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Statistically Improbable Phrases:

A few months ago, Amazon.com began listing "Statistically Improbable Phrases" ("SIPs") for certain books. These are phrases that appear in a book disproportionately to how often they appear in the rest of the books in Amazon's database. (By comparing the phrases to the rest of the database, Amazon gets rid of common contentless phrases like "the man said," etc.)

Try to identify the ten books whose SIPs are listed below. (Simply googling each list will readily provide the answer... so don't do that.)

  1. tyrannosaur roared, soft hooting cry, big rex, duckbilled hadrosaurs, little raptor, two raptors, lizard bites, basilisk lizard, east dock, fifteen species

  2. cilice belt, lame saint, seeded womb, lettered dials, corporal mortification, rosewood box, sacred feminine, royal bloodline, stone cylinder, sweater pocket

  3. roque mallet, hedge lion, hedge animals, roque court, hotel truck, inhuman place, concrete ring, batwing doors, bug bomb, mallet head, brass nozzle, silk wallpaper, wiped his lips

  4. gun show loophole, car tags, assault weapons ban, independent counsel law, defense downsizing, family leave law, people from welfare

  5. social epidemics, transactive memory, mouth epidemics, teenage smoking

  6. belt sewer, whole barricade, big sou, vocal mothers, little barricade, two barricades, forty sous, sixteen sous, fifteen sous, detracted nothing, fifteen hundred francs, thirty sous, assassinated man, eighty francs, fifteen francs, four sous, hundred livres, twenty sous, making cartridges

  7. least black boy, bull goose loony, day room door, big black boys, wicker bag, three black boys, ward policy, drug room, tub room, two black boys, dorm door, red capsules

  8. certiorari before judgment, agriculture languishes, popularly elected branches, oral advocate, junior justice, senior associate justice, packing plan, eight colleagues, petitions for certiorari

  9. hibiscus plant, old professor

  10. original public meaning, commerce that occurs, unenumerated liberties, moderate originalism, procedural assurances, first come rights, unenumerated rights, regulate commerce among the states, assurances that the laws, judicial nullification, originalist interpretation, rightful activity, natural liberty rights, latitudinarian interpretation, trade with foreign nations, enumerated end, state ratification conventions, bounded freedom, signal bleed, meaningful scrutiny, lawmaking system, constitutional construction, bank speech, rightful conduct, state law rights