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Presidential Order:

In what order have I arranged the Presidents below? (Feel free to do some online research, but don't just google this list, etc.)

  • Pierce

  • Tyler

  • Andrew Johnson

  • Truman

  • Theodore Roosevelt

  • Arthur

  • Cleveland

  • Madison

  • Fillmore

  • Coolidge

  • Grant, McKinley

  • Lyndon Johnson

  • Ford

  • Taft

  • Jackson

  • Nixon

  • All other Presidents

Mike Lorrey (mail) (www):
Lowest number of vetoes? Lowest midterm poll numbers (other than Bush II)? Fewest press conferences? Most likely to draw a blank in the mind of the modern public school student?
8.12.2005 12:54pm
R. Stapleton:
Top of list = more time in office without a VP
Bottom of list = less time in office without a VP
8.12.2005 1:09pm
Commanders-in-Chief who either never appointed a SCOTUS Justice, or held office for a period during which no vacancies occurred?
8.12.2005 1:09pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
R. Stapleton, very impressive. They're listed in order of the number of days they served without a Vice President. Below are the numbers as I count them (I'm counting calendar dates on which they had no VP. So if a VP left on January 1 and a new one came on January 5, I'm counting that as three days (January 2, 3, 4) with no VP. Note that Pierce and Madison's time with no VP came in two chunks each. Pierce's VP, William Rufus King, was sworn in late due to illness, and died soon thereafter. Madison had a vacancy in each of his two terms.

Pierce -- 20 days + 1415 days = 1435 days
Tyler -- 1429 days
A. Johnson -- 1418 days
Truman -- 1378 days
T. Roosevelt -- 1266 days
Arthur -- 1261 days
Cleveland -- 1194 days
Madison -- 317 days + 831 days = 1148 days
Fillmore -- 968 days
Coolidge -- 579 days
Grant -- 467 days
McKinley -- 467 days
L. Johnson -- 424 days
Ford -- 131 days
Taft -- 124 days
Jackson -- 65 days
Nixon -- 56 days

Argue away.
8.12.2005 1:15pm
Chad K:

Is there a source that lists King as having taken the oath late (March 24th based on the last chart) due to illness? The sources I have found online (including the official Congressional website) state that he took the oath of office on March 4th (the same day as the Inauguration), in Havana.
8.12.2005 4:21pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
I got my info from wikipedia. See footnote 5.
8.12.2005 5:52pm
Chad K:
Another wikipedia article states that he was sworn in on March 4th. I dont know what to make of it.
8.12.2005 7:19pm