Question for Bankruptcy Professors on Statutory Supplements:

Much to my surprise, although the bankruptcy reform legislation was enacted in April, West does not have a current Bankruptcy statutory supplement (with the 2005 amendments) available for classroom use this Fall. For the past several years, I have used West's "Law School Edition" of the statutory supplement, primarily because it has Legislative History as well as the Code itself.

Are there any bankruptcy profs out there who have been using the "Law School Edition" and are aware of a suitable replacement available for classroom use this fall? It must, of course, have the most current text of the Bankruptcy Code (preferably blacklined), and ideally legislative history for the rest of the Code as well. I assume other profs are in this same situation if they are teaching bankruptcy in the fall. So you can respond to me directly if you like, and I will post as an update anything useful that I find out.