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What do Tony Kushner and Oscar Hammerstein

have in common? I'm looking for something very specific and noteworthy (you'll know it when you get it), and while there must be more people who share this with them, I cannot think of any other famous examples.

Once you've collectively figured out the answer, please post any other examples you can think of in the comments.

Was Judge Hand Learned?:
Did Kushner win a Tony and Hammerstein an Oscar?
7.29.2005 11:56am
Salaryman (mail):
Their first names are also the names of entertainment awards.
7.29.2005 11:56am
Kevan Choset (mail):
"Was Judge Hand Learned" got it:
Tony Kushner won two Tonys, one each for writing Angels in America Parts I and II; Oscar Hammerstein won two Oscars, for Best Original Song in The Lady Objects (song: "A Mist Over the Moon") and Lady Be Good (song: "The Last Time I Saw Paris").

Now bring on the other examples.
7.29.2005 12:00pm
Clearly we need to get Emmy Rossum her own TV show.
7.29.2005 12:04pm
Adam (mail) (www):
In 1960, Hugo Gernsback won a special Hugo Award for being the father of magazine science fiction, but the awards themselves are named for him.

A number of other Tonys have won Tonys, including Tony Walton, who has won numerous Best Scenic Design awards. link.
7.29.2005 12:08pm
Adam (mail) (www):
In addition, The 28th Annual Emmy Awards won two trophies for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN COVERAGE OF SPECIAL EVENTS as part of the 29th Annual Emmy Awards.
7.29.2005 12:12pm
Cory Andrews (mail):
I believe Tony Randall has also received a Tony award.
7.29.2005 12:15pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Tony Randall has been nominated for five Tonys, but he never won. (Interestingly, only one of those was for acting -- Best Actor in a Musical for Oh Captain! -- while the other four were for producing.)
7.29.2005 12:19pm
Edward A. Hoffman (mail):
Another thing (though admittedly not as distinctive) they have in common is that they both went to college at Columbia. Hammerstein's two main collaborators, Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, were also Columbia men, and the only project on which all three ever worked together was 1920's installment of an annual student production called the Varsity Show.
7.29.2005 2:12pm
Someone had to say it (mail):
Neither of them has been in my kitchen.
7.29.2005 2:50pm
Jack (mail) (www):
Oscar Hammerstein also won several Tonys (and he seems to be the only Oscar to have done so). Which suggests the question "how many Tonys have won Oscars?" "Tony" Hopkins (Best Actor, Silence of the Lambs) springs to mind with all due apologies to Sir Anthony. I think Anthony Quinn has won at least one oscar, as well. Any others?
7.29.2005 8:44pm
Lee Kane (mail):
Odysseus Elytis won the Nobel prize for Literature in 1979. (I know this is not the game, exactly. But it's a game next door, maybe.)
7.29.2005 11:31pm
Lee Kane (mail):
The Svedberg won "The Nobel Prize" -- chemistry.
7.29.2005 11:32pm
Eh Nonymous (mail) (www):
The question is (are):

How many Grandmas have won Grammys?

How many Emmas have won Emmys?

How many Oberons have won Obies?


How many Websters have won Webbys? :)
7.30.2005 8:44am
Emma Thompson won an Emmy in 1997.
7.30.2005 12:27pm