Samuel Colt: Great Inventor, Exemplary Businessman:

Today is the anniversary of the 1814 birthday of Samuel Colt, the inventor of the Colt revolver. We tend to remember Colt as the man who first figured out how to manufacture and mass produce a reliable repeating firearm. In an article a few years ago, I argued that all Americans, not just gun enthusiasts should honor Colt for his contributions to American business. The Colt Manufacturing Company was a pioneer in precision manufacturing. One of the most important reasons for the Company's success in mass production of complex products was how Colt treated his employees. Colt employees were well-paid, well-fed, and well-rested. Colt also insisted that outside contractors treat their own employees well. As a businessman who showed that the best way to get rich was to treat one's employees better than competing companies do, Samuel Colt remains an admirable model for business today.

Stevethepatentguy (mail) (www):
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7.19.2005 10:45pm
Unfortunately, the Colt company of today is known for an anti-civilian attitude, poor customer service, and dependence on government contracts...

Rock River Armory has them beat on AR-15s, and there are LOTS of other good .45 makers out there... not sure what else Colt makes, but those are the two guns that they used to be most well-known for...and they're not the top pick in either market nowdays.
7.20.2005 12:03am