Promoted Bankruptcy Judges:

A reporter doing a story on the new bankruptcy judgeships asked me if I happened to know how many current Article III judges were previously Bankruptcy Judges. I can think of only two: Conrad Cyr of the 1st Circuit and the previously-mentionted Alice Batchelder of the 6th Circuit. Does anyone know of any others? Thanks in advance.


Someone on the Comment Board gave me a perfect Google search to find the info I needed. Thanks!

While looking around, I also came across this delightful story by Judge George about his encounter with Frank Sinatra at the Sands when he was a kid:

[George] was at one time a lifeguard at the Sands Hotel. The job payed for his studies at Brigham Young University. At the Sands, he met Sinatra many times. One day after delivering some pool furniture to Mr. Sinatra’s private suite, he received a call from the front desk that Sinatra wanted four chairs and a screwdriver. He thought about it and figured Sinatra wanted to build something or had a handyman fetish.

George arrived with the chairs and told Mr. Sinatra that he couldn’t find a screwdriver but would go and get one. Mr. Sinatra asked “What the hell, kid, are you going to have a party here?” George tried to explain what he was doing and what he was told and Sinatra laughed and yelled, “I ordered four beers and a screwdriver. Nobody can get anything straight around here.”