Brief Followup About Academic Legal Writing:

Yesterday's e-mail brought five orders for the book, and the following kind note:

Just wanted to add my e-mail to those you've already received re Academic Legal Writing.

I bought your book and read it before law school and used it extensively my first year. I was selected for law review and have gotten rave reviews on my writing from my employer. I've even gotten an offer from my firm for employment after law school; I understand that's pretty rare for a 1L. They told me the primary reason for my early offer was my writing.

Thanks again for your excellent book; it's made a great difference in my legal career so far. I plan to recommend it to all the members of law review at my school.

[Name omitted]

P.S. Please feel free to publish this on your site if you'd like, but please remove my name if you do, because I mention employment details.

OK, now I promise to pipe down about the book for a while.

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John Jenkins (mail):
My story is not quite as good, I'm afraid (though I did make law reivew), but I thought the book was great and wish that our legal writing program had used that instead of the worthless piece of dreck they DID use. Learning to *write* is more important than any of the formulaic garbage we were taught and this book teaches writing.
8.9.2005 3:25pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
Also, for another data point, I myself did not have your book and have had the opposite experience. I have not gotten on a law review, not gotten rave reviews from my employer, and not gotten an offer from a law firm.
8.9.2005 3:26pm
And I bought your book before law school, read it, loved it, but still failed to get anywhere near law review, and am now working in personal injury. Go figure.
8.9.2005 4:10pm
Name was ommitted for reason of shame (didn't get on Law Review)
8.9.2005 4:11pm
David Mader (mail) (www):
Don't know if you've heard, professor, but ALR is the one resource recommended by the staff of the Texas Law Review to write-on aspirants during the spring competition.
8.9.2005 6:45pm
Talked to you this afternoon. If you hadn't been in such a hurry I'd have mentioned that my motion practice has gotten better since I read your book. I've doubled the number of dismissals of one sort or another this year compared to last.

The book is surprisingly useful for "real" lawyers.
8.9.2005 7:19pm
I bought the book after making law review. While I thought it was quite useful in terms of legal writing tips, I remember being distinctly disheartened by its emphasis on how to game the legal academic publishing system, instead of emphasizing writing on what you're truly interested in. I saw it as an extension of the disappointing anti-intellectualism of law school in general.
8.9.2005 7:32pm
just for some balance, i didn't read your book, made law review, got an offer from my 1L firm, and get good feedback on my writing.
8.10.2005 12:43am