The War on Terror is Over:
Well, sort of.
Drewsil (mail):
I don't know which is scarier a bill that removes freedoms and has the acronym "PATRIOT"

Or when we relable a war to give it the acronym "SAVE" (struggle against violent extremism).

Must have taken a roomful of eggheads months to come up with that one (oh wait it did)
7.27.2005 2:40am
Proud Generation Y Slacker:
Are those sentences?

No, what's scary is that they still won't name with clarity whom we're fighting.
7.27.2005 3:24am
Daniel Chapman (mail):
WAIT - War Against Islamic Extremism
7.27.2005 10:13am
Justin (mail):
Wait, are we giving up? Are we saying we can't win? The soldiers will lose moral!!! The terrorists will be emboldened!!! We're giving aid and comfort to the enemy!!! We must have hearings!!!

Oh wait, this is a Republican idea....roll the Star Spangled Banner! :)
7.27.2005 10:54am
Daniel Chapman (mail):
that's the last time I post before I drink my coffee... I honestly thought "extremism" started with a T!
7.27.2005 11:01am
John Jenkins (mail):
WAIE just doesn't have the same ring to it.
7.27.2005 11:25am
Paul Gowder (mail):
I think Bush should just go all the way and call this the Just Endeavor Stopping Uncivilized Savages... He can have a priest give each soldier heading to Iraq a cross... it's about time we had a ninth crusade, obviously... "George Coeur-de-Lion?" Doesn't have much ring to it, but I'm sure Turd Blossom can flog it in the Bible Belt... The true warrior-king, of course, leads his troops in person...
7.27.2005 11:43am
Paul Gowder (mail):
And the presidential seal should be replaced with a shield, with a cross, a puppy dog and a piece of apple pie on one side, with a boot crushing a mullah and a koran in the toilet on the other, and across the top, the words "Embrace the Cross or Die" emblazoned in some suitably obscure language across the top.
7.27.2005 11:48am
NewsBlaze (mail):
While they fool around with words, life goes on.
The Sounds of Iraq - a Soldiers Perspective
As I lay here in my bed, unable to sleep, I got to thinking about how to describe this place that I'm existing in. You can see it pictures, but I don't know if I've ever seen anyone describe how it sounds.
7.27.2005 11:56am
(S)truggle (A)gainst (C)olored (K)illers (R)emembering (O)il (M)oves (E)verything.
7.27.2005 1:38pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
boy that koran in the toilet thing just doesn't go away, does it?
7.27.2005 2:08pm
Marc J. (mail):
Seeing as it's true, why should it go away?
7.27.2005 2:42pm
Sam (mail) (www):
WAIE - isnt't that that 15 year-old female golfer?
7.27.2005 3:33pm
roy solomon (mail):
Her name is Wie,(michelle), and she will be playing in the womens British open this weekend.
7.27.2005 3:58pm
Hugh59 (mail):
No mere french fry. That was a felonious freedom fry!
7.27.2005 5:16pm
Luis (mail) (www):
It is somewhat ironic that "struggle" in this context could very well be rendered "jihad" in Arabic....
7.27.2005 8:07pm
chris (mail):
"Seeing as it's true, why should it go away?"

actually, bonehead, the toilet thing turned out not to be true... there were some other incidents though. however, if you think that what happened is so bad that you can't get over it, i think you have a huge mental imbalance.

do you know who gave them their korans? we did. who gives them special meals according to their religious customs? we do. who paints arrows on their floors poniting towatds mecca? we do.

gosh, we're such an awful nation.

i'm sure our prisoners are given bibles -- before their fucking heads are cut off.
7.27.2005 10:41pm
Paul Gowder (mail):
Do the details of the desecration really matter? Whether or not they flushed it (and I understand that at least 1 detainee actually made that allegation) or they just kicked it, stomped on it, threw it around, urinated on it, scribbled dirty words in it, tore out its pages to roll joints, made little origami swans with it, whatever who cares? The point is that they desecrated it.
7.28.2005 10:43am