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What do these people

have in common? (An easy one to start out the week...)

Elton John

Larry David

Babe Ruth

Marc Anthony

First name last names.
7.25.2005 12:15pm
wt (mail) (www):
Last names are surrent S.Ct justices?
7.25.2005 12:20pm
John Neiman:
Even more than that: they're all first names of current Supreme Court justices. I can't think of anybody famous named "_________ Antonin," either.
7.25.2005 12:21pm
Ulrich Bonnell Phillips:
They are not members of the Federalist Society.
7.25.2005 12:21pm
anonymous coward:
According to tomorrow's Washington Post, unwitting members of the Federalist Society?
7.25.2005 12:21pm
Not members of Fed Soc = Don't drink blood
= Don't want to overturn Roe
= Have had no contact w/ J. Roberts
7.25.2005 12:24pm
Dales (mail) (www):
"They are not members of the Federalist Society."

You better be able to prove that, bub! LOL!
7.25.2005 12:31pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
They all slept with Jennifer Lopez?
7.25.2005 12:38pm
Andy (mail):
They've never been in my kitchen.
7.25.2005 12:40pm
sonicfrog (mail) (www):
They are all men and are, or were, alcoholics;-)

Not good enough? OK. They can / could all play piano.

They were all former members of a boy band (that Babe sure could dance).

All right. I give.
7.25.2005 1:04pm
Richard Cook (mail):
They're members of the Federalist Society?
7.25.2005 1:16pm
Devin McCullen (mail):
Since I couldn't comment on that entry, I was surprised with the "Most common Supreme Court name" question, that among the examples of single-justice names was Ruth. I thought of two questions:

1)Are you telling me there was another Sandra?

2)Is Ruth really that much more of an unusual name than Salmon?
7.25.2005 1:16pm
Justin Gardner (mail) (www):
Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?

Damn! Andy beat me to it!
7.25.2005 1:38pm
David M. Nieporent (www):
Devin, he didn't say that those were the only examples of single-justice names. Those were just a few.
7.25.2005 3:31pm
Et Tu Bloge (mail) (www):
None think Bernie Taupin can write for shit.
7.25.2005 3:53pm
Ulrich Bonnell Phillips:
They've never been in my mother's kitchen.

Based upon Cliff Clavin's incorrect final jeopardy answer/question: "Who are three people who have never been in my mother's kitchen?"
7.25.2005 4:27pm
not volo:
I have three

All are famous
All share last names with the first names of current scotus justices
All have had at least one experience with a member of the same sex (ok, maybe that is just number 1 and 4)
7.25.2005 4:57pm
this was pure cruft, choset
7.25.2005 6:37pm
Freddy Hill (mail):
John Neiman:

I can't think of anybody famous named "_________ Antonin," either.

Well, Roman emperor Caracalla's real name was Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Close enough, maybe.
7.25.2005 8:17pm
Rich Rostrom (mail):
The fourth name is the salsa singer who married Jennifer Lopez. That's because the Roman politician's real name was Marcus Antonius.

If you want a more respectable Anthony, there's Susan B.
7.26.2005 12:51am