How About the Kelo Song?

By Brett Talley.

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This one gets a 10. Classic.
7.29.2005 9:56pm
Stephen M (Ethesis) (mail) (www):
Thanks for the link, gave me a smile.

BTW, it just spreads:
7.29.2005 11:54pm
Stephen Macklin (mail) (www):
Very well done.

Intrested in doing something more. There is a petition to amend the Constitution to undo the damage kelo has done.
7.30.2005 9:32am
Barbara Skolaut (mail):
Stephen - That's one idea.

A better one would be to amend the SC with people who, you know, actually read and follow the Constitution as it is written now. :-(
7.30.2005 3:39pm
I think the Kelo decision is invalid, because the citations didn't indicate in which cities they were published.
7.30.2005 6:41pm
Simon Spero (mail):
June '05
District Columbia weather fine
It was business as usual
In Court Room number 9.
Oh Kelo, Kelo, because Kelo
Oh Kelo, Kelo, because Kelo
Yihla Ioja, Yihla Ioja
- The home is gone

And Pfizer, the world is watching now.
7.31.2005 12:37pm