ACS National Convention:
The American Constitution Society is holding its 2005 National Convention later this week in Washington, DC. The very impressive schedule of events is available here. I'll be participating in a breakout session panel on Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System on Friday from 11:30 to 1pm, and I plan to spend most of Friday and Saturday at the convention. I hope to run into some VC readers, too; if you're there, please feel free to introduce yourself.
42USC1983 (mail):
Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the American Constitution Society? You piece of liberal activist filth. Oh, wait, just attending a panel and helping plan and publicize an event doesn't necessarily mean you're a member. Shoot - sorry about the misunderstanding.
7.26.2005 7:08pm
mdemeusy (www):
I find it a bit humorous that their link to the US Constitution currently results in a "File not found".
7.26.2005 11:20pm
Larry (mail) (www):
Shouldn't you be condemning ACS like the rest of VC readers seem to do ? Are they not supported by liberals and trial lawyers and people who are against tort reform ?

I would go, however, except that too many ACS members are a bunch of annoying suck-ups who pretend to be interested in everything they hear and pretend to like everyone they see. Same with the Federalist Society.

Will you be speaking at the Start Trek Con ?
7.27.2005 9:36am
"We'd like the posts to be civil, of course (no profanity, personal insults, and the like), but we're also hoping that people try to be as calm, reasoned, and substantive as possible. So please, also avoid rants, invective, and substantial and repeated exaggeration. Sticking with substance will make the comments more helpful to other readers, and more pleasant."
7.27.2005 11:08am
Larry (mail) (www):

There is nothing inconsistent about what I said. In observing others, I have learned that it saying terrible things about ACS or the FS is considered a calm and rational thing to do, regardless of the merits of either organization. Likewise, it is considered calm and tasteful to say bad things about "trial lawyers" or people who went to law schools ranked lower than your own. This is taste and sophistication. If you said something bad about a corporation killing a baby that would be considered to be a lack of social skills.

Now, as an inactive member of both the FS and ACS (take that, SJC), I can tell you that both promote their organizations to law students by saying that they provide"networking opportunities." Now, in watching law students in action at these events, I can't think of a better word for what they do than "suck up." I guess I could say "mob the speakers for a job" or "pretend to be interested" but for the most part the law students try and figure out what the speaker wants to hear and then confide that to the speaker. Luckily, Professor Kerr has such a sophisticated understanding of his subject matter that he speaks about that most law students won't be able to earn his affection with a few soundbites. But Kerr is, unfortunately, a rare bird.
7.27.2005 11:56am
Toneman (mail):
If my eyes don't deceive me there are a number of token Conservatives and Libertarians on the very impressive schedule. It appears that perhaps ACS is finally starting to evolve into a group that cares about legitimate discussion rather than just trampling the Constitution. If only the student chapters on campus were so open-minded.
7.27.2005 3:33pm
Larry (mail) (www):
I see, Toneman. So, when you say that ACS was "trampling the constitution" I suspect that you can articulate and unambiguous and uncontroversial view of the constitution so I can know how you think they were perverting it. If you can't do that, I think that you just want to advance your own political party.

From ACS's inception, as far as I could remember they have had panel discussions with people identified with all of the lay-people-type-ideological persuasions. This seems to be the case with the student chapters (in fact, they often co-sponsor things with the FS), but I don't know them as well.
7.27.2005 5:42pm