If It Happens to CNN, It Happens To America:
Right now the homepage of has a red banner headline that reads:
  BREAKING NEWS — A worm shut down computers running Windows 2000 software across the United States. More soon.
  Meanwhile, Bloomberg is running a very brief story that suggests the worm is a bit more limited in scope. Bloomberg's story begins:
  Computers at CNN's Atlanta offices have been shut down because of a computer worm, the Cable News Network said.
  Stay tuned.

  UPDATE here.
Eric Anondson (mail):
That is terribly funny.
8.16.2005 7:34pm
Greedy Clerk (mail):
I am writing this on a Windows 2000 machine . . . still writing. . . . yup still here.
8.16.2005 8:08pm
James968 (mail):
I was listening to the radio when I left work today. Though not up to the level of the guy who announced the Hindenburg's arrival, the CNN person sounded VERY frantic.

(I don't think any of our Windoze Desktops (400+) had reported the problem today. I use Mac's so I don't worry).

It was kinda amuzing
8.16.2005 8:30pm
M (mail):
Why is CNN running Windows 2000? Maybe they are in worse shape than I would have thought. You'd think they'd update.
8.16.2005 9:02pm
JasonN (mail) (www):
I'll give even odds that the worm is the one exploiting a published security bug, announced Sunday.
8.16.2005 9:24pm
Patrick McKenzie (mail):
Thats been confirmed.

Patrick McKenzie
8.16.2005 11:21pm
Defending the Indefensible:
Just a note: Apparently this worm infects Windows XP as well as Windows 2000, and possibly other versions. It has a bug which causes pre-SP4 Windows 2000 machines to reboot, and so what the media is reporting is this continual rebooting, without realizing that the machines that aren't rebooting may be zombied.
8.16.2005 11:40pm
I was in the weight room at my office after work when Wolf Blitzer came on and started proclaiming the end of the world. They had several computer security experts on the phone, but even they were saying that it was farily low impact. Some of the other people working out got scared and flipped to FOX and MSNBC. No news there, or on any of the other channels. It was both funny and sad to watch.
8.17.2005 10:40am
AppSocRes (mail):
I can report that computer systems within the very large organization for which I work were heavily impacted by this worm. Based on my personal experience, I'd guess the losses due to downtime, lost work, and repair efforts could be in the range $1-10 million. Not really all that funny.
8.17.2005 11:24am
Never said the worm was funny; Blaster did a considerable amount of damage to both my office and personal computers. I was only commenting on CNN's overreaction to the events, and specifically Blitzer's tone.
8.17.2005 11:35am
The worm is actually pretty big. It has been out there since Friday building. They reverse engineered the patches Microshaft put out Tuesday last to develop their attack. And it can affect all computers Win2K, XP, and 2K3 that are unpatched at this time. There have been several companies attacked and brought down for at least short periods of time.
8.17.2005 12:16pm
Butter lover (mail) (www):
Liberals and perspective: "I don't know a single person who <s>voted for him</s> didn't have their computer shut down."
8.17.2005 1:31pm
WHOI Jacket:
I'm using Win2K just fine. They need to fix their firewalls.
8.17.2005 3:56pm
Cynicus Prime (mail) (www):
I was listening to a local talkradio station on one of my two networked Windows 2000 PCs running simple Norton AntiVirus, when they used half their top of the hour news break to yell and scream about how this new worm was ravaging the nation. Sounds like some news outlets need to fire their IT departments.
8.17.2005 6:51pm