What if the Grateful Dead had been observant Jews who lived in Israel?

Then they would have sounded a lot like Reva L'Sheva. Their website includes a good sample of free music. Start out by listening to the 27 minute live jam from their New York City show. If you like the Dead, or other jam bands, you'll be an instant convert.

Who doesn't like the Dead? I'm an instant convert to anyone who produces a radio unfriendly 27 minute live jam.
7.18.2005 11:08pm
Closer to the Dead then you think - the band leader is an American Jew who moved to Israel. I used to live across the street from him in a Jerusalem suburb. They are part of a neo-hasidic movement that fuses American folk rock with new age culture and a Jewish twist.
7.19.2005 12:49am
To paraphrase the great Toothpaste for Dinner, I'll gladly support marijuana legalization in exchange for the criminalization of jam bands.
7.19.2005 10:25am
Q: What did one Reva L'Sheva-head say to the other when they ran out of weed?

A: Oy, this music is farkuckt!
7.19.2005 10:29am