Good Luck on the Bar:

A reader writes:

The class of 2005, about to take the bar exam, is the first class that had your blog all through law school -- aren't we? That is, if your blog were a law student, it would have graduated in our class and would be taking the bar right along side us. So won't you wish us luck this week?

You bet -- best wishes on the bar, and on what comes after!

carpundit (www):
If this year's bar candidates "grew up" with VC, should we expect higher pass rates this year? If the pass rates are higher, should we expect the various state committees to make next year's exams harder? If next year's exams are harder, can we expect that only the best will pass? Perhaps it's time for a new slogan:

VC - improving lawyers everywhere.
7.25.2005 1:48pm
Adam (mail) (www):
The one thing I tell all students taking the Bar is this: for the first time in your life, don't worry about acing the exam. Just pass. There is no bonus for the highest score.
7.25.2005 4:46pm
Thank you, Professor. I appreciate the post.
(Texas Bar Exam starts tomorrow.)
7.25.2005 6:39pm
DNL (mail):
Thanks (NY). I hope I don't pass out tonigbt or choke on my own vomit.
7.25.2005 10:04pm