Peter Jennings Has Passed Away:
Sad news — former ABC news ancher Peter Jennings has died from lung cancer. In the days before the Web, I used to watch Jennings every night on ABC World News Tonight. He was 67. Way too young.
Steve White (mail) (www):
This is indeed sad. Mr. Jennings always struck me as the kind of person you'd like to invite over to the house, sit out on the back deck, and enjoy the evening with intelligent conversation and a beer or two.

It's also a reminder that lung cancer is still a leading killer of men and women in the Western world. Very sad.
8.8.2005 1:18am
Hermione Granger:
I used to have the worst crush on Mr. Jennings. I am heartbroken.
8.8.2005 3:19am
Victoria (mail) (www):
One always must have charity at the hour of someone's death, so I'll say that though Peter Jennings wasn't a great fave of mine (as I mention in today's blogpost, In One Year -- a reference to the loss of Brokaw, Rather, and now Jennings in that span, due to various reasons), he will be missed.

But I think few people can fault his delivery, his urbane demeanour, and certainly, his international acumen (despite what for me, was always a very pro-Palestine slant).

Nevertheless, RIP. That mellifluous voice, no more.

8.8.2005 3:19am
Jeremy (mail):
I don't think now is the time to discuss media bias. I think now is the time to pray for Mr. Jenning's family, and those close to him.

More often than not, my television was tuned to ABC during the important moments in history that I've witnessed, and that was all because of him. Rest in peace, Mr. Jennings.
8.8.2005 3:26am
Tom J:
A very, very handsome man who read very well out loud. Beyond that, his intellect was very limited. His comments during the recent WWII anniversary were remarkable for their ignorance.
8.8.2005 6:53am
WHOI Jacket:
Godspeed, Jennings.

I never cared much for the evening news in general and your show in particular, but I know that there are millions who did. You reached them and offered your view on the world and the events of the day. I disagree with that worldview, but I understand the incredible effort that goes into that undertaking and I respect it.

May your family have solace in this time of grief and may you rest in peace.
8.8.2005 12:19pm
Matthew G.:
Television news has never been a big part of my life, but on the occasions I saw Mr. Jennings I had an impression of a man who delivered the news dispassionately and without sensationalism for any side. And that's all I really want out of any journalist, so I'll remember him as a good one.
8.8.2005 1:04pm
Rough Justice (mail):
I'm personally glad that all three are off the air. I want some fresh faces like that old geezer that replaced Rather. Jennings was the least intelligent of the three. Rather was the most likely to do something that upset the apple cart. He new in his heart of hearts that the Republican slander and slime machine was out to destroy Kerry's reputation as a good soldier in Vietnam. So we got Bush instead, and he lost his job. I don't think 67 is too old to die. I think it is about right for a smoker. Jennings was extremely rich, but you know that his medical insurance picked up his medical bills. How does that strike you, folks?
8.8.2005 1:06pm
jrobs7777 (mail):
Apparently there are a lot of Jennings haters out there. But when push comes to shove, his is a great story. No higher education to speak of and no real background on American life and culture -- yet, through experience and learning, he became one of the true pre-internet media icons in the United States.
8.8.2005 2:00pm
Nathan Hall (mail):
These tactles comments illustrate the danger of becoming obsessed with politics to the exclusion of any broader perspective. Peter Jennings was, like many Americans, a liberal. He was also an immigrant who worked hard and skillfully to achieve the American dream. His calm, effective exposition of events on 9-11 was a valuable service to this country. Also, I particularly enjoyed his (mostly non-political) primetime series detailing the history of the 20th century which aired a few years ago.

8.8.2005 3:17pm
Milhouse (www):
I don't mind that he was a liberal. I do mind that he was a PLO supporter, dating back to the '70s when he had an affair wtih Hanan Ashrawi. To me, that is the same as being a supporter of the Klan, or the Nazi party. To me it's personal - the PLO's purpose is to drive my people out of our land, and/or to wipe us out completely, and I cannot bring myself to say anything good about a long-time supporter of that cause. I wasn't going to say anything about him at all, but Nathan Hall's comment about obsession with politics made me speak up. Yes, I am obsessed with my nation's survival, to me it's not mere politics, and it's certainly more important than any "broader perspective".
8.8.2005 5:54pm
Nathan Hall (mail):
I am as strong a supporter of Israel as you will find. I just think it is distasteful to callously revel in the death of a man who--though wrong on Palestine--by all accounts meant well. The fault for deception lies more with the deceivers than with the deceived.
8.8.2005 6:33pm