O'Connor On the Roberts Nomination:
A Spokane, Washington newspaper interviewed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor about the Roberts nomination, and her reaction was pretty enthusiastic:
Her first words were unequivocal: "That's fabulous!" she said. She immediately described John G. Roberts as a "brilliant legal mind, a straight shooter, articulate, and he should not have trouble being confirmed by October. . . . "
Hat tip: Howard.
David Horton:
After all the praise that was given to Justice O'Connor by the Democrats, leading up to the announcement, I wonder if the Democrats will now throw her under the bus because of her comments.
7.20.2005 11:36am
7.20.2005 11:37am
Democrats in the Senate held up O'Connor as having great judgment.

If she says Roberts should replace her, how can they now say no?
7.20.2005 12:57pm
Abe Delnore (mail):
Her judgment is so great that she knows better than to say negative things about the person tapped to replace her.

--Abe Delnore
7.20.2005 1:04pm
My local rag (Seattle Times) had a not-so-enthusiastic quote from O'Connor:
As they crossed back into Washington state at about 5:50 p.m., Whaley said, his phone rang and he got the message that Bush had made a choice. O'Connor learned who that choice was from the car radio — just before the official announcement from Bush, and about an hour after the choice had been broadcast.

Whaley said O'Connor reacted to the choice of Roberts by saying, "He's confirmable."
7.20.2005 1:32pm
This is the intersting bit:

"She said she was almost sure President Bush would not appoint a woman as a replacement for William H. Rehnquist because she didn't think he would want a woman as chief justice. 'So that almost assures there won't be a woman appointed to the court at this time.'"

At this time? What does she know about Rehnquist's plans?
7.20.2005 2:28pm
aslanfan (mail):
If Roberts can just address that gender issue, he should sail through.
7.20.2005 4:53pm