
8.20.2005 6:17pm
ajf (mail) (www):
a second question -- do you think the availability of RSS feeds (which is how i read most blogs) will make advertising pointless?
8.20.2005 7:43pm
devin chalmers (mail):
Most of the bigger RSS feeds (like say slashdot or engadget) embed Google ads in their RSS feeds. Mildly annoying, but I don't mind, I know RSS (and the accompanying bandwidth) doesn't come for free...
8.21.2005 7:19am
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
I can live with some ads, but please, please, make sure that they don't spawn pop-up ads. I recently quit watching Drudge for that reason - it appears that it reloads every five minutes or so, and at that time, it often spawns another pop-up. Not worth it.
8.22.2005 12:27am