The Fantasy Version Is Much Better:
NBC has cancelled its reality TV show The Law Firm. Hat tip: Howard.
Daniel Chapman (mail):
Denny Crane!
8.9.2005 2:01pm
Guest (mail):
Damn, I was enjoying that show!
8.9.2005 2:18pm
Gib (mail) (www):
The story mentions the CBS show "The Will" cancelled after one episode. Is that ever going to resurface? That show was disturbingly compelling.
8.9.2005 6:19pm
Sheryl Katz:
The show has been moved to Bravo. The remaining episodes will be shown, but only on cable. However, they will air at odd hours like 3 in the morning - so you need to set your VCR or Tivo if you want to catch the rest of it.
8.9.2005 6:23pm
Guest (mail):
Thanks, Sheryl. Bravo at 3 am is better than nothing.
8.9.2005 6:29pm