ACS Convention Balance:
I want to add to Orin's post about the ACS convention that, months ago, they invited me to speak on their panel on the Privileges or Immunities Clause. I was forced, regretfully, to decline because I was scheduled to be in Germany until Saturday afternoon. After I spoke at their Supreme Court Review at the National Press Club in June, they renewed their invitation and even considered the idea of reordering their program so the panel on Privileges or Immunities took place after my arrival at Dulles. (Ultimately they wisely decided not to do so, as there was a great risk that flight delays from Europe might cause me to miss even a rescheduled later panel. Altering a schedule at that late date would have been extraordinary for any conference.)

Naturally, I was impressed with and grateful for their efforts to include me in their program and look forward to other such opportunities in the future.

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