Man Clones Dog:
The Washington Post has the story. Of course, it would be much more newsworthy if the headline were Dog Clones Man.
Mike Lorrey (mail) (www):
I'm looking for a paper to typo its headline as "Man Clones God"
8.3.2005 6:36pm
HubrisBoy (mail):
In Soviet Russia, dog clones MAN!
8.3.2005 8:11pm
Eric (mail) (www):
Nice one, Orin, but you needed this. (Make sure your speakers are on.)
8.3.2005 10:59pm
Thanks! I'll be here all week.
8.3.2005 11:54pm
Matthew N. Smith (mail):
How about: "Man Clones Best Friend"?
8.4.2005 4:38am
Gary Farber (mail) (www):
I have to say that I laughed out loud at that. v.g.

(V.C. with comments? I'm slow to catch up.)

Okay, this whole commenting system is one of the most incomprehensible I've ever seen. I've never seen a blog use anything so opaque.

Look, my name is Gary Farber, my e-mail address is, my blog is here, and I'll give you my social security number if you like, if you'll offer a comphrehensible commenting system that isn't bizarre, like this one seems to be.

Later: "Your comment was not added because of the following error(s):
You must supply a name in order to post as a guest."

Okay: WHERE?

Later: "Your comment was not added because of the following error(s):
You must supply a name in order to post as a guest."


I don't have an "account." Would you like to open an "account" with me?

"You must supply a name in order to post as a guest."


Okay, and now clicking on either "preview" or "post comment" makes nothing happen. Very comprehensible. Good job.

Okay, now I've registered. Except it wouldn't accept it: "Error: The Account name may only consists of letters and numbers with no spaces.."

Thanks for the warning.

Now: "Error: You must supply a password."

I did! Frick! @QQ@#$#$%!

Jeebus. I've never seen a more badly written blog commenting system than this. Was it created from scratch?

Oh, and now "preview" doesn't work.
8.4.2005 6:01am
Gary Farber (mail) (www):
Unknown submit """

Very informative. Thanks for that info.
8.4.2005 6:03am
Gary Farber (mail) (www):
I should apologize for having been so cranky. Few things drive me as crazy as bad software, and particularly in such a simple thing as commenting software on a blog that makes one jump through inane hoop after hoop in a completely bizarre and pointless way.

I apologize.
8.4.2005 8:25am
Larry (mail) (www):
You know Professor Kerr has arrived when PLIG has coined a term based on his name.
8.4.2005 9:14am
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
Garry, (OT, sorry)

I find your comments on bad software interesting, as Prof. Volokh in a previous incarnation did write software. Presumably, if he is like me, once a programmer, always one. (But I can also say that about being a lawyer, unfortunately).

I guess the reason that the system didn't seem to bother me is that I run into this problem with userids being limited as to what they can contain quite often. These restrictions seem somewhat Unixy (new word) to me. I have dealt with much worse.

My pet peeve right now in the blogosphere is that after about 50 comments at, when someone uses any formatting whatsoever, it doesn't get cleaned up properly. This only seems to affect Gecko based browsers, and not IE. So, if someone bolds at comment #50, most often, comment I #200 will be bolded too, plus everything in between. Italics are even harder to read than bold. It also gets screwed up by long URLs.
8.4.2005 12:53pm
Don M (mail):
From the star wars movie, "Clones Dog Man"
8.4.2005 3:05pm
Mike Lorrey (mail) (www):
stop cloning around....
8.4.2005 9:47pm