Looking Ahead to the New Supreme Court Term:
Lawprof Jonathan Adler has just posted a 35-page preview of some of the Supreme Court's big cases already docketed for the coming year. It's a pretty good summary of what's planned for OT2005, at least so far. Hat tip: Legal Theory Blog.
Jonathan H. Adler (mail) (www):
Thanks for the plug.

The essay is a chapter in the 2004-05 Cato Supreme Court Review. The volume will be released September 14 at the Cato Institute's annual Constitution Day conference. I'll be on a panel discussing the new term with Erik Jaffe and Tom Goldstein. VCers Todd Zywicki and Randy Barnett are also on the program. Details here.
8.18.2005 4:39pm
Doug B. (mail) (www):
I did not see any discussion of the 4 capital cases in which cert has already been granted. Is the ground covered elsewhere?
8.18.2005 5:54pm
Jonathan H. Adler (mail) (www):
You're correct that I did not cover those cases. I was asked to hit the highlights, and given near-complete discretion in what to cover, so I was selective. Given that I know so little about capital cases, they were among those I opted not to include.
8.18.2005 6:18pm
Any chance we can get an executive summary, particularly of cases related to libertarian concerns?
8.18.2005 7:22pm
Jonathan H. Adler (mail) (www):
Ananda --

That's really what the whole piece is. I cover about 15 cases or so, and just give a few paragrpahs on each, highlighting the issues, what's at stake, etc. The final version will be released Sept. 14, and I assume it will be on Cato's website shortly thereafter.
8.18.2005 8:16pm