Faculty Rankings of Empirical Legal Studies:

Tracey George of Vanderbilt has another article on rankings from the same symposium that Andy Morriss has been blogging on the past few days. Her paper is "An Emprical Study of Empirical Legal Scholarship: The Top Law Schools" and is available on SSRN. The paper uses a variety of measures to compile a rank the "top" law schools in terms of their commitment to and intellectual leadership in the field of Empirical Legal Studies. Table 6 of her article reports her summary overall ranking of an unweighted average of the criteria she uses to come up with the "Overall Ranking of All Law Schools in Study":

ELS Ranking Law School

1-tie University of California, Berkeley

1-tie George Mason University

1-tie Northwestern University

4-tie University of Pennsylvania

4-tie University of Southern California

6 Cornell

7-tie University of Chicago

7-tie Stanford University

9-tie University of Michigan

9-tie Yale University