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Prolific Filmmakers:
  • What person has the most credits listed on their IMDb page?

  • What person has the most credits listed under one category (e.g., Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, etc.)?

  • What person has credits in the most categories?

For example, Tom Hanks has 45 Actor, 26 Producer, 7 Director, 3 Writer, 3 Miscellaneous Crew, 1 Composer (he wrote songs for "That Thing You Do"), 64 Himself (appearances on things like the Oscars), 11 Archive (Saturday Night Live compilations, etc.), and 80 Notable TV Guest Appearance listings. Thus, he has 240 total credits, 80 credits under one category, and is represented in nine different categories.

I have answers in mind for the first two (though it's possible they can be beaten).

For credits in the most categories, I'm going to go with the prolific Alan Smithee, who has credits in 11 categories.
8.10.2005 12:01pm
D.W. Griffith has credits in 15 categories.
8.10.2005 12:06pm
8.10.2005 12:08pm
Patrick McKenzie (mail):
1) Paul Terry, 1257 total credits (this is not certain)
2) Paul Terry (can be verified by inspection of all categories listed here: ) -- 1071 Producer credits (
3) DW Griffith,, credited in 15 categories.
8.10.2005 12:08pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
I'm not sure it's fair to go with Alan Smithee, since he's not a real person. Yes, all the Alan Smithees list the same name, but the same could be said of all 44 John Smiths, who, between them, surely have more than 11 categories.

In any event, I've got someone who is listed in 14 categories, and it's a real person.
8.10.2005 12:08pm
I would guess Edith Head the costume designer at paramount. She might actually be the answer to one and two.
8.10.2005 12:09pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Edith Head only did costume design for a paltry 477 movies. I do believe she holds the record for most Oscars received by a woman (eight), though. She was nominated for 34 Oscars.
8.10.2005 12:11pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Paul Terry definitely beats my answer.

The one I had in mind has 620 credits, 613 as a Writer. Any guesses?
8.10.2005 12:14pm
Peter Jackson ties D.W. Griffith with 15. it really helps to be a director who dabbles in makeup and costume design.
8.10.2005 12:14pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
I'll extend the second question to ask for a winner in each category. Right now Paul Terry is our winner for Producer, with 1071 credits. Edith Head has Costume Design with 477. Let's try the big categories: Actor, Writer (I can get 613), Director, etc.
8.10.2005 12:29pm
Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny I believe) has 906 under actor (966 total).
8.10.2005 12:29pm
"The one I had in mind has 620 credits, 613 as a Writer. Any guesses?"

8.10.2005 12:36pm
mikeunique3222 (mail):
I thought there was an API for IMDB ... can't someone just write a program and figure it out, like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon guys did?
8.10.2005 12:41pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
mikeunique: That ruins all the fun.

reader: Yes, Shakespeare is the one with 613 Writer credits. Those span from a film of King John in 1899 to this year's Miss June (based on Macbeth). I count 70 based on Hamlet.
8.10.2005 12:46pm
"Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny I believe) has 906 under actor (966 total)."

This probably means the Fleisher brothers win for director, then.
8.10.2005 12:48pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Dave Fleisher has 619 Director credits. His brother Max produced the movies (and has fewer Producer credits than Paul Terry).
8.10.2005 12:51pm
Tinhorn (mail):
Ron Jeremy has 914 for actor, thus inching out Mel Blanc.
8.10.2005 1:04pm
Shelby (mail):
Tinhorn, you're stretching it.
8.10.2005 1:38pm
Pat Greene:
Regarding Alan Smithee, I'm sort of surpised that he showed in more than one category, since the psuedonym was originated by the Director's Guild. I guess you can't keep a good fictional construct down. (It's interesting to note some of the things Smithee has directed -- in addition to the regular straight to the back of the video store dreck, it includes episodes of "McGyver" and "The Cosby Show.")
8.10.2005 2:18pm
One reason people appear in multiple categories is that the categories are redundant. Thus a director can get Director, Assistant Director, and Miscellaneous Crew (which is anything not otherwise covered; Alan Smithee has some Miscellaneous Crew credits as director of the TV version only). Plus credits for being a writer/director and actor/director. The real overachievers, like Peter Jackson and Griffith, are directors who dabble in costumes, music composition, etc.
8.10.2005 3:16pm
Ryan (mail) (www):
Robert Rodriguez has 16 categories.
8.10.2005 3:22pm
Peter north has 1604 entries in the actor category
8.10.2005 3:43pm
Strophyx (mail):
On the point of multiple persons using the same name, as a youth I used to tell more gullible people that "Westmore" was actually a name adopted by all make-up artists, much in the same way that Sikhs tend to take the name Singh. IMDb includes 16 different individuals of that name in this category. (Perhaps actors/actresses using the name "Spelvin" might have been a closer analogy, though fewer would have known of it.)
8.10.2005 9:48pm
Zevatron (mail):
Walt Disney: 678 as producer (1028 total)
8.10.2005 10:08pm
Syd (mail):
Hal Roach had 1280 film credits (not counting archives): 967 Producer, 147 director, 130 writer, 36 others.

Mack Sennett had 1360 film credits: 597 Producer, 342 Actor, 330 Director, 71 writer, 7 music, 1 composer and 12 "Himself"
8.10.2005 11:35pm
Urijah (mail):
Oliver Hardy has 426 entries as actor.
8.11.2005 1:37am
Robert Schwartz (mail):
"Shakespeare is the one with 613 Writer credits."

And the Torah has 613 commandments. Coincidence? I think not.
8.11.2005 2:37pm
boo (mail):
Looks like Peter North is the winner
8.13.2005 11:38pm