Wayne Allard will not seek re-election:

So predicts my dad, Jerry Kopel, in his most recent column. My dad, who served in the state legislature with Allard, notes that Allard was always a man of his word, and Allard has repeatedly pledged adherence to a two-term Senate limit. Another recent article by my dad looks at Governor Owens' veto of a bill which would have stopped the General Assembly from raiding dedicated trust funds, in order to pay for general spending.

Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
Not surprised. Republicans Senators in Colorado seem to do this a lot. The exception was, of course, Ben Campbell, who switched parties. But we saw the same sort of thing with Brown and Armstrong. I do like this citizen-legislator idea that many of the Republicans seem to live, esp. here in Colorado. The problem is that the Democrats don't do it too. Thus, the Republicans in swing states like Colorado find themselves at a disadvantage, given the natural advantages of incumbancy.

I do wonder whether Bob Beauprez will switch from seeking the governorship to Allard's Senate seat.
7.25.2005 11:53pm
Owens seems to be the top contender, and would be hard to beat. It would also raise his national profile for any presidential ambitions.
7.26.2005 2:54am