Letter to the Post: Give Us Liberty:
My son Gary, who is interning this summer at the Cato Institute, had his letter to the editor published today in The Washington Post. I believe this is a first for an offspring of a Volokh Conspirator.
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
I always find something encouraging about seeing libertarianism preserved through generations. Gives some creedence to the marvelously fun and caloria-burning idea that perhaps the way to win is by outbreeding the enemy.
7.25.2005 4:30pm
no one can outbreed mormons
7.25.2005 6:39pm
Tbag (mail) (www):
Great letter.

I once interned at the ACLU and that letter and the sentiments behind it, at least, are something we can agree on.
7.25.2005 6:44pm
dgm (mail) (www):
point well made.
as for conspirator offspring, i must admit my surprise that benjamin volokh hasn't had anything published yet. what's he waiting for?
7.25.2005 7:53pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
You may be right. We should recruit Mormons.
7.26.2005 8:19am
just me (mail):
Benjamin has been writing here - he throws us off by calling himself a Non-Volokh. THAT's who Juan is. Don't tell Leiter.
7.26.2005 8:25am
LArry (mail) (www):
Congrats. When I do have children I will make sure that they are in the same class as me, because it would be a shame if any of them ever went to a state school, or worse, took blue-collar jobs. It will be think-tanks and law firms for them all the way, baby.

(I don't have anything against state schools, but I have been told by various roommate that it is a shame for someone in their "class" to go to a state school. This confused me, but I am very class-conscious, so I now take it as gospel.)
7.26.2005 9:41am
Randy (www):
Sarcasm duly noted LArry. But I suggest that, if you ever do have children, you let them follow their own path, even if that means a think tank or law school or both. You cannot really mandate that they become blue collar workers, though you can refuse to assist them in attending a private university. I am sure they will appreciate your paternalist concern for their welfare. Indeed, it may even lead them to libertarianism. Good luck.
7.26.2005 11:33am
Larry (mail) (www):
If they become blue collar workers, I am disowning them. (Or if they become enlisted men in the military, for that matter, I will also disown them. They can become join JAG or join as doctors, however. However, as this board points out, this will be impossible if law schools prohibit them from recruiting based on the military's position on gays. My libertarian kids won't know how to join the military as officers, in that case and will have to take jobs in law firms. I have not decided what happens if my kids become gay construction workers or Indian chiefs.)

Most people in law school did not "find their way there" but reached it after being raised to go to law school. The ones who appear to have "found" their own way there, like me, just couldn't make it in any other profession. Or so I thought. Then my parents told me that they were just letting me flail around in the world of "quants" to teach me a lesson.
7.26.2005 11:46am
Michael @ CIR (mail):

When you have children, you will find that you will take pride in all of their accomplishments, whatever they may be. It is not sinful to do so; indeed, it's pretty much inevitable.
7.26.2005 11:49am
Larry (mail) (www):
So let me get this straight, it is the position of the CIR that one can take pride in a son if he is a gay contruction worker or gay indian chief ?
7.26.2005 1:22pm
Michael @ CIR (mail):
Well, I don't speak for CIR, and CIR doesn't take positions on issues of parental pride (at least as far as I know), and I'm quite sure I don't know what a "contruction worker" is, but I personally plan to take pride in my daughter and her accomplishments whatever her sexual orientation or occupation is.
7.26.2005 2:51pm
Larry (mail) (www):
Well, I have to say you have amazed me! I never expected to hear that from anyone connected with CIR.
7.26.2005 2:54pm
Cato X (mail):
well Larry you learned that not all conservatives think a like nor do they tow the party line in the same way.
7.26.2005 3:04pm
Larry (mail):

well Larry you learned that not all conservatives think a like nor do they tow the party line in the same way.

Well, I don't really know what "conservative" means, but I do admit that I thought that everyone at the CIR thought the same way.
7.26.2005 3:48pm