Something I did this morning naturally reminded me of this word, which I've long liked.


Alan X.:
8.15.2005 6:45pm
And I was hoping that you lifted several times your own body weight! :-(
8.15.2005 6:54pm
Shelby (mail):
My first thought was, you were laying Formica...
8.15.2005 8:06pm
Michelle Dulak Thomson (mail):
I remember brightly telling my mom that ants secrete fornic acid! The only bigger laugh I got out of her was when I (ten years old or so) wanted to dry my hands and thought the "sanitary napkin" advertised by the large dispenser in the public restroom would be just the thing.
8.15.2005 11:52pm
Dr. Bob:
This sounds like one of those words that no smart man would use in classroom conversation. Like "niggardly" or "social intercourse". (OK, that last one was two words.)
8.16.2005 2:14am
It might amuse you to know that I read this post while I was masticating.
8.16.2005 11:42am
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
Well, a word I didn't know. Thanks. But it does bring up the question of the relationship between ants and Formica. Wonder whether the company by that name ( knew if it when the flooring was developed.

Actually, it got me thinking, and so I went to their web site, and found out that they probably did not. Formica Corp. apparently started in the electronic insulator business. The founders invented a resin soaked fabric insulator. The insulator that they were replacing was mica, and, thus, they named the company For Mica.
8.16.2005 11:44am
Thief (mail) (www):
Or, pace the old Chemistry question:

Hey, [insert name of new Chemical Engineering graduate], Did they teach you how to make Ethyl Fornicate in school?
8.16.2005 4:56pm
Rough Justice (mail):
Why do you like the word "formicate" so much? I must be missing something.
8.16.2005 5:08pm
ArtD0dger (mail):
Arrgh! I just learned this word the other day, and now I can't remember where.

But it's not to be confused with this one:
8.17.2005 8:57pm