Specter Complains to NARAL About the Roberts Ad:

His letter is here.

Jim Rhoads (mail):
On point in all respects. Kudos to Senator Specter. It would have been all the more impressive as a joint letter from Specter and Leahy. Leahy missed an opportunity to score points without cost.

Still, I cannot remember such a letter from a Senate Judiciary Chair.
8.11.2005 6:50pm
Bob Flynn (mail):
Even if Roberts DID personally agree with the position espoused by the "mad bomber" -- wasn't he right? Scotus ruled 6-3 in his favor.

Naral is grasping
8.11.2005 7:59pm
Paul C Johnson (mail):
Good for Specter -- although the letter is astonishingly muddled and inarticulate.
8.11.2005 8:41pm
hadayn (mail):
NARAL has apparently pulled the ad. (AP)
8.11.2005 11:28pm