Congressional Bill on Sentencing Would be 2d Amendment Disaster:

And it would be pretty bad for lots of other civil liberties as well, including the principle of punishment proportionate to the crime. And for the principle that the government should not force family members into becoming informants against each other. The bill is H.R. 1528, which has already passed a subcommittee, and is ready for consideration by the House Judiciary Committee. Mike Krause and I dissect the bill is a new Issue Paper from the Independence Institute.

This is the bill that says if you have any information about someone selling drugs near a college, you have to tell the police in 24 hours or be guilty of a felony? That's insane.
7.21.2005 5:44pm
The Plumber (www):
Every time I turn around these jackasses are doing something to piss me off. It is almost like they know me and intentionally want me to lose my hair. I will have to call my rep., Marylin Musgrave, to bitch. God only knows what good it will do. Unfortunately, they only real Congressman who represents me is Texas "Republican", Ron Paul.
7.21.2005 6:03pm
Marc J.:
I agree, from what I've heard this bill is atrocious. But what would you expect? When's the last time you heard about any legislature--not just Congress--passing a sensible sentencing bill?

And as to your point about proportionality--I think that train left the station a long time ago (hello, mandatory minimums!)

Sad, sad, sad.
7.21.2005 7:23pm
The politically popular notion of "tough on crime" has probably been responsible for more bad policy and more bad laws than about anything else.
7.21.2005 7:49pm
David Berke:
Does anyone have a citation / address for this bill?
7.21.2005 7:59pm
Sunni Maravillosa (mail) (www):
It's Defending America's Most Vulnerable: Safe Access to Drug Treatment and Child Protection Act of 2005, sponsored by James Sensenbrenner (WI). It's been in the pipeline for a while; I blogged about it in May.
7.21.2005 10:01pm
Adam (mail):
No doubt it would be a huge disaster, but how does it specifically involve the 2nd Amendment?
7.21.2005 11:53pm
Gary McGath (www):
So it's by the same person who came up with Real ID? No surprise there.
7.22.2005 9:55am
Gary McGath (www):
The otherwise excellent article seems to have missed one point. I quote from the bill:

Sec 425 (b). Any person who violates subsection (a) of this section shall be sentenced to not less than two years or more than 10 years. If the person who witnesses or learns of the violation is the parent or guardian, or otherwise responsible for the care or supervision of the person under the age of 18 or the incompetent person, such person shall be sentenced to not less than three years or more than 20 years.

If I'm reading it correctly, this singles out parents for increased jail sentences for not turning their own children in.
7.23.2005 8:31am